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Preventive Veterinary Medicine
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2009, v. 88, n. 4

  • Página CO2
    Título: IFC Editorial Boar

  • Página ii
    Título: Editorial Boar

  • Página 229-246
    Autor/es: Cusack, P - McMeniman, N - Rabiee, A - Lean, I
    Título: Assessment of the effects of supplementation with vitamin E on health and production of feedlot cattle using meta-analysi

  • Página 247-254
    Autor/es: Bavinck, V - Bouma, A - vanBoven, M - Bos, ME - Stassen, E - Stegeman, JA
    Título: The role of backyard poultry flocks in the epidemic of highly pathogenic avian influenza virus (H7N7) in the Netherlands in 200

  • Página 255-263
    Autor/es: grosseBeilage, E - Rohde, N - Krieter, J
    Título: Seroprevalence and risk factors associated with seropositivity in sows from 67 herds in north-west Germany infected with Mycoplasma hyopneumonia

  • Página 264-277
    Autor/es: Hill, AE - Green, AL - Wagner, BA - Dargatz, DA
    Título: Relationship between herd size and annual prevalence of and primary antimicrobial treatments for common diseases on dairy operations in the United State

  • Página 278-285
    Autor/es: Bos, ME - Nielen, M - Koch, G - Bouma, A - DeJong, MC - Stegeman, A
    Título: Back-calculation method shows that within-flock transmission of highly pathogenic avian influenza (H7N7) virus in the Netherlands is not influenced by housing risk factor

  • Página 286-297
    Autor/es: Ward, MP - Highfield, LD - Vongseng, P - GraemeGarner, M
    Título: Simulation of foot-and-mouth disease spread within an integrated livestock system in Texas, US

  • Página 298-307
    Autor/es: Mork, M - Lindberg, A - Alenius, S - Vagsholm, I - Egenvall, A
    Título: Comparison between dairy cow disease incidence in data registered by farmers and in data from a disease-recording system based on veterinary reportin