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Food Technology

2009, v. 63, n. 2

  • Página 26-35
    Autor/es: Westman, E
    Título: Rethinking Dietary Saturated Fat: Contrary to popular opinion, the link between dietary fat and human disease is not conclusive, which could mean new opportunities for food formulators, especially in the area of low-carbohydrate product

  • Página 36-45
    Autor/es: Kuhn, ME
    Título: Fresh Ideas for Mealtime: Retailers and manufacturers are dishing up a growing assortment of ready-to-eat refrigerated foods positioned to entice consumers eager for alternatives to restaurant far

  • Página 46-48
    Autor/es: Tarver, T
    Título: Biofilms: A Threat to Food Safety: IFT has issued a Scientific Status Summary on quorum sensing in biofilm formation. Here is a synopsi