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Operative Dentistry

2017, v. 42, n. 3

  • Página E93
    Autor/es: im,J-H ;Cho,J ;Lee,Y.
    Título: The Survival of Class V Composite Restorations and Analysis of Marginal Discoloration K

  • Página 231
    Autor/es: Broome,James C.
    Título: AOD Award of Excellence 2017

  • Página 233
    Autor/es: Deliperi,S ;Alleman,D ;Rudo,D.
    Título: Stress-reduced Direct Composites for the Restoration of Structurally Compromised Teeth: Fiber Design According to the “Wallpapering” Technique

  • Página 244
    Autor/es: Vildósola,P ;Vera,F ;Ramírez,J.
    Título: Comparison of Effectiveness and Sensitivity Using Two In-Office Bleaching Protocols for a 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Gel in a Randomized Clinical Trial

  • Página 253
    Autor/es: Machado,AC ;Soares,CJ ;Reis,BR.
    Título: Stress-strain Analysis of Premolars With Non-carious Cervical Lesions: Influence of Restorative Material, Loading Direction and Mechanical Fatigue

  • Página 266
    Autor/es: Zguri,MN ;Casey,JA ;Jessup,JP.
    Título: Proximal Contact Repair of Complex Amalgam Restorations

  • Página 273
    Autor/es: Shahidi,C ;Krejci,I ;Dietschi,D.
    Título: In Vitro Evaluation of Marginal Adaptation of Direct Class II Composite Restorations Made of Different “Low-Shrinkage” Systems

  • Página 284
    Autor/es: Martini,EC ;Parreiras,SO ;Gutierrez,MF.
    Título: Effect of Different Protocols in Preconditioning With EDTA in Sclerotic Dentin and Enamel Before Universal Adhesives Applied in Self-etch Mode

  • Página 297
    Autor/es: Wolff,D ;Schick,S ;Staehle,HJ.
    Título: Novel Microscalpels for Removing Proximal Composite Resin Overhangs on Class II Restorations

  • Página 308
    Autor/es: Pinto,AVD ;Bridi, EC ;Amaral,FLB.
    Título: Enamel Mineral Content Changes After Bleaching With High and Low Hydrogen Peroxide Concentrations: Colorimetric Spectrophotometry and Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence Analyses

  • Página 319
    Autor/es: Oliveira,JBS ;Sarlo,RS ;Bresciani,E.
    Título: Whitening Efficacy of Whitening Mouth Rinses Used Alone or in Conjunction With Carbamide Peroxide Home Whitening

  • Página 327
    Autor/es: Hayes,A ;Duvall,N ;Wajdowicz,M.
    Título: Effect of Endocrown Pulp Chamber Extension Depth on Molar Fracture Resistance

  • Página 335
    Autor/es: Llerena-Icochea,AE ;Costa,RM ;Borges,AFS.
    Título: Bonding Polycrystalline Zirconia With 10-MDP–containing Adhesives