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Clinical Oral Implants Research

2016, v. 27, n. 5

  • Página 505-522
    Autor/es: Asa'ad F; Rasperini G; Pagni G
    Título: Pre-augmentation soft tissue expansion: an overview.

  • Página 523-528
    Autor/es: Younes F; Eghbali A; Raes M
    Título: Relationship between buccal bone and gingival thickness revisited using non-invasive registration methods.

  • Página 529-534
    Autor/es: Kühl S; Zürcher S; Zitzmann NU
    Título: Detection of peri-implant bone defects with different radiographic techniques - a human cadaver study.

  • Página 535-544
    Autor/es: Peker Tekdal G; Bostanci N; Belibasakis GN
    Título: The effect of piezoelectric surgery implant osteotomy on radiological and molecular parameters of peri-implant crestal bone loss: a randomized, controlled, split-mouth trial.

  • Página 545-552
    Autor/es: Sukekava F; Pannuti CM; Lima LA
    Título: Dynamics of soft tissue healing at implants and teeth: a study in a dog model.

  • Página 553-557
    Autor/es: Arnetzl GV; Payer M; Falkensammer F
    Título: Effect of double conical abutment screw on implant preload.

  • Página 558-566
    Autor/es: Issa JP; Gonzaga M; Kotake BG
    Título: Bone repair of critical size defects treated with autogenic, allogenic, or xenogenic bone grafts alone or in combination with rhBMP-2.

  • Página 567-576
    Autor/es: Benic GI; Thoma DS; Muñoz F
    Título: Guided bone regeneration of peri-implant defects with particulated and block xenogenic bone substitutes.

  • Página 577-582
    Autor/es: Gehrke SA; da Silva Neto UT; Rossetti PH
    Título: Stability of implants placed in fresh sockets versus healed alveolar sites: Early findings.

  • Página 591-596
    Autor/es: Hentschel A; Herrmann J; Glauche I
    Título: Survival and patient satisfaction of short implants during the first 2 years of function: a retrospective cohort study with 694 implants in 416 patients.

  • Página 597-603
    Autor/es: Dau M; Kämmerer PW; Henkel KO
    Título: Bone formation in mono cortical mandibular critical size defects after augmentation with two synthetic nanostructured and one xenogenous hydroxyapatite bone substitute – in vivo animal study

  • Página 604-611
    Autor/es: Srinivasan M; Schimmel M; Badoud I
    Título: Influence of implant angulation and cyclic dislodging on the retentive force of two different overdenture attachments – an in vitro study

  • Página 612-617
    Autor/es: Lin YH; Yang YC; Wen SC
    Título: The influence of sinus membrane thickness upon membrane perforation during lateral window sinus augmentation.

  • Página 618-621
    Autor/es: van Velzen FJ; Lang NP; Schulten EA
    Título: Dental floss as a possible risk for the development of peri-implant disease: an observational study of 10 cases.

  • Página 622-628
    Autor/es: Lee IK; Lim HC; Lee JS
    Título: Layered approach with autogenous bone and bone substitute for ridge augmentation on implant dehiscence defects in dogs.