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Advances in Agronomy

2011, v. 113

  • Página
    Autor/es: 351-359
    Título: Index

  • Página 1-74
    Autor/es: Uta Stockmann, Budiman Minasny, Alexander McBratney
    Título: Chapter One - Advances in Agronomy Quantifying Processes of Pedogenesis

  • Página 75-141
    Autor/es: Yakov Pachepsky, Daniel R. Shelton, Jean E.T. McLain, Jitendra Patel, Robert E. Mandrell
    Título: Chapter Two - Irrigation Waters as a Source of Pathogenic Microorganisms in Produce: A Review

  • Página 143-217
    Autor/es: Morris Schnitzer, Carlos M. Monreal
    Título: Chapter Three - Quo Vadis Soil Organic Matter Research? A Biological Link to the Chemistry of Humification

  • Página 219-241
    Autor/es: Kulasekaran Ramesh, Dendi Damodar Reddy
    Título: Chapter Four - Zeolites and Their Potential Uses in Agriculture

  • Página 243-291
    Autor/es: R.A. Viscarra Rossel, V.I. Adamchuk, K.A. Sudduth, N.J. McKenzie, C. Lobsey
    Título: Chapter Five - Proximal Soil Sensing: An Effective Approach for Soil Measurements in Space and Time

  • Página 293-323
    Autor/es: J. Bouma, A.C. van Altvorst, R. Eweg, P.J.A.M. Smeets, H.C. van Latesteijn
    Título: Chapter Six - The Role of Knowledge When Studying Innovation and the Associated Wicked Sustainability Problems in Agriculture

  • Página 325-349
    Autor/es: Walid Sadok, Thomas R. Sinclair
    Título: Chapter Seven - Crops Yield Increase Under Water-Limited Conditions: Review of Recent Physiological Advances for Soybean Genetic Improvement