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Poultry Science
--Acceso 2000 a la fecha

2016, v. 95, n. 11

  • Página 2479-2488
    Autor/es: J. L. T. Heerkens, E. Delezie, B. Ampe, T. B. Rodenburg, and F. A. M. Tuyttens
    Título: Ramps and hybrid effects on keel bone and foot pad disorders in modified aviaries for laying hens

  • Página 2489-2502
    Autor/es: A. B. A. Ali, D. L. M. Campbell, D. M. Karcher, and J. M. Siegford
    Título: Influence of genetic strain and access to litter on spatial distribution of 4 strains of laying hens in an aviary system

  • Página 2503-2513
    Autor/es: A. Rodriguez-Aurrekoetxea and I. Estevez
    Título: Use of space and its impact on the welfare of laying hens in a commercial free-range system

  • Página 2514-2519
    Autor/es: R. L. Lin, H. P. Chen, R. Rouvier, and C. Marie-Etancelin
    Título: Genetic parameters of body weight, egg production, and shell quality traits in the Shan Ma laying duck (Anas platyrhynchos)

  • Página 2520-2527
    Autor/es: J. Arango, A. Wolc, P. Settar, and N. P. O'Sullivan
    Título: Model comparison to evaluate a shell quality bio-complex in layer hens

  • Página 2528-2535
    Autor/es: C. Forte, G. Acuti, E. Manuali, P. Casagrande Proietti, S. Pavone, M. Trabalza-Marinucci, L. Moscati, A. Onofri, C. Lorenzetti, and M. P. Franciosini
    Título: Effects of two different probiotics on microflora, morphology, and morphometry of gut in organic laying hens

  • Página 2536-2546
    Autor/es: Amy C. Murillo, Mark A. Chappell, Jeb P. Owen, and Bradley A. Mullens
    Título: Northern fowl mite (Ornithonyssus sylviarum) effects on metabolism, body temperatures, skin condition, and egg production as a function of hen MHC haplotype

  • Página 2547-2556
    Autor/es: J. C. Rodriguez-Lecompte, A. Yitbarek, T. Cuperus, H. Echeverry, and A. van Dijk
    Título: Editor's Choice: The immunomodulatory effect of vitamin D in chickens is dose-dependent and influenced by calcium and phosphorus levels

  • Página 2557-2564
    Autor/es: Weiwei Wang, Zhui Li, Wanli Ren, Yunshuang Yue, and Yuming Guo
    Título: Effects of live yeast supplementation on lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammatory responses in broilers

  • Página 2565-2569
    Autor/es: V. A. Kuttappan, E. A. Vicuña, O. B. Faulkner, G. R. Huff, K. A. Freeman, J. D. Latorre, A. Menconi, G. I. Tellez, B. M. Hargis, and L. R. Bielke
    Título: Evaluation of changes in serum chemistry in association with feed withdrawal or high dose oral gavage with dextran sodium sulfate- (DSS-) induced gut leakage in broiler chickens

  • Página 2570-2575
    Autor/es: M. M. Fathi, A. E. El-Dlebshany, M. Bahie El-Deen, L. M. Radwan, and G. N. Rayan
    Título: Effect of long-term selection for egg production on eggshell quality of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)

  • Página 2576-2591
    Autor/es: M. Bozkurt, E. Bintaş, Ş. Kırkan, H. Akşit, K. Küçükyılmaz, G. Erbaş, M. Çabuk, D. Akşit, U. Parın, G. Ege, B. Koçer, K. Seyrek, and A. E. Tüzün
    Título: Comparative evaluation of dietary supplementation with mannan oligosaccharide and oregano essential oil in forced molted and fully fed laying hens between 82 and 106 weeks of age

  • Página 2592-2601
    Autor/es: S. Trupia, J. K. Winkler-Moser, A. C. Guney, R. Beckstead, and C-Y. O. Chen
    Título: Nutritional quality of eggs from hens fed distillers dried grains with solubles

  • Página 2602-2614
    Autor/es: S. J. Rochell, A. Helmbrecht, C. M. Parsons, and R. N. Dilger
    Título: Editor's Choice: Influence of dietary amino acid reductions and Eimeria acervulina infection on growth performance and intestinal cytokine responses of broilers fed low crude protein diets

  • Página 2615-2623
    Autor/es: P. C. Xue, K. M. Ajuwon, and O. Adeola
    Título: Phosphorus and nitrogen utilization responses of broiler chickens to dietary crude protein and phosphorus levels

  • Página 2624-2632
    Autor/es: J. E. Davis, J. Cain, C. Small, and D. B. Hales
    Título: Therapeutic effect of flax-based diets on fatty liver in aged laying hens

  • Página 2633-2639
    Autor/es: H. D. Xie, L. J. Bu, Z. Z. Zhong, Y. Huang, X. W. Peng, and D. J. Li
    Título: Effects of sorghum distillers dried grains with solubles on the carcass characteristics and muscle quality of China Micro Duck drakes aged from 4 to 8 weeks

  • Página 2640-2646
    Autor/es: P. Pandey, W. Cao, Y. Wang, and V. Vaddella
    Título: Predicting Salmonella Typhimurium reductions in poultry ground carcasses

  • Página 2647-2654
    Autor/es: Shanshan Huo, Liyue Wang, Yonghong Zhang, Jianlou Zhang, Yuzhu Zuo, Jian Xu, Dan Cui, Xiujin Li, and Fei Zhong
    Título: Molecular cloning of chicken IL-7 and characterization of its antiviral activity against IBDV in vivo

  • Página 2655-2666
    Autor/es: P. Xie, X. P. Wan, Z. Bu, and X. T. Zou
    Título: Molecular cloning, characterization, and expression analysis of ghrelin and cholecystokinin in the pigeon (Columba livia)

  • Página 2667-2672
    Autor/es: Lizbeth Carrillo, Héctor Sumano, Luis Medina-Torres, Graciela Tapia, and Lilia Gutiérrez
    Título: Rheological study of healthy chicken's pooled tracheobronchial secretions and its modification by mucolytics drugs

  • Página 2673-2678
    Autor/es: Mohammad Kamely, Mohammad Amir Karimi Torshizi, and Shaban Rahimi
    Título: Blood biochemistry, thyroid hormones, and performance in broilers with ascites caused by caffeine

  • Página 2679-2684
    Autor/es: D. Shin, E. S. R. Cho, H-T Bang, and K. S. Shim
    Título: Effects of oxygenated or hydrogenated water on growth performance, blood parameters, and antioxidant enzyme activity of broiler chickens

  • Página 2685-2689
    Autor/es: Makoto Otsuka, Osamu Miyashita, Mitsuru Shibata, Fujiyuki Sato, and Mitsuru Naito
    Título: A novel method for sexing day-old chicks using endoscope system

  • Página 2690-2695
    Autor/es: V. A. Kuttappan, V. B. Gunsaulis, A. Mauromoustakos, J. F. Meullenet, and C. M. Owens
    Título: Effect of pre- and post-marination aging on meat quality attributes of early deboned (2 h postmortem) broiler breast fillets

  • Página 2696-2706
    Autor/es: Monil A. Desai, Viodelda Jackson, Wei Zhai, Surendranath P. Suman, Mahesh N. Nair, Carol M. Beach, and M. Wes Schilling
    Título: Proteome basis of pale, soft, and exudative-like (PSE-like) broiler breast (Pectoralis major) meat

  • Página 2707-2714
    Autor/es: G. Tasoniero, M. Cullere, M. Cecchinato, E. Puolanne, and A. Dalle Zotte
    Título: Technological quality, mineral profile, and sensory attributes of broiler chicken breasts affected by White Striping and Wooden Breast myopathies

  • Página 2715-2723
    Autor/es: Zhenjiao He, Chenyao Tong, Long Sheng, Meihu Ma, and Zhaoxia Cai
    Título: Monitoring glycation-induced structural and biofunctional changes in chicken immunoglobulin Y by different monosaccharides

  • Página 2724-2733
    Autor/es: V. A. Kuttappan, B. M. Hargis, and C. M. Owens
    Título: White striping and woody breast myopathies in the modern poultry industry: a review

  • Página 2734-2735
    Título: Association Notes