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Animal Feed Science and Technology

2013, v. 15, n. 2

  • Página 61
    Título: Editorial: Year of the author

  • Página 62-67
    Autor/es: Catherine Bovens and Tim Gruffydd-Jones
    Título: Review: Xenotransfusion with canine blood in the feline species: review of the literature

  • Página 68-73
    Autor/es: Giovanni Tremolada, Maria Longeri, Michele Polli, Pietro Parma, and Fabio Acocella
    Título: Original Articles: Persistent right aortic arch and associated axial skeletal malformations in cats

  • Página 74-80
    Autor/es: Lisa M Freeman, John E Rush, Kathryn M Meurs, Barret J Bulmer, and Suzanne M Cunningham
    Título: Body size and metabolic differences in Maine Coon cats with and without hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

  • Página 81-90
    Autor/es: Rachel M Korman, Natasha Hetzel, Toby G Knowles, Andrea M Harvey, and Séverine Tasker
    Título: A retrospective study of 180 anaemic cats: features, aetiologies and survival data

  • Página 91-98
    Autor/es: Paulina Haro, Francisco Laredo, Francisco Gil, Eliseo Belda, María D Ayala, Marta Soler, and Amalia Agut
    Título: Ultrasound-guided dorsal approach for femoral nerve blockade in cats: an imaging study

  • Página 99-104
    Autor/es: Lauren M Habenicht, Tracy L Webb, Laurie A Clauss, Steven W Dow, and Jessica M Quimby
    Título: Urinary cytokine levels in apparently healthy cats and cats with chronic kidney disease

  • Página 105-110
    Autor/es: Tim Waelbers, Kathelijne Peremans, Simon Vermeire, André Dobbeleir, VO Boer, Hendrik de Leeuw, Maarten AD Vente, Koen Piron, Myriam Hesta, and Ingeborgh Polis
    Título: Regional brain perfusion in 12 cats measured with technetium-99m-ethyl cysteinate dimer pinhole single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT)

  • Página 111-116
    Autor/es: Jorge Arredondo, Amalia Agut, María Jesús Rodríguez, Ricardo Sarriá, and Rafael Latorre
    Título: Anatomy of the temporomandibular joint in the cat: a study by microdissection, cryosection and vascular injection

  • Página 117-123
    Autor/es: Michaela Hafner, Thomas A Lutz, Claudia E Reusch, and Eric Zini
    Título: Evaluation of sensor sites for continuous glucose monitoring in cats with diabetes mellitus

  • Página 124-131
    Autor/es: Mari H Vainionpää, Marja R Raekallio, Jouni JT Junnila, Anna K Hielm-Björkman, Marjatta PM Snellman, and Outi M Vainio
    Título: A comparison of thermographic imaging, physical examination and modified questionnaire as an instrument to assess painful conditions in cats

  • Página 132-141
    Autor/es: Anita Theobald, Holger A Volk, Ruth Dennis, Davide Berlato, and Luisa De Risio
    Título: Clinical outcome in 19 cats with clinical and magnetic resonance imaging diagnosis of ischaemic myelopathy (2000–2011)

  • Página 142-147
    Autor/es: Samantha S Taylor, Steve Dodkin, Kostas Papasouliotis, Helen Evans, Peter A Graham, Zoe Belshaw, Sara Westberg, and Henrik P von Euler
    Título: Serum thymidine kinase activity in clinically healthy and diseased cats: a potential biomarker for lymphoma

  • Página 148-154
    Autor/es: Andrea Weissman, Dominique Penninck, Cynthia Webster, Silke Hecht, John Keating, and Linden E Craig
    Título: Case Series: Ultrasonographic and clinicopathological features of feline gastrointestinal eosinophilic sclerosing fibroplasia in four cats

  • Página 155-159
    Autor/es: Karen M Oliveira, Fabíola B Fukushima, Camila M Oliveira, Isabel R Rosado, Bruno BJ Torres, Mário Sérgio L Lavor, Carla Maria O Silva, and Eliane G Melo
    Título: Case Reports: Head trauma as a possible cause of central diabetes insipidus in a cat

  • Página 160-162
    Autor/es: Vicente J Herreria-Bustillo, Rocio Saiz-Alvarez, and Shailen Jasani
    Título: Suspected muscarinic mushroom intoxication in a cat

  • Página 163
    Título: Book Reviews: Book Review: Small animal surgery

  • Página 163-164
    Título: Book Review: Self-assessment color review: feline infectious diseases

  • Página 164-165
    Título: Book Review: Veterinary hematology – a diagnostic guide and color atlas

  • Página 165
    Título: Book Review: Miller’s anatomy of the dog

  • Página 166
    Título: Book Review: Canine and feline gastroenterology

  • Página 167
    Título: Corrigendum: Expression of the Bcl-2 apoptotic marker in cats diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease and gastrointestinal lymphoma