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Soil Science

2009, v. 174, n. 6

  • Página 303-311
    Autor/es: Tarkalson, David D.; Brown, Bradford; Kok, Hans; Bjorneberg, Dave L.
    Título: Irrigated Small-Grain Residue Management Effects on Soil Chemical and Physical Properties and Nutrient Cycling

  • Página 312-320
    Autor/es: Siyal, Altaf A.; van Genuchten, Martinus Th.; Skaggs, Todd H.
    Título: Performance of Pitcher Irrigation System

  • Página 321-329
    Autor/es: Cooley, Eric T.; Lowery, Birl; Kelling, Keith A.; Speth, Phillip E.; Madison, Frederick W.; Bland, William L.; Tapsieva, Anastassia
    Título: Surfactant Use to Improve Soil Water Distribution and Reduce Nitrate Leaching in Potatoes

  • Página 330-338
    Autor/es: Chen, Wen-Ting; Ho, Sheng-Bin; Lee, Dar-Yuan
    Título: Effect of pH on Boron Adsorption-Desorption Hysteresis of Soils

  • Página 339-345
    Autor/es: Mariscal-Sancho, Ignacio; Peregrina, Fernando; Mendiola, Maria A.; Santano, Jesús; Espejo, Rafael
    Título: Exchange Complex Composition in Mediterranean Ultisols Under Various Types of Vegetation and Soil Uses

  • Página 346-357
    Autor/es: Brye, Kristofor R.; Riley, T. Lee
    Título: Soil and Plant Property Differences Across a Chronosequence of Humid-Temperate Tallgrass Prairie Restorations

  • Página 358-364
    Autor/es: Toor, Gurpal S.
    Título: Enhancing Phosphorus Availability in Low-Phosphorus Soils by Using Poultry Manure and Commercial Fertilizer