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Arthritis and Rheumatism

2009, v. 61, n. 3

  • Página 289-290
    Autor/es: Bansback, N - Marra, CA
    Título: Now that we know whats BeSt, what is good value for the money

  • Página 291-299
    Autor/es: VandenHout, WB - GoekoopRuiterman, YP - Allaart, CF - DeVriesBouwstra, JK -
    Título: Cost-utility analysis of treatment strategies in patients with recent-onset rheumatoid arthriti

  • Página 300-304
    Autor/es: Brassard, P - Lowe, AM - Bernatsky, S - Kezouh, A - Suissa, S
    Título: Rheumatoid arthritis, its treatments, and the risk of tuberculosis in Quebec, Canad

  • Página 305-312
    Autor/es: Komano, Y - Harigai, M - Koike, R - Sugiyama, H - Ogawa, J - Saito, K - Se
    Título: Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia in patients with rheumatoid arthritis treated with infliximab: A retrospective review and case-control study of 21 patient

  • Página 313-320
    Autor/es: Aletaha, D - Funovits, J - Ward, MM - Smolen, JS - Kvien, TK
    Título: Perception of improvement in patients with rheumatoid arthritis varies with disease activity levels at baselin

  • Página 321-328
    Autor/es: Allaire, S - Wolfe, F - Niu, J - LaValley, MP - Zhang, B - Reisine, S
    Título: Current risk factors for work disability associated with rheumatoid arthritis: Recent data from a US national cohor

  • Página 329-335
    Autor/es: Niu, J - Zhang, YQ - Torner, J - Nevitt, M - Lewis, CE - Aliabadi, P - Sac
    Título: Is obesity a risk factor for progressive radiographic knee osteoarthritis

  • Página 336-343
    Autor/es: Gensburger, D - Arlot, M - SornayRendu, E - Roux, J - Delmas, P
    Título: Radiologic assessment of age-related knee joint space changes in women: A 4-year longitudinal stud

  • Página 344-352
    Autor/es: Chevalier, X - Goupille, P - Beaulieu, AD - Burch, FX - Bensen, WG - Conroz
    Título: Intraarticular injection of anakinra in osteoarthritis of the knee: A multicenter, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled stud

  • Página 353-360
    Autor/es: GoobermanHill, R - French, M - Dieppe, P - Hawker, G
    Título: Expressing pain and fatigue: A new method of analysis to explore differences in osteoarthritis experienc

  • Página 361-369
    Autor/es: Ahmad, N - Boutron, I - Moher, D - Pitrou, I - Roy, C - Ravaud, P
    Título: Neglected external validity in reports of randomized trials: The example of hip and knee osteoarthriti

  • Página 370-377
    Autor/es: Yazdany, J - Panopalis, P - Gillis, JZ - Schmajuk, G - MacLean, CH - Wofsy,
    Título: A quality indicator set for systemic lupus erythematosu

  • Página 378-385
    Autor/es: Dhanhani, AM - Gignac, MA - Su, J - Fortin, PR
    Título: Work disability in systemic lupus erythematosu

  • Página 386-392
    Autor/es: FerNandezSueiro, JL - Willisch, A - Diaz, SP - Tasende, JA - FernandezLopez,
    Título: Evaluation of ankylosing spondylitis spinal mobility measurements in the assessment of spinal involvement in psoriatic arthriti

  • Página 393-399
    Autor/es: Seid, M - Opipari, L - Huang, B - Brunner, HI - Lovell, DJ
    Título: Disease control and health-related quality of life in juvenile idiopathic arthriti

  • Página 400-404
    Autor/es: Bernatsky, S - Joseph, L - Pineau, CA - Belisle, P - Hudson, M - Clarke, AE
    Título: Scleroderma prevalence: Demographic variations in a population-based sampl

  • Página 404-404
    Título: Submissions invited for themed issue of Arthritis Care & Research: Drug safety in the rheumatic disease

  • Página 405-410
    Autor/es: deAngelis, R - Grassi, W - Cutolo, M
    Título: A growing need for capillaroscopy in rheumatolog