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Journal of Food Safety

2013, v. 33, n. 4

  • Página i-ii(2)
    Título: Issue Informatio

  • Página 379-386(8)
    Autor/es: Fallah, Amir - Farhoodi, Mehdi - Moradi, Vahideh
    Título: An Assessment on Aflatoxin Control in Pistachio-Processing Units from Raw Material Reception to Packaging Based on ISO22000:2005 Mode

  • Página 387-393(7)
    Autor/es: Gundogan, Neslihan - Ataol, Ozlem - Torlak, Fatma Ozturk
    Título: Determination of Some Virulence Factors in iStaphylococcus aureus/i, iEnterococcus faecalis/i and iEnterococcus faecium/i Isolated from Meat and Milk Product

  • Página 394-404(11)
    Autor/es: Bearth, Angela - Cousin, Marie-Eve - Siegrist, Michael
    Título: Uninvited Guests at the Table A Consumer Intervention for Safe Poultry Preparatio

  • Página 405-412(8)
    Autor/es: Chen, Wanyi - Ai, Lianzhong - Yang, Jielin - Ren, Jing - Li, Yunfei - Guo,
    Título: Molecular Typing of iCronobacter/i Strains from Food in China by Enterobacterial Repetitive Intergenic Consensus Sequence PCR (ERIC-PCR) and Sequence Analysis of the figyrB/fi Gen

  • Página 413-417(5)
    Autor/es: Scheinberg, Joshua A. - Valderrama, Wladir B. - Cutter, Catherine N.
    Título: The Effects of a Pickling Process on the Reduction of iEscherichia coli/iO157:H7, iListeria monocytogenes/i, iSalmonella/i spp. and iStaphylococcus aureus/i Inoculated onto Hard-Cooked Egg

  • Página 418-422(5)
    Autor/es: Goncalves, Juliana Macedo - Rodrigues, Kelly Lameiro - Demoliner, Fernanda -
    Título: Hygienic and Sanitary Conditions in the Hospital Foodservice: Relationship between Good Practices and Microbiological Qualit

  • Página 423-432(10)
    Autor/es: Kavoosi, Gholamreza - Dadfar, Seyed Mohammad Mahdi - Mohammadi Purfard, Amin -
    Título: Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties of Gelatin Films Incorporated with Carvacro

  • Página 433-439(7)
    Autor/es: Cui, Yanhua - Zhang, Chao - Wang, Chao - Lv, Xiaomeng - Chen, Zhangting - D
    Título: A Screening of Class IIa Bacteriocins Produced by Lactic Acid Bacteria Isolated from Fermented Mare Mil

  • Página 440-444(5)
    Autor/es: Aiko, Visenuo - Mehta, Alka
    Título: Inhibitory Effect of Clove (iS/iiyzygium aromaticum/i) on the Growth of iP/iienicillium citrinum/i and Citrinin Productio

  • Página 445-452(8)
    Autor/es: Rao, Yu - Chang, Wei - Xiang, Wenliang - Li, Mingyuan - Che, Zhenming - Tan
    Título: Screening and Performance of iL/iiactobacillus plantarum/iE11 with Bacteriocin-Like Substance Secretion as Fermentation Starter of Sichuan Pickl

  • Página 453-460(8)
    Autor/es: Pavithra, M - Ghosh, Asit Ranjan
    Título: Multidrug-Resistant fistx1/fi Harboring iE/iischerichia coli/i from Meat Shop and Fast Foo

  • Página 461-469(9)
    Autor/es: Manna, Sanjib Kumar - Maurye, Praveen - Dutta, Chandraval - Samanta, Gopal
    Título: Occurrence and Virulence Characteristics of iA/iieromonas/i Species in Meat, Milk and Fish in Indi

  • Página 470-480(11)
    Autor/es: Mahgoub, Samir A. - Ramadan, Mohamed Fawzy - El-Zahar, Kahled M.
    Título: Cold Pressed iN/iiigella sativa/i Oil Inhibits the Growth of Foodborne Pathogens and Improves the Quality of Domiati Chees

  • Página 481-488(8)
    Autor/es: Zhang, Qiu-Qin - Wang, Hu-Hu - Zhuang, Su - Xiao, Hong-Mei - Xu, Xing-Lian -
    Título: Application of Mathematical Model for the Quantification of Acylated Homoserine Lactones Produces by iP/iiseudomonas aeruginosa/i in Chicken Breast Meat and Brot

  • Página 489-496(8)
    Autor/es: Hosseini, Hedayat - Jamshidi, Abdollah - Basssami, Mohammad Reza - Khaksar, R
    Título: Isolation, Identification and Virulence Gene Profiling of fiE/fifischerichia coli/fiO157:H7 in Retail Doner Kebabs, Ira

  • Página 497-502(6)
    Autor/es: Rohonczy, Kata - Rantsiou, Kalliopi - Cocolin, Luca
    Título: Modified Enrichment Strategies Coupled with Molecular and Conventional Methods to Detect and Quantify iC/iiampylobacter jejuni/i in Chicken Meat from the Marke

  • Página 503-508(6)
    Autor/es: Karaca, Basar - Buzrul, Sencer - Tato, Veli - Akcelik, Nefise - Akcelik, Mus
    Título: Modeling and Predicting the Biofilm Formation of Different iS/iialmonella/i Strain

  • Página 509-514(6)
    Autor/es: Moosavy, Mir-Hassan - Esmaeili, Saber - Mostafavi, Ehsan
    Título: Antibacterial Effect of iMentha spicata/i Essential Oil on iListeria monocytogenes/i in Traditional Lighvan Chees

  • Página 515-525(11)
    Autor/es: Naknean, Phisut
    Título: Improvement in Shelf Life and Safety of Pasteurized Palm Sap (iB/iiorassus flabellifer/iLinn.) by the Addition of Nisi

  • Página 526-535(10)
    Autor/es: Buitimea-Cantua, Genesis Vidal - Rosas-Burgos, Ema Carina - Cinco-Moroyoqui, F
    Título: iIn Vitro/i Effect of Antifungal Fractions from the Plants iB/iiaccharis glutinosa/i and iJ/iiacquinia macrocarpa/i on Chitin and -1,3-Glucan Hydrolysis of Maize Phytopathogenic Fungi and on the Fungal -1,3-Glucanase and Chitinase Activitie

  • Página 536-544(9)
    Autor/es: Li, Miaoyun - Zhao, Gaiming - Liu, Jie - Gao, Xiaoping - Zhang, Qiuhui
    Título: Effect of Different Heat Treatments on the Degradation of iS/iialmonella/i Nucleic Aci

  • Página 545-551(7)
    Autor/es: Likotrafiti, Eleni - Smirniotis, Petros - Nastou, Aikaterini - Rhoades, Jonat
    Título: Effect of Relative Humidity and Storage Temperature on the Behavior of iL/iiisteria monocytogenes/i on Fresh Vegetable

  • Página 552-552(1)
    Título: Corrigendu