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American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics

2017, v. 151, n. 1

  • Página 3-4
    Autor/es: Winsauer, H; Walter, A; Scherfler, M
    Título: What are the limits of microimplant-assisted palatal expanders?

  • Página 6
    Autor/es: Abdelkarim, A
    Título: Three-dimensional imaging for indirect-direct bonding could expose patients to unnecessary radiation.

  • Página 7-8
    Autor/es: Duran, GS; Dindaroğlu, F
    Título: Ethical considerations of 3-dimensional imaging.

  • Página 9
    Autor/es: Carapezza, LJ.
    Título: The paradox of 1-phase vs 2-phase orthodontic treatment.

  • Página 10-11
    Autor/es: Goje, SK.
    Título: Longitudinal vs retrospective studies.

  • Página 15-27
    Autor/es: Egli, F; Bovali, E; Kiliaridis, S
    Título: Indirect vs direct bonding of mandibular fixed retainers in orthodontic patients: Comparison of retainer failures and posttreatment stability. A 2-year follow-up of a single-center randomized controlled trial.

  • Página 28-52
    Autor/es: Woon, SC; Thiruvenkatachari, B.
    Título: Early orthodontic treatment for Class III malocclusion: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

  • Página 53-62
    Autor/es: Patterson, BM; Dalci, O; Papadopoulou, AK
    Título: Effect of piezocision on root resorption associated with orthodontic force: A microcomputed tomography study.

  • Página 63-73
    Autor/es: Stout, MM; Cook, BK; Arola, DD
    Título: Assessing the feasibility of yttria-stabilized zirconia in novel designs as mandibular anterior fixed lingual retention after orthodontic treatment.

  • Página 74-81
    Autor/es: Westerlund, A; Oikimoui, C; Ransjö, M
    Título: Cone-beam computed tomographic evaluation of the long-term effects of orthodontic retainers on marginal bone levels.

  • Página 82-91
    Autor/es: Ohiomoba, H; Sonis, A; Yansane, A
    Título: Quantitative evaluation of maxillary alveolar cortical bone thickness and density using computed tomography imaging.

  • Página 92-104
    Autor/es: Güleç, A; Bakkalbaşı, BÇ; Cumbul, A
    Título: Effects of local platelet-rich plasma injection on the rate of orthodontic tooth movement in a rat model: A histomorphometric study.

  • Página 105-117
    Autor/es: Park, JH; Bayome, M; Zahrowski, JJ
    Título: Displacement and stress distribution by different bone-borne palatal expanders with facemask: A 3-dimensional finite element analysis.

  • Página 118-131
    Autor/es: Gupta, A; Kharbanda, OP; Balachandran, R
    Título: Precision of manual landmark identification between as-received and oriented volume-rendered cone-beam computed tomography images.

  • Página 132-142
    Autor/es: Tong, F; Liu, F; Liu, J
    Título: Effects of a magnetic palatal expansion appliance with reactivation system: An animal experiment.

  • Página 143-147
    Autor/es: Dos Santos, PR; Meneghim, MC; Ambrosano, GM
    Título: Influence of quality of life, self-perception, and self-esteem on orthodontic treatment need.

  • Página 148-156
    Autor/es: Ahn, J; Kim, SJ; Lee, JY
    Título: Transverse dental compensation in relation to sagittal and transverse skeletal discrepancies in skeletal Class III patients.

  • Página 157-166
    Autor/es: Míguez-Contreras, M; Jiménez-Trujillo, I; Romero-Maroto, M
    Título: Cephalometric landmark identification consistency between undergraduate dental students and orthodontic residents in 3-dimensional rendered cone-beam computed tomography images: A preliminary study.

  • Página 167-173
    Autor/es: Bayram, M; Kusgoz, A; Yesilyurt, C
    Título: Effects of casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate application after interproximal stripping on enamel surface: An in-vivo study.

  • Página 174-185
    Autor/es: Kyteas, PG; McKenzie, WS; Waite, PD
    Título: Comprehensive treatment approach for condylar hyperplasia and mandibular crowding with custom lingual braces and 2-jaw surgery.

  • Página 186-200
    Autor/es: Kim, MJ; Seo, J; Kim, DK
    Título: Three-dimensional virtual-surgery simulation-assisted asymmetric bilateral mandibular distraction osteogenesis for a patient with bilateral condylar fractures.

  • Página 209-218
    Autor/es: Wan Hassan, WN; Yusoff, Y; Mardi, NA
    Título: Comparison of reconstructed rapid prototyping models produced by 3-dimensional printing and conventional stone models with different degrees of crowding.

  • Página 219-221
    Autor/es: Kotantoula, G; Haisraeli-Shalish, M; Jerrold, L.
    Título: Teleorthodontics.

  • Página 222-223
    Autor/es: Koletsi, D; Pandis, N.
    Título: Matched analysis for paired binary data (McNemar test).

  • Página 225-226
    Autor/es: Rossouw, P. Emile.
    Título: Orthodontic postgraduate education: A global perspective