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2009, v. 71, n. 6

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    Título: Editorial Boar

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  • Página 877-883
    Autor/es: Marino, E - Threlfall, WR - Schwarze, RA
    Título: Early conception factor lateral flow assays for pregnancy in the mar

  • Página 884-894
    Autor/es: Owiny, OD - Barry, DM - Agaba, M - Godke, RA
    Título: In vitro production of cattlexbuffalo hybrid embryos using cattle oocytes and African buffalo (Syncerus caffer caffer) epididymal sper

  • Página 895-900
    Autor/es: VeraMunoz, O - AmiratBriand, L - Diaz, T - Vasquez, L - Schmidt, E - Desher
    Título: Effect of semen dilution to low-sperm number per dose on motility and functionality of cryopreserved bovine spermatozoa using low-density lipoproteins (LDL) extender: Comparison to Triladyl and Bioxcel

  • Página 901-909
    Autor/es: Gundelach, Y - Essmeyer, K - Teltscher, MK - Hoedemaker, M
    Título: Risk factors for perinatal mortality in dairy cattle: Cow and foetal factors, calving proces

  • Página 910-919
    Autor/es: Gliozzi, TM - Zaniboni, L - Maldjian, A - Luzi, F - Maertens, L - Cerolini,
    Título: Quality and lipid composition of spermatozoa in rabbits fed DHA and vitamin E rich diet

  • Página 920-929
    Autor/es: BechSabat, G - LopezGatius, F - GarciaIspierto, I - Santolaria, JP - Serrano
    Título: Pregnancy patterns during the early fetal period in high producing dairy cows treated with GnRH or progesteron

  • Página 930-938
    Autor/es: Rantala, MH - Katila, T - Taponen, J
    Título: Effect of time interval between prostaglandin F2a and GnRH treatments on occurrence of short estrous cycles in cyclic dairy heifers and cow

  • Página 939-946
    Autor/es: KatzJaffe, MG - McCallie, BR - Preis, KA - Filipovits, J - Gardner, DK
    Título: Transcriptome analysis of in vivo and in vitro matured bovine MII oocyte

  • Página 947-958
    Autor/es: Bettencourt, EM - Bettencourt, CM - Silva, JN - Ferreira, P - deMatos, CP -
    Título: Ultrastructural characterization of fresh and cryopreserved in vivo produced ovine embryo

  • Página 959-965
    Autor/es: Mari, G - Morganti, M - Merlo, B - Castagnetti, C - Parmeggiani, F - Govoni
    Título: Administration of sulpiride or domperidone for advancing the first ovulation in deep anestrous mare

  • Página 966-974
    Autor/es: Gregg, K - Chen, SH - Guerra, T - Sadeghieh, S - Xiang, T - Meredith, J -
    Título: A sensitive and efficient detection method for bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) in single preimplantation bovine embryo

  • Página 975-983
    Autor/es: Givens, MD - Riddell, KP - Zhang, Y - Galik, P - Walz, PH - Brodersen, BW -
    Título: Safety and efficacy of vaccination of seronegative bulls with modified-live, cytopathic bovine viral diarrhea viruse

  • Página 984-992
    Autor/es: Colazo, MG - Ree, TO - Emmanuel, DG - Ambrose, DJ
    Título: Plasma luteinizing hormone concentrations in cows given repeated treatments or three different doses of gonadotropin releasing hormon

  • Página 993-1004
    Autor/es: Gabler, C - Drillich, M - Fischer, C - Holder, C - Heuwieser, W - Einspanie
    Título: Endometrial expression of selected transcripts involved in prostaglandin synthesis in cows with endometriti

  • Página 1005-1010
    Autor/es: Munoz, M - Rodriguez, A - Diez, C - Caamano, JN - FernandezSanchez, MT - Pe
    Título: Tyrosine kinase A, C and fibroblast growth factor-2 receptors in bovine embryos cultured in vitr

  • Página 1011-1017
    Autor/es: Li, C - Zhu, YL - Xue, JH - Zhang, SL - Ma, Z - Shi, ZD
    Título: Immunization against inhibin enhances both embryo quantity and quality in Holstein heifers after superovulation and insemination with sex-sorted seme

  • Página 1018-1025
    Autor/es: ContrerasSolis, I - Vasquez, B - Diaz, T - Letelier, C - LopezSebastian, A -
    Título: Efficiency of estrous synchronization in tropical sheep by combining short-interval cloprostenol-based protocols and "male effect

  • Página 1026-1034
    Autor/es: Folch, J - Cocero, MJ - Chesne, P - Alabart, JL - Dominguez, V - Cognie, Y
    Título: First birth of an animal from an extinct subspecies (Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica) by clonin

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    Título: Announcement