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Applied Animal Behaviour Science

2016, v. 174

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    Título: Inside front cover - Editorial Board

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    Título: Title page

  • Página 1-10
    Autor/es: Natasha K. Boyland, David T. Mlynski, Richard James, Lauren J.N. Brent, Darren P. Croft
    Título: The social network structure of a dynamic group of dairy cows: From individual to group level patterns

  • Página 11-18
    Autor/es: Joachine Idibu, Fred Kabi, Denis Mpairwe
    Título: Behavioural response of pure Ankole and crossbred (Ankole × Holstein) cows to seasonal pasture variations in south-western Uganda

  • Página 19-23
    Autor/es: Salla Ruuska, Sari Kajava, Mikaela Mughal, Nils Zehner, Jaakko Mononen
    Título: Validation of a pressure sensor-based system for measuring eating, rumination and drinking behaviour of dairy cattle

  • Página 24-31
    Autor/es: Nicolas Devillers, Delphine Giraud, Chantal Farmer
    Título: Neonatal piglets are able to differentiate more productive from less productive teats

  • Página 32-41
    Autor/es: Céline Tallet, Emilie Sénèque, Claire Mégnin, Stéphane Morisset, David Val-Laillet, Marie-Christine Meunier-Salaün, Carole Fureix, Martine Hausberger
    Título: Assessing walking posture with geometric morphometrics: Effects of rearing environment in pigs

  • Página 42-50
    Autor/es: Lingling Fu, Huizhi Li, Tingting Liang, Bo Zhou, Qingpo Chu, Allan P. Schinckel, Xiaojing Yang, Ruqian Zhao, Pinghua Li, Ruihua Huang
    Título: Stocking density affects welfare indicators of growing pigs of different group sizes after regrouping

  • Página 51-57
    Autor/es: Lorenz Gygax, Sabine Vögeli
    Título: Reactions of sheep towards three sets of emotional stimuli: (In)Consistency in respect to stimulus valence and sheep identity

  • Página 58-65
    Autor/es: María José Sánchez, Ester Bartolomé, Mercedes Valera
    Título: Genetic study of stress assessed with infrared thermography during dressage competitions in the Pura Raza Español horse

  • Página 66-69
    Autor/es: Jessica L. Finn, Bianca Haase, Cali E. Willet, Diane van Rooy, Tracy Chew, Claire M. Wade, Natasha A. Hamilton, Brandon D. Velie
    Título: The relationship between coat colour phenotype and equine behaviour: A pilot study

  • Página 70-75
    Autor/es: Acoustic characteristics of courtship and agonistic vocalizations in Przwewalskii's wild horse and in domestic horse
    Título: Acoustic characteristics of courtship and agonistic vocalizations in Przwewalskii's wild horse and in domestic horse

  • Página 76-82
    Autor/es: Julia Dias Villas-Boas, Daniel Penteado Martins Dias, Pablo Ignacio Trigo, Norma Aparecida dos Santos Almeida, Fernando Queiroz de Almeida, Magda Alves de Medeiros
    Título: Behavioural, endocrine and cardiac autonomic responses to a model of startle in horses

  • Página 83-89
    Autor/es: Katarina Pichova, Janicke Nordgreen, Christine Leterrier, Lubor Kostal, Randi Oppermann Moe
    Título: The effects of food-related environmental complexity on litter directed behaviour, fear and exploration of novel stimuli in young broiler chickens

  • Página 90-98
    Autor/es: Nikki Mackie, Dorothy E.F. McKeegan
    Título: Behavioural responses of broiler chickens during low atmospheric pressure stunning

  • Página 99-102
    Autor/es: Nancy Clarke, David Fraser
    Título: Automated monitoring of resting in dogs

  • Página 103-110
    Autor/es: Linda Gerencsér, András Kosztolányi, Joni Delanoeije, Ádám Miklósi
    Título: The effect of reward-handler dissociation on dogs’ obedience performance in different conditions

  • Página 111-115
    Autor/es: Clarissa Brayley, V. Tamara Montrose
    Título: The effects of audiobooks on the behaviour of dogs at a rehoming kennels

  • Página 116-120
    Autor/es: Anna Scandurra, Paolo Mongillo, Lieta Marinelli, Massimo Aria, Biagio D’Aniello
    Título: Conspecific observational learning by adult dogs in a training context

  • Página 121-127
    Autor/es: Anna Scandurra, Alessandra Alterisio, Biagio D’Aniello
    Título: Behavioural effects of training on water rescue dogs in the Strange Situation Test

  • Página 128-136
    Autor/es: Hayley Ash, Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith
    Título: The long-term impact of infant rearing background on the affective state of adult common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)

  • Página 137-146
    Autor/es: Vanitha Varadharajan, Thiyagesan Krishnamoorthy, Baskaran Nagarajan
    Título: Prevalence of stereotypies and its possible causes among captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Tamil Nadu, India

  • Página 147-153
    Autor/es: Michela Minero, Emanuela Dalla Costa, Francesca Dai, Leigh Anne Margaret Murray, Elisabetta Canali, Francoise Wemelsfelder
    Título: Use of Qualitative Behaviour Assessment as an indicator of welfare in donkeys

  • Página 154-161
    Autor/es: Sneha Joshi, Neville Pillay
    Título: Association between personality and stereotypic behaviours in the African striped mouse Rhabdomys dilectus

  • Página 162-172
    Autor/es: Janja Novak, Klement Stojanovski, Luca Melotti, Thomas Reichlin, Rupert Palme, Hanno Würbel
    Título: Effects of stereotypic behaviour and chronic mild stress on judgement bias in laboratory mice

  • Página 173-180
    Autor/es: Cristina Biolatti, Paola Modesto, Daniela Dezzutto, Francesca Pera, Martina Tarantola, Maria Silvia Gennero, Cristiana Maurella, Pier Luigi Acutis
    Título: Behavioural analysis of captive tigers (Panthera tigris): A water pool makes the difference

  • Página 181-188
    Autor/es: Miriam Sullivan, Craig Lawrence, Dominique Blache
    Título: Why did the fish cross the tank? Objectively measuring the value of enrichment for captive fish

  • Página 189-191
    Autor/es: I. Anna S. Olsson
    Título: Animal Welfare: Focusing on the Future, D.J. Mellor, A.C.D. Bayvel (Eds.). World Organisation for Animal Health (2014), ISBN: 978-92-9044-929-4