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Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association

2017, v. 251, n. 4

  • Página 368-369
    Título: In This Issue • August 15, 2017

  • Página 370-385
    Título: JAVMA News

  • Página 387-389
    Título: Letters to the Editor

  • Página 391-393
    Autor/es: Maria C. Jugan, Kristin E. Holland, Susan Barrett, Wm Tod Drost
    Título: What Is Your Diagnosis?

  • Página 395-398
    Autor/es: Leanne Shutt, Taya M. Marquardt, Kelsey A. Cline, Amanda R. Taylor
    Título: What Is Your Neurologic Diagnosis?

  • Página 399-404
    Autor/es: Chi Won Shin, Hyunseok Kim, Hyungjoo Han, Inhyung Lee, Won-gyun Son
    Título: Anesthesia Case of the Month

  • Página 405-407
    Autor/es: Jane E. Christman, David B. Needle, Kurt J. Williams
    Título: Pathology in Practice

  • Página 409-411
    Autor/es: Stacy Anderson, Bruce Wobeser, Tanya Duke-Novakovski, Baljit Singh
    Título: Pathology in Practice

  • Página 413-420
    Autor/es: Robin M. Chadwin, Melissa J. Bain, Philip H. Kass
    Título: Effect of a synthetic feline facial pheromone product on stress scores and incidence of upper respiratory tract infection in shelter cats

  • Página 421-428
    Autor/es: Melanie L. Mutz, Bonnie B. Boudreaux, Angela Royal, Sandra Merchant, Cherie Pucheu-Haston, Emily H. Griffith, Tracy L. Gieger
    Título: Cytologic comparison of the percentage of mast cells in lymph node aspirate samples from clinically normal dogs versus dogs with allergic dermatologic disease and dogs with cutaneous mast cell tumors

  • Página 429-437
    Autor/es: Claire Deroy, Diego Rossetti, Guillaume Ragetly, Juan Hernandez, Cyrill Poncet
    Título: Comparison between double-pigtail ureteral stents and ureteral bypass devices for treatment of ureterolithiasis in cats

  • Página 438-442
    Autor/es: Randolph L. Winter, Christine M. Budke
    Título: Multicenter evaluation of signalment and comorbid conditions associated with aortic thrombotic disease in dogs

  • Página 443-450
    Autor/es: Kayla M. Corriveau, Michelle A. Giuffrida, Philipp D. Mayhew, Jeffrey J. Runge
    Título: Outcome of laparoscopic ovariectomy and laparoscopic-assisted ovariohysterectomy in dogs: 278 cases (2003–2013)

  • Página 451-457
    Autor/es: Joanna Webb, Jennifer Graham, Margaret Fordham, Julie DeCubellis, Faith Buckley, Joshua Hobbs, Allyson Berent, Chick Weisse
    Título: Diagnosis and treatment of esophageal foreign body or stricture in three ferrets (Mustela putorius furo)