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Equine Veterinary Journal

2009, v. 41, n. 9

  • Página 835-835(1)
    Autor/es: Rossdale, P.D.
    Título: Nine issue

  • Página 836-840(5)
    Autor/es: Hunter, J.O.
    Título: Do horses suffer from irritable bowel syndrome

  • Página 841-843(3)
    Autor/es: Menzies-Gow, N.
    Título: Diabetes in the horse: A condition of increasing clinical awareness for differential diagnosis and interpretation of test

  • Página 844-851(8)
    Autor/es: Toth, F. - Frank, N. - Elliott, S.B. - Perdue, K. - Geor, R.J. - Boston, R.
    Título: Optimisation of the frequently sampled intravenous glucose tolerance test to reduce urinary glucose spilling in horse

  • Página 852-858(7)
    Autor/es: Toth, F. - Frank, N. - Chameroy, K.A. - Boston, R.C.
    Título: Effects of endotoxaemia and carbohydrate overload on glucose and insulin dynamics and the development of laminitis in horse

  • Página 859-864(6)
    Autor/es: Olive, J. - D'Anjou, M.-A. - Girard, C. - Laverty, S. - Theoret, C.L.
    Título: Imaging and histological features of central subchondral osteophytes in racehorses with metacarpophalangeal joint osteoarthriti

  • Página 865-871(7)
    Autor/es: Olstad, K. - Ytrehus, B. - Ekman, S. - Carlson, C.S. - Dolvik, N.I.
    Título: Epiphyseal cartilage canal blood supply to the metatarso-phalangeal joint of foal

  • Página 872-876(5)
    Autor/es: Veraa, S. - Voorhout, G. - Klein, W.R.
    Título: Computed tomography of the upper cheek teeth in horses with infundibular changes and apical infectio

  • Página 878-882(5)
    Autor/es: Ousey, J.C. - Palmer, L. - Cash, R.S.G. - Grimes, K.J. - Fletcher, A.P. - B
    Título: An investigation into the suitability of a commercial real-time PCR assay to screen for Taylorella equigenitalis in routine prebreeding equine genital swab

  • Página 883-888(6)
    Autor/es: Bosh, K.A. - Powell, D. - Shelton, B. - Zent, W.
    Título: Reproductive performance measures among Thoroughbred mares in central Kentucky, during the 2004 mating seaso

  • Página 889-894(6)
    Autor/es: Bosh, K.A. - Powell, D. - Neibergs, J.S. - Shelton, B. - Zent, W.
    Título: Impact of reproductive efficiency over time and mare financial value on economic returns among Thoroughbred mares in central Kentuck

  • Página 895-902(8)
    Autor/es: Withers, J.M. - Voute, L.C. - Hammond, G. - Lischer, C.J.
    Título: Radiographic anatomy of the articular process joints of the caudal cervical vertebrae in the horse on lateral and oblique projection

  • Página 903-907(5)
    Autor/es: Diab, S. - Pascoe, J. - Shahriar, M. - Read, D. - Kinde, H. - Moore, J. -
    Título: Study of laryngopharyngeal pathology in Thoroughbred horses in southern Californi

  • Página 908-914(7)
    Autor/es: Willing, B. - Voros, A. - Roos, S. - Jones, C. - Jansson, A. - Lindberg, J.
    Título: Changes in faecal bacteria associated with concentrate and forage-only diets fed to horses in trainin

  • Página 915-917(3)
    Autor/es: Jann, H.W. - Breshears, M.A. - Allison, R.W. - Pechman, R.D. - Day, J. - Ha
    Título: Occult metastatic intestinal adenocarcinoma resulting in pathological fracture of the proximal humeru

  • Página 918-923(6)
    Autor/es: Nolen-Walston, R.D. - Parente, E.J. - Madigan, J.E. - David, F. - Knafo, S.E
    Título: Branchial remnant cysts of mature and juvenile horse

  • Página 924-929(6)
    Autor/es: Durham, A.E. - Hughes, K.J. - Cottle, H.J. - Rendle, D.I. - Boston, R.C.
    Título: Type 2 diabetes mellitus with pancreatic cell dysfunction in 3 horses confirmed with minimal model analysi

  • Página 930-939(10)
    Autor/es: Wilsher, S. - Ousey, J. - Allen, W.R.
    Título: Abnormal umbilical cord attachment sites in the mare: A review illustrated by three case report

  • Página 940-943(4)
    Autor/es: Whittaker, A.G. - Love, S. - Parkin, T.D.H. - Duz, M. - Hughes, K.J.
    Título: Stabling causes a significant increase in the pH of the equine airwa