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Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology

2009, v. 128, n. 13

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    Título: Editorial Boar

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    Título: Content

  • Página 1-6
    Autor/es: Santos, IK - Lunney, JK - Ferreira, BR
    Título: Highlights of the 8th International Veterinary Immunology Symposiu

  • Página 7-15
    Autor/es: McCullough, KC - Ruggli, N - Summerfield, A
    Título: Dendritic cells-At the front-line of pathogen attac

  • Página 16-23
    Autor/es: Steinbach, F - Bischoff, S - Freund, H - MetznerFlemisch, S - Ibrahim, S -
    Título: Clinical application of dendritic cells and interleukin-2 and tools to study activated T cells in horses-First results and implications for quality contro

  • Página 24-29
    Autor/es: Entrican, G - Lunney, JK - Rutten, VP - Baldwin, CL
    Título: A current perspective on availability of tools, resources and networks for veterinary immunolog

  • Página 30-36
    Autor/es: Seo, KS - Davis, WC - Hamilton, MJ - Park, YH - Bohach, GA
    Título: Development of monoclonal antibodies to detect bovine FOXP3 in PBMCs exposed to a staphylococcal superantige

  • Página 37-43
    Autor/es: Harris, J - Master, SS - DeHaro, SA - Delgado, M - Roberts, EA - Hope, JC -
    Título: Th1-Th2 polarisation and autophagy in the control of intracellular mycobacteria by macrophage

  • Página 44-52
    Autor/es: Sommer, S - Pudrith, CB - Colvin, CJ - Coussens, PM
    Título: Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis suppresses expression of IL-12p40 and iNOS genes induced by signalling through CD40 in bovine monocyte-derived macrophage

  • Página 53-59
    Autor/es: Chappell, L - Kaiser, P - Barrow, P - Jones, MA - Johnston, C - Wigley, P
    Título: The immunobiology of avian systemic salmonellosi

  • Página 60-66
    Autor/es: Stuyven, E - Cox, E - Vancaeneghem, S - Arnouts, S - Deprez, P - Goddeeris,
    Título: Effect of b-glucans on an ETEC infection in piglet

  • Página 67-70
    Autor/es: Carrillo, E - Moreno, J
    Título: Cytokine profiles in canine visceral leishmaniasi

  • Página 71-78
    Autor/es: Bourdoiseau, G - Hugnet, C - Goncalves, RB - Vezilier, F - PetitDidier, E -
    Título: Effective humoral and cellular immunoprotective responses in Li ESAp-MDP vaccinated protected dog

  • Página 79-86
    Autor/es: Andrade, RA - SilvaAraujo, MS - Reis, AB - Gontijo, CM - Vianna, LR - Mayri
    Título: Advances in flow cytometric serology for canine visceral leishmaniasis: Diagnostic applications when distinct clinical forms, vaccination and other canine pathogens become a challeng

  • Página 87-95
    Autor/es: Reis, AB - MartinsFilho, OA - TeixeiraCarvalho, A - Giunchetti, RC - Carneir
    Título: Systemic and compartmentalized immune response in canine visceral leishmaniasi

  • Página 96-103
    Autor/es: Mallard, BA - McBride, BW - Kehrli, ME - Coussens, PM
    Título: Bovine immunophysiology and genetics: A review of the research and career of Jeanne L. Burto

  • Página 104-109
    Autor/es: Sordillo, LM - Aitken, SL
    Título: Impact of oxidative stress on the health and immune function of dairy cattl

  • Página 110-118
    Autor/es: Robalino, J - Carnegie, RB - O`Leary, N - OuvryPatat, SA - delaVega, E - Pr
    Título: Contributions of functional genomics and proteomics to the study of immune responses in the Pacific white leg shrimp Litopenaeus vanname

  • Página 119-125
    Autor/es: Dvorak, CM - Hirsch, GN - Murtaugh, MP
    Título: Genomic analysis of mucosal immunobiology in the porcine small intestin

  • Página 126-131
    Autor/es: Lecoq, L - Vincent, P - LavoieLamoureux, A - Lavoie, JP
    Título: Genomic and non-genomic effects of dexamethasone on equine peripheral blood neutrophil

  • Página 132-136
    Autor/es: Deeg, CA
    Título: A proteomic approach for studying the pathogenesis of spontaneous equine recurrent uveitis (ERU

  • Página 137-146
    Autor/es: Short, AD - Catchpole, B - Kennedy, LJ - Barnes, A - Lee, AC - Jones, CA -
    Título: T cell cytokine gene polymorphisms in canine diabetes mellitu

  • Página 147-170
    Autor/es: Butler, JE - Lager, KM - Splichal, I - Francis, D - Kacskovics, I - Sinkora
    Título: The piglet as a model for B cell and immune system developmen

  • Página 171-177
    Autor/es: Cervenak, J - Kacskovics, I
    Título: The neonatal Fc receptor plays a crucial role in the metabolism of IgG in livestock animal

  • Página 178-183
    Autor/es: Muyldermans, S - Baral, TN - Retamozzo, VC - DeBaetselier, P - DeGenst, E -
    Título: Camelid immunoglobulins and nanobody technolog

  • Página 184-191
    Autor/es: Garlapati, S - Facci, M - Polewicz, M - Strom, S - Babiuk, LA - Mutwiri, G
    Título: Strategies to link innate and adaptive immunity when designing vaccine adjuvant

  • Página 192-198
    Autor/es: Shewen, PE - CarrascoMedina, L - McBey, BA - Hodgins, DC
    Título: Challenges in mucosal vaccination of cattl

  • Página 199-204
    Autor/es: Endsley, JJ - Waters, WR - Palmer, MV - Nonnecke, BJ - Thacker, TC - Jacobs
    Título: The calf model of immunity for development of a vaccine against tuberculosi

  • Página 205-210
    Autor/es: Summerfield, A - GuzylackPiriou, L - Harwood, L - McCullough, KC
    Título: Innate immune responses against foot-and-mouth disease virus: Current understanding and future direction

  • Página 211
    Autor/es: Koti, M - Kataeva, G - Kaushik, AK
    Título: Identification of novel bovine DH gene

  • Página 211-212
    Autor/es: Ballingall, K - Miltiadou, D - Rocchi, M - McKeever, D
    Título: Generation, haplotype characterisation and practical applications of an MHC defined sheep resource floc

  • Página 212
    Autor/es: Burt, D - Coffey, TJ - Chang, S - Glass, EJ - Haig, D - Hope, JC - Jann, O
    Título: Novel approaches to enhance disease resistance in ruminants?-Breeding for geographically important TLR SNPs:The ruminant TLR consortiu

  • Página 212-213
    Autor/es: Hastings, N - Fernandez, A - Lund, MS - Sahana, G - Thomsen, B - Schulman,
    Título: The discovery of QTL for mastitis resistance in Nordic dairy cattl

  • Página 213
    Autor/es: Connelley, T - Aerts, J - Law, A - Morrison, WI
    Título: Genomic and cDNA analysis of the bovine TCRb gene repertoir

  • Página 213-214
    Autor/es: Abatepaulo, AR - Santos, IK - More, DD - Carvalho, WA - Caetano, AR
    Título: SNPs in bovine candidate genes for mediating resistance to infestations with the cattle tic

  • Página 214
    Autor/es: Kerr, DE - Latshaw, M - Pareek, R - Zheng, J - Bond, JP
    Título: Genomic responses of the bovine mammary gland and epithelial cells to acute LPS challeng

  • Página 214
    Autor/es: Caprera, A - Cambuli, C - Capoferri, R - Gorni, C - Violini, S - Panzitta,
    Título: Identification and confirmation of polymorphisms in bovine genes with immune functio

  • Página 215
    Autor/es: Kabara, E - Kloss, C - Wilson, M - Sreevatsan, S - Janagama, H - Coussens,
    Título: Strain specific and common patterns of gene expression in macrophages infected with M. paratuberculosis isolate

  • Página 215-216
    Autor/es: Oliveira, R - Sommers, A - Everts, RE - Lewin, HA
    Título: Knock-down of bovine leukemia virus tax by RNAi and its effects on host gene expressio

  • Página 216
    Autor/es: Nganga, J - Imbuga, M - Iraqi, FA
    Título: Comparative genome analysis of trypanotolerance QT

  • Página 216
    Autor/es: Jensen, K - Talbot, R - Waddington, D - Glass, EJ
    Título: Monocytes from disease resistant and susceptible cattle display distinct transcriptome profiles during Theileria annulata infectio

  • Página 216-217
    Autor/es: Nganga, J - Iraqi, FA
    Título: Expression variation of TLR as candidate genes underlying trypanotolerance QTL in mic

  • Página 217
    Autor/es: Mage, RG
    Título: Immunoglobulin allotype-defined pedigreed rabbits and genes of immunological interest in 2x rabbit genome assemblies (workshop

  • Página 217-218
    Autor/es: Parra, ZE - Baker, ML - Trujillo, J - Lopez, A - Sharp, A - Hathaway, J -
    Título: Genomic organization and expression of T cell receptors (TCR) in the South American opossu

  • Página 218
    Autor/es: Kammerer, R - Popp, T - Hartle, S - Singer, BB - Zimmermann, W
    Título: Generation of paired immune receptors by gene conversion within the canine CEA gene famil

  • Página 218-219
    Autor/es: Bergman, IM - Johansson, A - Fossum, C - Andersson, L - EdforsLilja, I
    Título: Genetic analysis of porcine TLR gene

  • Página 219
    Autor/es: Uenishi, H - Tanaka, M - Awata, T - Ando, A - Chardon, P
    Título: Difference of genomic structure among haplotypes of swine leukocyte antigen regio

  • Página 219-220
    Autor/es: Laurence, F - Valentina, M - Patrick, C - Gaetan, L - Francois, L - Claire,
    Título: Comparative transcriptomic analysis of PrV-host cell interactions in pi

  • Página 220
    Autor/es: EguchiOgawa, T - Morozumi, T - Tanaka, M - Shinkai, H - Okumura, N - Suzuki
    Título: Genomic analysis revealed the duplication model of porcine CD1 genes during evolutio

  • Página 220-221
    Autor/es: Lunney, JK - Petry, D - Johnson, R - Kuhar, D - Molina, R - ChristopherHenn
    Título: Swine immunity and genetic resistance to porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus (PRRSV) infectio

  • Página 221
    Autor/es: Prudencio, CR - Aparecida, A - Rodrigues, R - Rocha, G - Souza, L - Almeida
    Título: Identification of Boophilus microplus phagotopes from phage displayed peptide librarie

  • Página 222
    Autor/es: Maruyama, SR - Garcia, GR - Brandao, LG - Ribeiro, JM - Anderson, JM - Vale
    Título: Expression of cement-like proteins in transcriptomes from ticks fed on resistant and susceptible cattl

  • Página 222
    Autor/es: DeSouza, GR - Prudencio, CR - Cardoso, R - Almeida, JF - Capparelli, FE - F
    Título: Construction of an antibodies library (scFv) for selection and characterization of Boophilus microplus antigen

  • Página 223
    Autor/es: Anatriello, E - Ferreira, BR - Brandao, LG - Valenzuela, JG - Ribeiro, JM -
    Título: Comparative analysis of transcriptomes of salivary glands from ticks, Amblyomma cajennese and Rhipicephalus sanguineu

  • Página 223
    Autor/es: Peconick, AP - Girao, FA - Sossai, S - Rodrigues, MQ - Salgado, BS - Souzae
    Título: Conservation of peptides 4822 and 4823 constituents of synthetic vaccine SBm7462 against Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplu

  • Página 224
    Autor/es: Seo, KS - Lee, SU - Park, YH - Davis, WC - Fox, LK - Bohach, GA
    Título: Long-term staphylococcal enterotoxin C1 exposure induces soluble factor mediated immunosuppressio

  • Página 224
    Autor/es: Kano, R - Murata, S - Okada, T - Konnai, S - Onuma, M - Ohashi, K
    Título: Analysis of immune responses in chickens infected with Mareks disease viru

  • Página 225
    Autor/es: Silva, EB - Moura, MI - Silva, MA - ArioldoCarvalho, JR - Kipnis, A - Junqu
    Título: Evaluation of the Ag85 specificity in the humoral and cellular immune response in bovine tuberculosi

  • Página 225
    Autor/es: Park, JY - Seo, KS - Davis, WC - Fox, LK - Bohach, GA
    Título: Phenotypic and functional analysis of staphylococcal superantigen-stimulated bovine monocyte

  • Página 226
    Autor/es: Konnai, S - Usui, T - Ikeda, M - Kohara, J - Okada, K - Ohashi, K - Onuma,
    Título: Imbalance of tumor necrosis factor receptors during progression in bovine leukemia virus infectio

  • Página 226
    Autor/es: Sommer, S - Pudrith, CB - Colvin, C - Coussens, PM
    Título: Mycobacterium paratuberculosis suppresses CD40 signaling induced IL-12p40 and iNOS gene expression in bovine monocyte-derived macrophage

  • Página 227
    Autor/es: Broere, F - vanEden, W - Rutten, V - Koets, AD
    Título: Early local immune responses to mycobacterial 70kDa heat-shock protein vaccinatio

  • Página 227-228
    Autor/es: Estein, SM - Fiorentino, MA - Paolicchi, FA - Cassataro, J - Giambartolomei,
    Título: Immunogenicity of a chimeric subcellular vaccine in ovine brucellosi

  • Página 228
    Autor/es: Skyberg, JA - Jutila, MA - Pascual, DW
    Título: Protective role for gd T cells in the innate immune response against Brucella abortu

  • Página 228
    Autor/es: Sauter, KS - Brcic, M - Jungi, TW
    Título: Interaction of bovine toll-like receptors with molecular patterns as assessed by stably transduced cell

  • Página 229
    Autor/es: Profes, MS - Rijsewijk, FA - Roehe, PM - Franco, AC
    Título: Construction of a bovine herpesvirus 5 with a deletion on the gene virion host shutof

  • Página 229-230
    Autor/es: BehlingKelly, E - Kuckleburg, CJ - Elswaifi, SF - Inzana, TJ - Czuprynski, C
    Título: Prothrombotic effects of haemophilus somnus on bovine endothelial cells and platelet

  • Página 230
    Autor/es: Buddle, BM - Denis, M - NeilWedlock, D - MartinVordermeier, H - Glynhewinson
    Título: Evaluation of novel combinations of adjuvants and immunomodulators for bovine tuberculosis vaccine

  • Página 230-231
    Autor/es: Schiller, I - Waters, R - Vordermeier, M - Palmer, M - Egnuni, T - Hardegge
    Título: Effects of culture conditions and tuberculin source on interferon-g production in whole blood cultures from Mycobacterium bovis infected cattl

  • Página 231
    Autor/es: Chiavenna, SM - Ostachuk, A - Pecora, A - SusanaLevy, M - DusSantos, MJ - W
    Título: Truncated E2 glicoprotein expression in CHO-K1 cells to produce a subunit vaccine against BVD

  • Página 231
    Autor/es: Coad, M - Whelan, AO - Rhodes, SG - Clifford, DJ - Hewinson, RG - Vordermei
    Título: Detection of elevated levels of interleukin-10 in cattle following a tuberculin skin-tes

  • Página 232
    Autor/es: deAlmeida, DE - Colvin, CJ - Coussens, PM
    Título: Characterization of Mycobacterium avium sub sp. paratuberculosis antigen-specific regulatory T cell

  • Página 232
    Autor/es: Bellido, D - Craig, PO - Mozgovoj, MV - Gonzalez, DD - Wigdorowitz, A - Gol
    Título: BLS protein as BRV antigen delivery system in a suckling mice mode

  • Página 232-233
    Autor/es: Herndon, CN - Dassanayake, RP - Liu, W - Foreyt, WJ - Srikumaran, S
    Título: Cloning and characterization of bighorn sheep inflammatory cytokines interleukin-1b, tumor necrosis factor-a, and interleukin-

  • Página 233
    Autor/es: Cottorello, AP - Alves, TM - Machado, MM - Araujo, BS - Stancioli, EF - San
    Título: Expression of IL-8 and MIP-1a chemokines in HeLa cells infected with Campylobacter fetus subsp. Venereali

  • Página 233-234
    Autor/es: Dassanayake, RP - Srikumaran, S
    Título: Monomeric expression of bovine b2-integrin subunits clarifies their role in Mannheimia haemolytica leukotoxin-induced cytolysi

  • Página 234
    Autor/es: Cissell, RL - Wahab, SA - Donnell, RL - Kania, SA
    Título: Detection of antibodies to Ovine herpesvirus-2 interleukin-10homologue in sheep-associated malignant catarrhal feve

  • Página 234-235
    Autor/es: Brown, WC
    Título: Immunoproteomic analysis of the protective outer membrane fraction of Anaplasma marginal

  • Página 235
    Autor/es: Alves, TM - Heneine, LG - Araujo, BS - Silva, LM - Campos, PC - Hermogenes,
    Título: Production and characterization of monoclonal antibodies against Campylobacter fetus subsp. Venereali

  • Página 235-236
    Autor/es: Jolly, A - Stempler, A - Colavecchia, S - Fernandez, E - Mundo, S
    Título: Characterization of the immune response induced by lipoarabinomannan (LAM) from Mycobacterium sp. in vaccinated calve

  • Página 236
    Autor/es: Parreno, V - Rodriguez, D - Izuel, M - Filippi, J - Marangunich, L - Lopez,
    Título: Bovine rotavirus vaccines: Immunogenicity of two strains of bovine rotavirus in cattle and guinea pig

  • Página 236-237
    Autor/es: Junior, DG - Moraes, GP - Mclima, A - Faria, GK - Marques, FK - Oliveira, P
    Título: Investigation the seroprevalence of bovine brucellosis using blood serum and seminal plasm

  • Página 237
    Autor/es: Oliveira, MZ - Freire, SM - Meyer, R - Keid, L - BarrouinMelo, SM - Paulo,
    Título: Efficiency of an indirect ELISA using two antigen preparations of Brucella canis for immunodiagnosi

  • Página 237-238
    Autor/es: Tajima, T - Wada, M - Onuma, M
    Título: Inhibition of Ehrlichia canis infection by interferon gamma in vitr

  • Página 238
    Autor/es: ElGarch, H - Goubier, A - Poulet, H - Muelle, Y - Richard, S - Forest, L -
    Título: Intestinal CD134+ T and B lymphocytes: Sites for active FIV replication in chronically infected cat

  • Página 238-239
    Autor/es: Skovgaard, K - Mortensen, S - Poulsen, KT - Jungersen, G - Heegaard, PM
    Título: Microarray analysis of systemic pig innate immune responses after experimental infection with Actinobacillus pleuropneumonia

  • Página 239
    Autor/es: Riber, U - Boutrup, TS - Nguyen, LT - Jakobsen, JT - Jensen, TK - Heegaard,
    Título: Protection against Lawsonia intracellularis re-infection did not correlate with humoral or cell-mediated immune respons

  • Página 239-240
    Autor/es: Arestegui, MB - Gualtieri, CA - deEchaide, ST - Aguirre, N - Delgado, G - P
    Título: IgG isotypes ratio and reproductive performance in sows naturally infected with Brucella sui

  • Página 240
    Autor/es: Lemke, CD - Butler, JE - Weber, P - Sinkora, M - Vincent, A - Lager, KD
    Título: PRRSV-induced immune dysregulation selects B cells with hydrophobic HCDR3s for expansio

  • Página 240-241
    Autor/es: Shanthalingam, S - Liu, W - Snekvik, K - Pattnaik, A - Osorio, FA - Srikuma
    Título: Transfection of porcine sialoadhesin into a murine macrophage cell-line renders it permissive for PRRSV replicatio

  • Página 241
    Autor/es: Lovgren, T - Wikstrom, FH - Fuxler, L - Timmusk, S - Wattrang, E - Fossum,
    Título: Inhibition of IFN-a production by porcine circovirus-derived DNA motif

  • Página 241-242
    Autor/es: Oliveira, AF - Soares, SG - RoqueBarreira, MC
    Título: Mice vaccination with VapA: Challenge with Rhodococcus equi is followed by production of TH1 cytokine

  • Página 242
    Autor/es: Moraes, CM - Rocha, AS - Dummer, LA - Junior, AG - Nogueira, CE - Vargas, A
    Título: Recombinant protein M detects antibodies induced by Streptococcus equi strains isolated from cases of strangle

  • Página 242-243
    Autor/es: Li, F - Crabb, BS - Studdert, MJ - Gilkerson, JR - Hartley, CA
    Título: Mapping the antibody response of the natural host to Equine rhinitis A virus capsid protein

  • Página 243
    Autor/es: Johnston, CE - Wigley, P
    Título: Cellular and functional changes in the reproductive tract associated with onset-of-lay in chicken

  • Página 243-244
    Autor/es: Gibertoni, AM - Fernandes, CC - Montassier, M - Montassier, HJ
    Título: Cloning, expression and characterization of nucleocapsid protein from infectious bronchitis virus in Escherichia col

  • Página 244
    Autor/es: Giotis, ES - Burt, DW - Scott, AN - Downing, A - Talbot, RT - Rothwell, L -
    Título: Transcriptomic analysis of the Chicken Anaemia Virus (CAV)-induced immunosuppressio

  • Página 244-245
    Autor/es: Oliveira, AP - Gibertoni, AM - Montassier, MF - Caetano, AG - Montassier, HJ
    Título: Cloning and expression of S1 glycoprotein of infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) in Saccharomyces cerevisia

  • Página 245
    Autor/es: Caetano, AG - Gibertoni, AM - Goncalves, MC - Montassier, HJ
    Título: Construction and expression of scFv antibody fragment specific for infectious bronchitis virus in Escherichia col

  • Página 245-246
    Autor/es: Eicher, SD - Lin, TL - Wu, CC - Applegate, TJ - Patterson, JA
    Título: TLR7 and iNOS RNA expression in spleen cells of coconut meal-fed broilers after a viral challenge with IBV

  • Página 246
    Autor/es: Marinho, M - Silva, C - Lima, VM - Machado, GF - Peiro, JR - Perri, SH
    Título: Production of TNF-a and IL-6, antibody response, and bacterial recovery, during leptospirosis infectio

  • Página 246
    Autor/es: Appolinario, CM - Mazini, AM - Megid, J
    Título: Fluorescent antibody test in spleen of rabies virus-infected mice submitted to Propionibacterium acne

  • Página 247
    Autor/es: Martel, CJ - Jensen, TH - Nielsen, LP - Viuff, B - Agger, EM - BlixenkroneM
    Título: A new adjuvant enhances the protection of the commercial influenza vaccine in the ferret mode

  • Página 247
    Autor/es: Roos, TB - Santos, A - Fischer, G - Vidor, T - Leite, FP - GilTurnes, C
    Título: Effect of Bacillus cereus and Saccharomyces boulardii on the humoral response of vaccinated mic

  • Página 247-248
    Autor/es: Haig, DM - Anderson, I - Deane, D - Swa, S - WEI, XQ - Russell, G
    Título: IL-15, TNF-a and the autoimmune pathogenesis of malignant catarrhal feve

  • Página 248
    Autor/es: Sato, H - Kobune, F - Ami, Y - Yoneda, M - Kai, C
    Título: Immune responses against measles virus in cynomolgus monkey

  • Página 248-249
    Autor/es: Dupuis, L - Deville, S - Aucouturier, J - Ascarateil, S - Laval, A - Ganne,
    Título: Veterinary vaccine adjuvant

  • Página 249
    Autor/es: Lacetera, N - Kuzminsky, G - Bernabucci, U - Morera, P - Basirico, L - Nard
    Título: Effects of bovine recombinant leptin on proliferation of heat shocked lymphocytes in dairy cow

  • Página 249
    Autor/es: Hagiwara, K - Domi, M - Ando, J
    Título: Colostral CD8 positive cell is a potent producing cell for IFN-

  • Página 250
    Autor/es: Lima, AR - Monteiro, JM - Bosch, RV - Iunes, RS - Fioretto, ET - Oliveira,
    Título: Influence of hormones in the expression of Indoleamine-2,3-dioxigenase in cultured cells from bovine placent

  • Página 250
    Autor/es: Johnson, EH - AlHabsi, K - AlBusaidy, RM
    Título: The effects of low levels of dietary cobalt on select parameters of the specific and non-specific immune responses of goat

  • Página 250-251
    Autor/es: Monteiro, JM - Bosch, RV - Lima, AR - Sakai, M - Kieling, K - Costa, GM -
    Título: Isolation and proliferation of T lymphocytes from bovine placent

  • Página 251
    Autor/es: Wattegedera, S - Rocchi, M - Hope, J - Entrican, G
    Título: The effect of pregnancy on maternal immunity in shee

  • Página 251-252
    Autor/es: Parasar, P - Suarez, C - New, DD - Davis, WC - Davies, CJ
    Título: In vitro expression of bovine classical and non-classical MHC class I protein

  • Página 252
    Autor/es: Cuello, MF - Grosso, MC - Martinez, RA - Vivas, AB - Greco, CR
    Título: T cells distribution and function in peripheral blood and uterus during peri-implantational period in pi

  • Página 252-253
    Autor/es: Hernandez, J - Soto, E - Rezendiz, M - Pinelliaavedra, A - Klasing, KC
    Título: Vitamin E modulates the expression of Th2 cytokines on porcine PBM

  • Página 253
    Autor/es: Merlot, E - Wikstrom, FH - Timmusk, S - Fuxler, L - Fossum, C
    Título: Norepinephrine modulates proliferation and IFN-a production by porcine immune cell

  • Página 253-254
    Autor/es: Alonso, GR - Mayer, N - Greco, CR - Rodriguez, N - Vivas, A
    Título: The influence of seasonal stress during gestation on immune parameters in postnatal stressed piglet

  • Página 254
    Autor/es: Tallmadge, RL - McLaughlin, KE - Matychak, MB - Julia, M - Flaminio, BF
    Título: Ontogeny and expression of equine fetal and neonatal immunoglobulin

  • Página 254-255
    Autor/es: Adams, AA - Katepalli, M - Kohler, K - Reedy, S - Stilz, JP - Vick, MM - F
    Título: The contribution of body condition score and percent body fat to the inflammatory response in aged horse

  • Página 255
    Autor/es: Adams, AA - Breathnach, CC - Sturgill, T - Chambers, T - Horohov, DW
    Título: Characterization of the immunological and physiological response of aged horses to equine influenza infectio

  • Página 255-256
    Autor/es: Sturgill, TL - Handke, KA - Horohov, DW
    Título: Interferon-gamma expression in young foals when treated with an immune modulato

  • Página 256
    Autor/es: Liaudat, A - Sarandon, A - Rodriguez, N - Greco, CR - Vivas, AB - Gauna, HF
    Título: Effect of early stimulations on some immune parameters in prenatal stress rat

  • Página 256
    Autor/es: Zakeri, A - Fadaei, M - Zakeri, S
    Título: The comparative study of the effect of virginamycine and mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) on humoral immunity of broiler chicken

  • Página 256-257
    Autor/es: Monteiro, GE - Bechara, GH
    Título: Role of basophils in the resistance of sensitized goats to Amblyomma Cajennense Fabricius (1787) nymph

  • Página 257
    Autor/es: Franzin, AM - More, DD - Carvalho, WA - Conti, LH - Paula, JO - Maia, AA -
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  • Página 257-258
    Autor/es: Abatepaulo, AR - Morelli, J - Szabo, MP - Kashino, SS - Nardelli, CJ - Garc
    Título: Sequential morphology and gene expression profiles of cutaneous reactions to tick antigens in bovine

  • Página 258
    Autor/es: Trigo, G - Franca, A - Dinis, M - daCosta, RG - Andrade, E - Ferreira, P -
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  • Página 258
    Autor/es: Franzin, AM - More, DD - Carvalho, WA - Conti, LH - Paula, JO - Maia, AA -
    Título: Bovine gd/WC1+ and B Lymphocytes, but not CD8+ cells, are reduced in inflammation induced by tick

  • Página 258
    Autor/es: Gandy, JC - Corl, CM - Sordillo, LM
    Título: Elucidating the biosynthetic pathway of PAF production by mammary endothelial cells following endotoxin stimulatio

  • Página 260
    Autor/es: Inumaru, S - Takahashi, H - Watanabe, S - Ohta, M - Kubota, T
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  • Página 260
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  • Página 261
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  • Página 261-262
    Autor/es: Pajuaba, AC - Silva, DA - Ribeiro, DP - Mineo, JR
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  • Página 262
    Autor/es: Jiwakanon, J - Berg, M - Fossum, C - Persson, E - Dalin, AM
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  • Página 262
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  • Página 262-263
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  • Página 263
    Autor/es: Zhu, Y - Berg, M - Fossum, C - Magnusson, U
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  • Página 264
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  • Página 264
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  • Página 265
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    Autor/es: Goubier, A - Piras, F - Gnudi, M - Chapat, L - Garch, HE - Joisel, F - Cha
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  • Página 266
    Autor/es: Garch, HE - Goubier, A - Poulet, H - Muelle, Y - Richard, S - Forest, L -
    Título: CD134+ T and B lymphocytes from effector sites of the upper gastrointestinal tract constitute a site of active replication of FIV in chronically infected cat

  • Página 266
    Autor/es: Garch, HE - Minke, JM - Rehder, J - Richard, S - Toulemonde, C - Dinic, S -
    Título: A West Nile Virus (WNV) recombinant canarypox virus (ALVAC) vaccine elicits WNV specific neutralising antibodies and T-cell mediated immune responses in the horse: Absence of inhibiting anti-vector immunity following repeated injection

  • Página 266-267
    Autor/es: Silveira, AN - Alessi, AC - Machado, RZ - Sueiro, FA
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  • Página 267
    Autor/es: Silveira, AN - Costa, MT - Gerardi, D - Moro, J
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  • Página 267-268
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  • Página 268
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  • Página 269
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  • Página 270
    Autor/es: Pascale, F - Contreras, V - Courbet, A - Bonneau, M - Chilmonczyk, S - Epar
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  • Página 270
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  • Página 271
    Autor/es: Monteiro, GE - Bechara, GH - Franzin, AM - deMirandaSantos, IK
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  • Página 271
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  • Página 272
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  • Página 272
    Autor/es: Connelley, T - Machugh, N - Storset, A - Morrison, WI
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  • Página 272
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  • Página 273
    Autor/es: Sinkora, M - Sinkorova, J - Holtmeier, W
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  • Página 273
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  • Página 274
    Autor/es: Pintaric, M - Gerner, W - Saalmuller, A
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  • Página 275
    Autor/es: SilvaCampa, E - FloresMendoza, L - ResendizSandova, M - Hernandez, J
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  • Página 275
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  • Página 276
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  • Página 276-277
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  • Página 277
    Autor/es: Oliveira, CJ - Cavassani, KA - Aliberti, JC - Silva, JS - Ferreira, BR
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  • Página 277-278
    Autor/es: EspinoSolis, GP - LiceaNavarro, AF - GurrolaBriones, G - Possani, LD
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  • Página 278
    Autor/es: Latorre, AO - Sakai, M - Haraguchi, M - Gorniak, SL
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  • Página 278-279
    Autor/es: Imamura, S - Konnai, S - Nakajima, C - Yamada, S - Ito, Y - Ohashi, K - On
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  • Página 279
    Autor/es: Medeiros, ML - Leal, AT - Logullo, C - Farias, SE - Masuda, A - daSilvaVaz,
    Título: Evaluation of DNA immunization with plasmids expressing rBYC (Boophilus Yolk Pro-Cathepsin

  • Página 279
    Autor/es: Parizi, LF - Rech, H - Imamura, S - Onuma, M - Masuda, A - daSilvaVaz, I
    Título: Evaluation of immunogenicity in bovines of Riphicephalus (Boophilus) microplus and Haemaphysalis longicornis recombinant calreticulin

  • Página 280
    Autor/es: Pohl, PC - Sorgine, M - daSilvaVaz, I - Masuda, A
    Título: Recombinant expression and partial characterization of an aspartic proteinase from Boophilus microplu

  • Página 280
    Autor/es: Silva, FE - Moraes, JL - Logullo, C - Masuda, A - daSilvaVaz, I
    Título: Cloning and expression of the recombinant triosephosphate isomerase (TIM), an enzyme involved in metabolism of tick Boophilus microplu

  • Página 281
    Autor/es: Logullo, C - Witola, W - Andrade, C - Gomes, J - dasilvaVaz, I - Konnai, S
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  • Página 281
    Autor/es: deAndrade, CP - deAndrade, JG - Imamura, S - Onuma, M - Masuda, A - Logullo
    Título: Cloning and characterization of the recombinant glycogen synthase kinase (GSK-3b) from Boophilus microplus expressed in E. col

  • Página 282
    Autor/es: Maruyama, SR - Garcia, GR - Brandao, LG - Ribeiro, JM - Ferreira, BR - deMi
    Título: Transcriptomes of ticks fed on resistant and susceptible cattle: Genes affected by host immune response

  • Página 282
    Autor/es: Monteiro, GE - Machado, RZ - Bechara, GH
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  • Página 283
    Autor/es: Carvalho, WA - More, DD - Abatepaulo, A - Garcia, GR - Franzin, AM - Conti,
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  • Página 283
    Autor/es: Cruz, AP - Mattos, RT - DeLisa, PR - Silva, SS - daSilvaVaz, I - Masuda, A
    Título: Comparative IgG recognition of adult tick extracts by sera of experimentally infested bovine

  • Página 284
    Autor/es: Carvalho, WA - Firmino, A - More, DD - Bechara, GH - Rossetti, BF - Isabel,
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  • Página 284-285
    Autor/es: Oliveira, DC - Rocha, HG - Devens, BA - daGama, MN - Ferreira, AP - Medeiro
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  • Página 285
    Autor/es: Montano, JA - Rocha, HG - Campos, VE - Ferreira, AP - Silva, CH - Carvalho,
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  • Página 285-286
    Autor/es: Montano, JA - Rocha, HG - Gama, MN - Campos, VE - Ferreira, AP - Carvalho,
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  • Página 286
    Autor/es: Abatepaulo, AR - Carvalho, WA - More, DD - Ferreira, BR - daSilva, JS - San
    Título: Expression of proinflammatory cytokines and chemokines is increased in tick-infested skin of resistant bovine

  • Página 286-287
    Autor/es: More, DD - Santos, IK - Franzin, AM - Carvalho, WA - Maia, AA - Silva, JS -
    Título: Tick infestations affect subpopulations of peripheral blood lymphocytes of both susceptible and resistant bovine host

  • Página 287
    Autor/es: Rowan, LA - Makins, GD - Smith, L - Jensen, K - Glass, EJ
    Título: TLR expression in bovine monocytes derived from cattle breeds with differing susceptibility to tropical theileriosi

  • Página 287-288
    Autor/es: Katzer, F - Ngugi, D - Walker, AR - McKeever, DJ
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  • Página 288
    Autor/es: Kemp, JM - Robinson, N - Meeusen, EN - Piedrafita, DM
    Título: Tissue establishment of L3 Haemonchus contortus larvae is prevented in highly sensitised shee

  • Página 288
    Autor/es: Connelley, T - Machugh, N - Graham, S - Taracha, E - Burrells, A - Ngugi, D
    Título: The bovine CD8+ T-cell response to Theileria parva displays epitope immunodominance and oligoclonalit

  • Página 288-289
    Autor/es: MacKinnon, KM - Mullarky, IK - Notter, DR
    Título: Effects of Haemonchus contortus on the humoral and cellular immune response of parasite-resistant hair shee

  • Página 289
    Autor/es: Ibelli, AM - Nakata, LC - Andreo, R - Oliveira, MC - Coutinho, LL - Regitan
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  • Página 289-290
    Autor/es: Denapoli, P - Chen, S - Garcia, CF - Toniazzi, FE - Mussalem, JS - Squaiell
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  • Página 290
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  • Página 290-291
    Autor/es: Santos, SC - David, JP - David, JM - Lopez, JA - Zacharias, F - Guedes, MT
    Título: Inhibition of Haemonchus contortus hemoglobinolytic activities by N-alkyl ferulates from Maproumea guianensi

  • Página 291
    Autor/es: DosSantos, RR - David, JP - David, JM - Bahia, MV - Santos, SC - Zacharias,
    Título: Protective effects of Brazilian native plants on goats naturally infected with Haemonchus contortu

  • Página 291-292
    Autor/es: Guedes, MT - Zacharias, F - Pedroza, KC - Santos, SC - dosSantos, RR - deMe
    Título: Transfer of maternal humoral passive immunity to kids in goat herd against Haemonchus Contortus infectio

  • Página 292
    Autor/es: Bacigalupe, D - Venturini, MC - More, G - Unzaga, JM - Larsen, A - Basso, W
    Título: Interferon gamma production and protective effects after Neospora caninum tachyzoite activation of bovine spleen cell

  • Página 292-293
    Autor/es: Klevar, S - Kulberg, S - Boysen, P - Storset, A - Moldal, T - Bjorkman, C -
    Título: Bovine natural killer cells act as primary responders in the early stages of Neospora caninum infected cattl

  • Página 293
    Autor/es: IbarraVelarde, F - AlcalaCanto, Y
    Título: Interleukin-4 downregulates the goat beta-defensin-2 gene in caprine intestinal epithelial cells infected with Eimeria spp

  • Página 293-294
    Autor/es: SolanoAguilar, G - SheaDonohue, T - Madden, K - Dawson, H - Beshah, E - Jon
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  • Página 294
    Autor/es: Veronez, VA - deCastro, MB - Bechara, GH - Szabo, MP
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  • Página 294-295
    Autor/es: deQueiroz, NM - StarkeBuzetti, WA - Viveiros, R - Paulan, SC - Tasca1, KI -
    Título: Serological, histological and immunohistochemical tests for canine visceral leishmaniasis diagnosi

  • Página 295
    Autor/es: Aguiar, CS - DeAlcantara, AC - Bittencourt, DV - Gama, RO - Silveira, AC -
    Título: Trypanosoma cruzi natural infection of household dogs diagnosed by PCR and ELISA methods in an endemic area for canine visceral leishmaniosis in Barra do Pojuca, Bahia, Brazi

  • Página 295-296
    Autor/es: Miret, J - Nieto, J - Chicharro, C - Canavate, C - Carrillo, E - Gonzalez,
    Título: Study of the canine experimental model of the infectivity and immunogenicity of Leishmania infantum new variants isolated from HIV-leishmania co-infected patient

  • Página 296
    Autor/es: Larangeira, DF - Aguiar, PH - deSaOliveira, GG - dosSantos, WL - PontesdeCar
    Título: Characterization of clinical, immunological and parasitological parameters during a steady state of improvement of after chemotherapy of Leishmania chagasi naturally infected dog

  • Página 297
    Autor/es: Vital, WC - Martins, HR - MartinsFilho, OA - Bahia, MT - deLana, M - Tafuri
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  • Página 297-298
    Autor/es: deSouza, JV - Moreira, N - Ker, HG - CorreaOliveira, R - Giunchetti, RC - R
    Título: Kinetics of dermal cellular infiltrates in dogs vaccinated with Leishmania-vaccine, saponin and saliva from Lutzomyia longipalpi

  • Página 298
    Autor/es: Almeida, JF - Souza, GR - Capparelli, FE - Prudencio, CR - Freschi, AP - Ca
    Título: Selection of recombinant peptides for canine leishmaniasis detection by phage displa

  • Página 298
    Autor/es: DeSousaOliveira, TM - Bason, M - Mineo, TW - Machado, RZ
    Título: Detection of anti-Leishmania chagasi IgG subclass antibody in infected and vaccinated dog

  • Página 298-299
    Autor/es: Candido, TC - deOliveiraGerzoschkwitz, T - Luvizotto, MC - deLima, VM
    Título: Comparison between antigen total ELISA and FML ELISA in diagnosis of visceral canine leishmaniasi

  • Página 299
    Autor/es: deAbreu, RT - Carvalho, M - Giunchettil, RC - Carneiro, CM - Roatt, BM - de
    Título: Myelopoiesis and erythropoiesis in canine visceral leishmaniasi

  • Página 299-300
    Autor/es: Guerra, LL - TeixeiraCarvalho, A - MartinsFilho, OA - Giunchetti, RC - Corre
    Título: Phenotypic changes in polymorphonuclear cells of Brazilian dogs naturally infected by Leishmania (Leishmania) chagas

  • Página 300
    Autor/es: Busek, SC - Souza, DM - Guimaraes, AR - Braga, S - Roatt, BM - Soares, RD -
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  • Página 300-301
    Autor/es: Mineo, TW - Machado, RZ
    Título: Neospora caninum modulates canine systemic cellular immune responses during acute oral infectio

  • Página 301
    Autor/es: Mineo, TW - Day, MJ - Machado, RZ
    Título: Canine humoral immune responses elicited in oral infections with Neospora caninu

  • Página 301-302
    Autor/es: Trindade, CN - Leite, FP - Farias, NR
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  • Página 302
    Autor/es: Lima, VM - Correa, JP - Fattori, KR
    Título: Alternative methods to differentiate dogs vaccinated with leishimmune and infected dogs in an endemic area of canine visceral leishmaniasi

  • Página 302
    Autor/es: Lima, VM - Ikeda, FA - Rossi, CN - Feitosa, MM - Vasconcelos, RO - Munari,
    Título: Leishimune vaccine-induced immune response in dogs from an endemic area of visceral leihmaniasi

  • Página 303
    Autor/es: Innes, EA - Bartley, PM - Wright, SE - Chianini, F - Buxton, D
    Título: Neospora Caninum tachyzoites, attenuated by passage in tissue culture, induce protective immunit

  • Página 303
    Autor/es: Fattori, KR - deLima, VM
    Título: American visceral leishmaniasis in Speothos venaticu

  • Página 303-304
    Autor/es: DePaula, RC - Souza, AL - Cassali, G - Guimaraes, MP - Teixeira, MM - Negra
    Título: Participation of the macrophage inflammatory protein-CCL3 in the immune response induced by Fasciola hepatica infection in C57bL/6J mic

  • Página 304
    Autor/es: Konnai, S - Nakajima, C - Imamura, S - Kodama, M - Yamada, S - Nishikado, H
    Título: Suppression of proliferation and cytokine expression by HeLIS, a tick salivary gland-derived protein of Haemaphysalis longicorni

  • Página 304
    Autor/es: deAragao, LS - Feitosa, RR - Lima, RS - Silva, VM - Oliveira, PS - Baqueiro
    Título: Induction of experimental autoimmune myocarditis with autoantigen immunization associated with low numbers of Trypanosoma Cruz

  • Página 305
    Autor/es: Sheibani, M
    Título: Similarities and differences of microscopic structure of spleen in beluga Huso huso with terrestrial animal

  • Página 305
    Autor/es: Andre, MR - Machado, RZ - Allegretti, SM - Adania, CH - Felippe, PA - Silva
    Título: Detection of antibodies against Ehrlichia canis and Babesia canis in Brazilian wild captive felid

  • Página 305-306
    Autor/es: Costa, GM - Barroso, CE - Oliveira, AS - Biasi, C - Iunes, RS - Lima, AR -
    Título: Gross and microscopical characterization of the thymus and spleen of Piaractus mesopotamicus (Pacu

  • Página 306
    Autor/es: GenoyPuerto, A - Rossi, S - Ferronato, BO - SaRocha, VM - Lisboa, CS - SaRo
    Título: Cellular function evaluation of sanguineous leukocytes in Phrynops geoffroanus using flow cytometric methodolog

  • Página 306
    Autor/es: Iunes, RS - Monteiro, JM - Costa, GM - Lima, AR - Bosch, RV - Kfoury, JR
    Título: Immunolocalization of heat shock protein (HSP) 70 in the liver of diploid and triploid rainbow trou

  • Página 307
    Autor/es: Verma, S - Goldammer, T - Aitken, R
    Título: Characterization of bovine activation-induced cytidine deaminas

  • Página 307-308
    Autor/es: Kammerer, R - Popp, T - Ertle, SH - Singer, BB - Holmes, KV - Zimmermann, W
    Título: The carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) family in placental mammals of the superordinal clade laurasiatheri

  • Página 308
    Autor/es: Holland, OJ - Cowan, PE - Chamley, LW - Gleeson, DM
    Título: MHC population structure in the New Zealand brushtail possu

  • Página 308-309
    Autor/es: Fontana, PA - Zanuzzi, CN - Chinchilla, LA - Barbeito, CG - Gimeno, EJ - Po
    Título: Enzootic calcinosis: Effects on organs and cells of the immune system in experimentally intoxicated rabbit

  • Página 309
    Autor/es: Kubota, T - Yokayama, M - Kishima, M - Watanabe, S - Ohota, M - Hikono, H -
    Título: Gene expression of chicken interleukine-4 by baculoviru

  • Página 309
    Autor/es: Dawson, HD - Reece, JJ - Urban, JF
    Título: A comparative analysis of the porcine, murine, and human immune system

  • Página 310
    Autor/es: Guzman, E - Taylor, G - Charleston, B - Ellis, S
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  • Página 310
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  • Página 311
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  • Página 318-319
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  • Página 325-326
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  • Página 333
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  • Página 333-334
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  • Página 340
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  • Página 341-342
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  • Página 344-345
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