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British Poultry Science

2016, v. 57, n. 5

  • Página 585-600
    Autor/es: J. E. Martin, K. Christensen, Y. Vizzier-Thaxton & D. E. F. McKeegan
    Título: Effects of light on responses to low atmospheric pressure stunning in broilers

  • Página 601-611
    Autor/es: K. Yamauchi, Y. Matsumoto & K. Yamauchi
    Título: Egg collagen content is increased by a diet supplemented with wood charcoal powder containing wood vinegar liquid

  • Página 612-618
    Autor/es: Z. Z. Yin, X. Y. Dong, D. J. Dong & Y. Z. Ma
    Título: Association of MYF5 and KLF15 gene polymorphisms with carcass traits in domestic pigeons (Columba livia)

  • Página 619-627
    Autor/es: X. Duan, W. Ji, B. Dong, G. Sun & Y. Bian
    Título: Myostatin in black Muscovy duck (Cairina moschata): full-length cDNA cloning and age-dependent mRNA expression compared with IGF-I

  • Página 628-635
    Autor/es: Y. Zhang, F. Guo & R. Zhao
    Título: Hepatic expression of FTO and fatty acid metabolic genes changes in response to lipopolysaccharide with alterations in m6A modification of relevant mRNAs in the chicken

  • Página 636-642
    Autor/es: H. Hassanpour, Z. Khosravi Alekoohi, S. Madreseh, S. Bahadoran & L. Nasiri
    Título: Variation of heat shock protein gene expression in the brain of cold-induced pulmonary hypertensive chickens

  • Página 643-654
    Autor/es: Y. Hamano & Y. Kurimoto
    Título: Effects of acetylated wood powder on growth performance, hepatic and muscular free amino acid profiles, and inosine 5’-monophosphate concentration of breast meat in broiler chickens

  • Página 655-662
    Autor/es: W. Sun, P. Kang, M. Xie, S. S. Hou, T. Wu, H. M. Mei, Y. L. Liu, Y. Q. Hou & L. Y. Wu
    Título: Effects of full-fat rice bran inclusion in diets on growth performance and meat quality of Sichuan goose

  • Página 663-673
    Autor/es: A. A. Koronowicz, P. Banks, B. Szymczyk, T. Leszczyńska, A. Master, E. Piasna, W. Szczepański, D. Domagała, A. Kopeć, E. Piątkowska & P. Laidler
    Título: Dietary conjugated linoleic acid affects blood parameters, liver morphology and expression of selected hepatic genes in laying hens

  • Página 674-681
    Autor/es: Y. Liu, Y. Zhang, H. Guo, W. Wu, P. Dong & X. Liang
    Título: Accelerated digestion of nucleic acids by pepsin from the stomach of chicken

  • Página 682-692
    Autor/es: J. Rajani, B. Dastar, F. Samadi, M. A. Karimi Torshizi, A. Abdulkhani & S. Esfandyarpour
    Título: Effect of extracted galactoglucomannan oligosaccharides from pine wood (Pinus brutia) on Salmonella typhimurium colonisation, growth performance and intestinal morphology in broiler chicks

  • Página 693-698
    Autor/es: S. Sgavioli, C. H. de Faria Domingues, D. M. C. Castiblanco, M. F. F. M. Praes, Giuliana M. Andrade-garcia, E. T. Santos, S. M. Baraldi-Artoni, R. G. Garcia & O. M. Junqueira
    Título: Silicon in broiler drinking water promotes bone development in broiler chickens

  • Página 699-706
    Autor/es: P. Xie, X.-Y. Jiang, Z. Bu, S.-Y. Fu, S.-Y. Zhang & Q.-P. Tang
    Título: Free choice feeding of whole grains in meat-type pigeons: 1. effect on performance, carcass traits and organ development

  • Página 707-713
    Autor/es: M. N. Anwar, V. Ravindran, P. C. H. Morel, G. Ravindran & A. J. Cowieson
    Título: Effect of limestone particle size and calcium to non-phytate phosphorus ratio on true ileal calcium digestibility of limestone for broiler chickens

  • Página 714-722
    Autor/es: M. Farahat, F. Abdallah, T. Abdel-Hamid & A. Hernandez-Santana
    Título: Effect of supplementing broiler chicken diets with green tea extract on the growth performance, lipid profile, antioxidant status and immune response

  • Página 723-728
    Autor/es: M. V. Zbrun, L. S. Frizzo, L.P. Soto, M. R. Rosmini, G. J. Sequeira, D. M. Astesana, J. E. Blajman, E. Rossler, A. Berisvil, A. Romero Scharpen & M. L. Signorini
    Título: Poultry blood from slaughterhouses: development of a biopreservation system to improve microbiological quality prior to transforming blood into by-products