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Veterinary Surgery

2015, v. 44, n. 8

  • Página 921-929
    Autor/es: Vezzoni, Luca; Vezzoni, Aldo; Boudrieau, Randy J.
    Título: Long-Term Outcome of Zürich Cementless Total Hip Arthroplasty in 439 Cases

  • Página 930-938
    Autor/es: Losinski, Sara L.; Stanley, Bryden J.; Schallberger, Sandra P.
    Título: Versatility of the Angularis Oris Axial Pattern Flap for Facial Reconstruction

  • Página 939-943
    Autor/es: Rubio-Martínez, Luis M.; Bracamonte, José L. ; Tompkins, Samantha
    Título: Transthecal Arthroscopy of the Palmar Distal Interphalangeal Joint in the Horse: A Cadaver Study

  • Página 944-948
    Autor/es: Noussitou, Fiammetta L. ; Gorgas, Daniela; Rohrbach, Helene
    Título: Assessment of Intramedullary Spinal Pressure in Small Breed Dogs With Thoracolumbar Disk Extrusion Undergoing Hemilaminectomy

  • Página 949-956
    Autor/es: Keller, Sara A.; Fürst, Anton E.; Kircher, Patrick
    Título: Locking Compression Plate Fixation of Equine Tarsal Subluxations

  • Página 957-963
    Autor/es: Riedinger, Benoit; Bürki, Alexander; Stahl, Christina
    Título: Biomechanical Evaluation of the Stabilizing Function of Three Atlantoaxial Implants Under Shear Loading: A Canine Cadaveric Study

  • Página 964-969
    Autor/es: Borenstein, Nicolas; Vassiliki, Gouni ; Behr, Luc
    Título: Surgical Treatment of Cor Triatriatum Sinister in a Cat Under Cardiopulmonary Bypass

  • Página 970-975
    Autor/es: Ghassab, Sasan; Dulin, Jennifer; Bertone, Alicia L.
    Título: Thromboelastographic Clot Characteristics of Autologous Equine Blood Products After Activation by Autologous Thrombin, Bovine Thrombin, or Calcium Chloride

  • Página 976-982
    Autor/es: Van Stee, Lucinda L.; Boston, Sarah E.; Singh, Ameet
    Título: Outcome and Prognostic Factors for Canine Splenic Lymphoma Treated by Splenectomy (1995–2011)

  • Página 983-987
    Autor/es: McCally, Ryan E.; Bukoski, Alex; Branson, Keith R.
    Título: Comparison of Short-Term Postoperative Analgesia by Epidural, Femoral Nerve Block, or Combination Femoral and Sciatic Nerve Block in Dogs Undergoing Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy

  • Página 988-996
    Autor/es: Kurach, Lindsey M.; Stanley, Bryden J.; Gazzola, Krista M.
    Título: The Effect of Low-Level Laser Therapy on the Healing of Open Wounds in Dogs

  • Página 997-1002
    Autor/es: Mathis, Karl R.; Roe, Simon C.; Johnson, Kenneth A.
    Título: Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy Plate Contouring and Proximal Load Screw Angulation Affect Osteotomy Compression

  • Página 1003-1011
    Autor/es: Phillips, Heidi; Boothe, Dawn M.; Bennett, R. Avery
    Título: Elution of Clindamycin and Enrofloxacin From Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate Beads In Vitro

  • Página 1012-1020
    Autor/es: Langeneckert, Frederik; Witte, Thomas; Schellenberger, Frank
    Título: Cheek Tooth Extraction Via a Minimally Invasive Transbuccal Approach and Intradental Screw Placement in 54 Equids

  • Página 1021-1028
    Autor/es: Andrade, Natalia; Kent, Marc; Howerth, Elizabeth W.
    Título: Evaluation of Pharyngeal Function in Dogs with Laryngeal Paralysis Before and After Unilateral Arytenoid Lateralization

  • Página 1029-1035
    Autor/es: Bleakley, Seth; Duncan, Colleen G.; Monnet, Eric
    Título: Thoracoscopic Lung Lobectomy for Primary Lung Tumors in 13 Dogs

  • Página 1036-1041
    Autor/es: Stewart, Suzanne; Richardson, Dean; Boston, Ray
    Título: Risk Factors Associated With Survival to Hospital Discharge of 54 Horses With Fractures of the Radius