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Traffic Engineering and Control

2009, v. 50, n. 3

  • Página 105-107
    Autor/es: Crawford, D
    Título: TOD enforcement shoots up the agenda Interest in average time-over-distance speed enforcement is growing fast in the UK as new suppliers enter the Home Office Type Approval proces

  • Página 108-110
    Autor/es: Howe, L
    Título: The EDDEE project. Improving journey time prediction

  • Página 111-116
    Autor/es: Martin, J
    Título: Challenging perceptions of non-public transport users Report from the recent `Making Journeys Better' worksho

  • Página 117-124
    Autor/es: Thomas, G - Baffour, K - Brown, T
    Título: Simulating and implementing a SCOOT UTC Strategy for Planned Even

  • Página 125-132
    Autor/es: Tait, P
    Título: Developing CAVEMAN to monitor the accuracy of traffic flo