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Journal of Dental Education

2018, v. 82, n. 3

  • Página 235-236
    Autor/es: Tiwari,Tamanna.
    Título: Social Determinants of Health: An Essential Element in Dental Education

  • Página 237-245
    Autor/es: Sabato,Emily ;Owens,Jessica ;Mauro,Ann Marie.
    Título: Integrating Social Determinants of Health into Dental Curricula: An Interprofessional Approach

  • Página 246-251
    Autor/es: Chu,Tien-Min Gabriel ;Makhoul,Nicholas M. ;Rodrigues Silva,Daniela.
    Título: Should Live Patient Licensing Examinations in Dentistry Be Discontinued? Two Viewpoints

  • Página 252-259
    Autor/es: Duong,Mai-Ly T. ;Cothron,Annaliese E. ;Lawson,Nathaniel C.
    Título: U.S. Dental Schools’ Preparation for the Integrated National Board Dental Examination

  • Página 260-268
    Autor/es: Watkins,R. Todd ;Conn,Linc J. ;Gellin,Robert G.
    Título: Analyzing Dental Students’ Clinic Production Using Time-Based Relative Value Units: Ten-Year Cross-Cohort Mapping

  • Página 269-276
    Autor/es: Park,Sang E. ;Price,Mirissa D. ;Karimbux,Nadeem Y.
    Título: The Dental School Interview As a Predictor of Dental Students’ OSCE Performance

  • Página 277-285
    Autor/es: Ria,Sama ;Cox,Margaret J. ;Quinn,Barry F.
    Título: A Scoring System for Assessing Learning Progression of Dental Students’ Clinical Skills Using Haptic Virtual Workstations

  • Página 286-290
    Autor/es: Reinke,Robin E. ;Enright,Tonya ;Love,Rebecca.
    Título: Methods and Purposes for Conducting Students’ Course Evaluations Reported by North American Dental School and Dental Hygiene Program Leaders: A Preliminary Survey Study

  • Página 291-298
    Autor/es: Marlow,Allison K. ;Hamada,Yusuke ;Maupome,Gerardo.
    Título: Periodontal Diagnosis and Treatment Planning Among Indiana Dental Faculty, Periodontists, and General Practice Dentists: A Multi-Group Comparison

  • Página 299-305
    Autor/es: Candamo,Fiorella ;Tobey,Matthew ;Simon,Lisa.
    Título: Teaching Dental Students About Incarceration and Correctional Dentistry: Results from a National Survey

  • Página 306-312
    Autor/es: Shumway,Brian S. ;Bernstein,Mark L. ;Qian,Chen.
    Título: Effect of Lecture Attendance and Prerequisite Academic Outcomes on Dental Students’ Oral Pathology Performance

  • Página 313-321
    Autor/es: Kratz,Richard J. ;Nguyen,Caroline T. ;Walton,Joanne N.
    Título: Dental Students’ Interpretations of Digital Panoramic Radiographs on Completely Edentate Patients

  • Página 322-331
    Autor/es: Costa-Silva,Daniela ;Côrtes,Juliana A. ;Bachinski,Rober F.
    Título: Teaching Cell Biology to Dental Students with a Project-Based Learning Approach