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Journal of Legal Studies

2005, v. 34, n. 2

  • Página 295-342
    Autor/es: Bris, A - Schwartz, A - Welch, I
    Título: Who Should Pay for Bankruptcy Costs?

  • Página 343-370
    Autor/es: Eaton, TA - Mustard, DB - Talarico, SM
    Título: The Effects of Seeking Punitive Damages on the Processing of Tort Claims

  • Página 371-394
    Autor/es: Fershtman, C - Gneezy, U - Verboven, F
    Título: Discrimination and Nepotism: The Efficiency of the Anonymity Rule

  • Página 395-444
    Autor/es: Nance, DA - Morris, SB
    Título: Juror Understanding of DNA Evidence: An Empirical Assessment of Presentation Formats for Trace Evidence with a Relatively Small Random-Match Probability

  • Página 445-470
    Autor/es: Nou, J - Timmins, C
    Título: How Do Changes in Welfare Law Affect Domestic Violence? An Analysis of Connecticut Towns, 1990-2000

  • Página 471-514
    Autor/es: Bagwell, K - Staiger, RW
    Título: Enforcement, Private Political Pressure, and the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade/World Trade Organization Escape Clause

  • Página 515-556
    Autor/es: Bown, CP
    Título: Trade Remedies and World Trade Organization Dispute Settlement: Why Are So Few Challenged?

  • Página 557-598
    Autor/es: Guzman, AT - Simmons, BA
    Título: Power Plays and Capacity Constraints: The Selection of Defendants in World Trade Organization Disputes

  • Página 599-630
    Autor/es: Posner, EA - deFigueiredo, MFP
    Título: Is the International Court of Justice Biased?

  • Página 631-666
    Autor/es: Sykes, AO
    Título: Public versus Private Enforcement of International Economic Law: Standing and Remedy