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Animal Reproduction Science

2016, v. 168

  • Página IFC
    Título: Editorial Board

  • Página 1-9
    Autor/es: T.W. Geary, W.L. Kelly, D.S. Spickard, C.K. Larson, E.E. Grings, R.P. Ansotegui
    Título: Effect of supplemental trace mineral level and form on peripubertal bulls

  • Página 10-18
    Autor/es: T.J. Stratman, S.G. Moore, W.R. Lamberson, D.H. Keisler, S.E. Poock, M.C. Lucy
    Título: Growth of the conceptus from day 33 to 45 of pregnancy is minimally associated with concurrent hormonal or metabolic status in postpartum dairy cows

  • Página 19-25
    Autor/es: G.T. Gentry Jr., R.S. Walker, L.R. Gentry
    Título: Impacts of incorporation of follicle stimulating hormone into an estrous synchronization protocol for timed artificial insemination of crossbred beef cattle

  • Página 26-33
    Autor/es: Sang-Hee Lee, Eun-Ji Song, Yong Hwangbo, Seunghyung Lee, Choon-Keun Park
    Título: Change of uterine histroph proteins during follicular and luteal phase in pigs

  • Página 34-39
    Autor/es: V.M. Portela, A.C. Castilho, K. Bertolin, J. Buratini Jr., C.A. Price
    Título: Localization of angiotensin receptor type 2 in fetal bovine ovaries

  • Página 40-49
    Autor/es: Xi Xie, Tian Tao, Mingxin Liu, Yanqi Zhou, Zhiye Liu, Dongfa Zhu
    Título: The potential role of juvenile hormone acid methyltransferase in methyl farnesoate (MF) biosynthesis in the swimming crab, Portunus trituberculatus

  • Página 50-56
    Autor/es: M.F. Bobadilla-Mendez, C.P. Rojas-Granados, E.F. Andrade, P.L. Retes, L.G. Ferreira, R.R. Alvarenga, J.E. Rodriguez-Gil, E.J. Fassani, M.G. Zangeronimo
    Título: Effect of different light sources on reproductive anatomy and physiology of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)

  • Página 57-65
    Autor/es: Yanfeng Fu, Lan Li, Bixia Li, Xiaomin Fang, Shouwen Ren
    Título: Long form leptin receptor and SNP effect on reproductive traits during embryo attachment in Suzhong sows

  • Página 66-72
    Autor/es: T.A. Yang, Y.H. Yang, Y.H. Peng, B. Cong, Y.F. Diao, K. Bao, P.F. Hu, X.C. Song, L.L. Liu, Y.F. Yang, X.M. Xing, F.H. Yang
    Título: Comparative studies on testicular and epididymal morphology, and serum hormone concentrations in foxes and the hybrids during the breeding season

  • Página 73-85
    Autor/es: A. Langbeen, C. Van Ginneken, E. Fransen, E. Bosmans, J.L.M.R. Leroy, P.E.J. Bols
    Título: Morphometrical analysis of preantral follicular survival of VEGF-treated bovine ovarian cortex tissue following xenotransplantation in an immune deficient mouse model

  • Página 86-91
    Autor/es: Manon Chasles, Didier Chesneau, Chantal Moussu, José Alberto Delgadillo, Philippe Chemineau, Matthieu Keller
    Título: Sexually active bucks are efficient to stimulate female ovulatory activity during the anestrous season also under temperate latitudes

  • Página 92-99
    Autor/es: Juliane Kuhl, Christina Nagel, Natascha Ille, Jörg E. Aurich, Christine Aurich
    Título: The PGF2α agonists luprostiol and d-cloprostenol reliably induce luteolysis in luteal phase mares without evoking clinical side effects or a stress response

  • Página 100-109
    Autor/es: Redha Belala, Juliette Delay, Lamia Amirat, Marie-Hélène Ropers, Jocya Le Guillou, Marc Anton, Eric Schmitt, Chantal Thorin, Sandrine Michaud, Rachid Kaidi, Daniel Tainturier, Djemil Bencharif
    Título: The benefits of liposomes for chilling canine sperm for 4 days at 4 °C

  • Página 110-115
    Autor/es: Mohammad Abdul Momin Siddique, Ian Anthony Ernest Butts, Jacky Cosson, Otomar Linhart
    Título: First report on facultative parthenogenetic activation of eggs in sterlet sturgeon, Acipenser ruthenus

  • Página 116-125
    Autor/es: Barbara Jana, Joanna Czarzasta
    Título: Effect of lipopolysaccharide and cytokines on synthesis and secretion of leukotrienes from endometrial epithelial cells of pigs

  • Página 126-137
    Autor/es: Meiling Dai, Shuzhen Jiang, Xuejun Yuan, Weiren Yang, Zaibin Yang, Libo Huang
    Título: Effects of zearalenone-diet on expression of ghrelin and PCNA genes in ovaries of post-weaning piglets

  • Página 138-150
    Autor/es: A.M.J. Smith, M. Bonato, K. Dzama, I.A. Malecki, S.W.P. Cloete
    Título: Classification of ostrich sperm characteristics

  • Página 151-163
    Autor/es: David S. Rosero, R. Dean Boyd, Mark McCulley, Jack Odle, Eric van Heugten
    Título: Essential fatty acid supplementation during lactation is required to maximize the subsequent reproductive performance of the modern sow