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Journal of Oral Implantology

2017, v. 43, n. 2

  • Página 85
    Autor/es: Recker,Frank.
    Título: Expand Article Tools The Who, What, Why, and When of the American Board of Dental Specialties (ABDS)

  • Página 87
    Autor/es: Fadanelli,Marcos Alexandre ;Botelho do Amaral,Flávia Lucisano ;Tarkany Basting,Roberta.
    Título: Effect of Steam Autoclaving on the Tensile Strength of Resin Cements Used for Bonding Two-Piece Zirconia Abutments

  • Página 94
    Autor/es: Valente,Nicola Alberto ;Calascibetta,Antonio ;Patianna,Giuseppe.
    Título: Thermodynamic Effects of 3 Different Diode Lasers on an Implant-Bone Interface: An Ex-Vivo Study With Review of the Literature

  • Página 100
    Autor/es: ELsyad,Moustafa Abdou ;El Ghany Kabil,Ahmed Abd ;El Mekawy,Nesreen.
    Título: Effect of Implant Position and Edentulous Span Length on Stresses Around Implants Assisting Claspless Distal Extension Partial Overdentures: An In Vitro Study.

  • Página 107
    Autor/es: Jeng,Ming-Dih ;Liu,Po-Yi ;Kuo,Jia-Hum.
    Título: Load Fatigue Performance Evaluation on Two Internal Tapered Abutment–Implant Connection Implants Under Different Screw Tightening Torques

  • Página 114
    Autor/es: El ChaarEdgard, ;Castaño,Alejandro.
    Título: A Retrospective Survival Study of Trabecular Tantalum Implants Immediately Placed in Posterior Extraction Sockets Using a Flapless Technique

  • Página 125
    Autor/es: Jackson,J.
    Título: Small-Diameter Implants: A 7-Year Retrospective StudyBrian

  • Página 131
    Autor/es: Lin,Yen-Ting ;Hong,Adrienne ;Peng,Ying-Chin.
    Título: Expand Article Tools Developing Stability of Posterior Mandibular Implants Placed With Osteotome Expansion Technique Compared With Conventional Drilling Techniques

  • Página 139
    Autor/es: Huang,Hong ;Shu,Linjing ;Liu,Yunfei.
    Título: Immediate Implant Combined With Modified Socket-Shield Technique: A Case Letter

  • Página 145
    Autor/es: Fonseca Oliveira,Maiolino Thomaz ;Zanetta-Barbosa,Darceny ;Bonjardim Lima,Lívia.
    Título: Expand Article Tools Immediate Prosthetic Loading of Implants Placed in Reconstructed Jaws After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • Página 151
    Autor/es: Kim, Jin-Wook ;Paeng, Jun-Young ;Choi,So-Young.
    Título: Displacement of Dental Implants Into the Mandibular Bone Marrow Space: Cause and Treatment. A Case Study and Literature Review

  • Página 157
    Autor/es: Al-Thobity,Ahmad M. ;Kutkut,Ahmad ;Almas,Khalid.
    Título: Microthreaded Implants and Crestal Bone Loss: A Systematic Review