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Journal of Air Law and Commerce

2015, v. 80, n. 1

  • Página 3-15
    Autor/es: Bakker, Melle
    Título: Including aviation in the european union scheme for emission allowance trading: stimulating global market-based measures.

  • Página 17-52
    Autor/es: George, Moses
    Título: Development fee in India aiports. A case study.

  • Página 53-235
    Autor/es: Anderson, Ernest E.; Watson, William; Marshall, Douglas M.; Johnson, Kathleen M.
    Título: A legal analysis of 14 C.F.R. part 91 "See and Avoid" rules to identify provisions focused on pilot responsibilities to "See and Avoid" in the National airspace system.

  • Página 239-247
    Autor/es: Ray Altmeyer, Lindsey
    Título: The Montreal Convention. The eleventh circuit embraces airlines´ practice of "Bumping" to deny plaintiffs´ recovery for personal injury under article 17.

  • Página 249-257
    Autor/es: Cobern, Chase
    Título: A slip of the tongue: How the Supreme Court placed airline immunity in the clouds.

  • Página 259-266
    Autor/es: Mason, Hannah
    Título: Breadth of the ADA preemtion provision Morales and Wolens reaffirmed and the extension to the common law.

  • Página 267-275
    Autor/es: Stewart, Allison
    Título: The Montreal Convention´s statute of limitations. A failed attempt at consistency.

  • Página 277-285
    Autor/es: Wilkins, Wendy
    Título: Employment law. The FAA´s Exemption from FLSA- mandated overtime-pay provision after the appropriations act of 1996.