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Silvae Genetica

2008, v. 57, n. 4

  • Página 181-186
    Autor/es: Sebbenn, AM - Arantes, FC - Boas, OV - Freitas, MLM
    Título: Genetic Variation in an International Provenance-Progeny Test of Pinus caribaea Mor. var. bahamensis Bar. et Gol., in Sao Paulo, Brazi

  • Página 187-192
    Autor/es: Climent, J - Alonso, J - Gil, L
    Título: Short Note: Root Restriction Hindered Early Allometric Differentiation Between Seedlings of Two Provenances of Canary Island Pin

  • Página 193-201
    Autor/es: Chybicki, IJ - Dzialuk, A - Trojankiewicz, M - Slawski, M - Burczyk, J
    Título: Spatial Genetic Structure Within Two Contrasting Stands of Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris L.

  • Página 202-209
    Autor/es: Benetka, V - Pospiskova, M - Vratny, F - Tkaczykova, M
    Título: Inbreeding Depression in the Full-sib Offspring of Populus nigra

  • Página 210-211
    Autor/es: Hamilton, MG - Raymond, CA - Potts, BM
    Título: Short Note: The Genetic Correlation Between Air-dried Density and Basic Density in Eucalyptus Nitens Wood Core

  • Página 212-220
    Autor/es: Feng, Y - Sun, W - RomeroSeverson, J
    Título: Heterogeneity and Spatial Autocorrelation for Chloroplast Haplotypes in Three Old Growth Populations of Northern Red Oa

  • Página 221-226
    Autor/es: Pfeifhofer, HW - Idzojtic, M - Zebec, M
    Título: The Needle Volatile Composition of Pinus nigra J. F. Arnold, P. sylvestris L., P. densiflora Siebold et Zucc. and P. thunbergiana Franco Trispecies Hybrid

  • Página 227-234
    Autor/es: Slade, D - Skvorc, Z - Ballian, D - Gracan, J - Papes, D
    Título: The Chloroplast DNA Polymorphisms of White Oaks of Section Quercus in The Central Balkan

  • Página 235-241
    Autor/es: Tiimonen, H - Aronen, T - Laakso, T - Saranpaa, P - Chiang, V - Haggman, H
    Título: Paxillus involutus Forms an Ectomycorrhizal Symbiosis and EnhancesSurvival of PtCOMT-modified Betula pendula in vitr

  • Página 242-248
    Autor/es: Li, ZC - Wang, XL - Ge, XJ
    Título: Genetic Diversity of the Relict Plant Taiwania cryptomerioides Hayata (Cupressaceae) in Mainland Chin

  • Página 249-255
    Autor/es: Ochieng, JW - Shepherd, M - Baverstock, PR - Nikles, G - Lee, DJ - Henry, R
    Título: Genetic Variation Within Two Sympatric Spotted Gum Eucalypts Exceeds Between Taxa Variatio

  • Página 256-261
    Autor/es: Zhuowen, Z - Juanjuan, S - Li, M - Changqing, S
    Título: Pollen Dispersal and Its Spatial Distribution in a Seed Orchard of Larix kaempferi (Lamb.) Car

  • Página 262-268
    Autor/es: Humphreys, JR - OReillyWapstra, JM - Harbard, JL - Davies, NW - Griffin, AR
    Título: Discrimination between seedlings of Eucalyptus globulus, E. nitens and their F1 hybrid using near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy and foliar oil conten

  • Página 269-275
    Autor/es: Dean, CA
    Título: Genetic Parameters of Somatic Clones of Coastal Douglas-fir at 51/2-Years across Washington and Oregon, US

  • Página 276-281
    Autor/es: Weng, YH - Kershaw, J - Tosh, K - Adams, G - Fullarton, MS
    Título: Height-Diameter Relationships for Jack Pine Seedlots of Different Genetic Improvement Level

  • Página 282-290
    Autor/es: Perron, M
    Título: A Strategy for the Second Breeding Cycle of Larix x marschlinsii in Quebec, Canada Including Experiments to Guide Interspecific Tree Breeding Programm

  • Página 291-300
    Autor/es: Liesebach, H - Gotz, B
    Título: Low Chloroplast DNA Diversity in Red Dogwood (Cornus sanguinea L.