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Veterinary Clinical Pathology

2009, v. 38, n. 1

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    Título: Into thin ai

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    Autor/es: Tasca, S - Carli, E - Caldin, M - Menegazzo, L - Furlanello, T - Gallego, L
    Título: Hematologic abnormalities and flow cytometric immunophenotyping results in dogs with hematopoietic neoplasia: 210 cases (2002-2006

  • Página 13-19
    Autor/es: Fry, MM - Kirk, CA - Liggett, JL - Daniel, GB - Baek, SJ - Gouffon, JS - C
    Título: Changes in hepatic gene expression in dogs with experimentally induced nutritional iron deficienc

  • Página 20-29
    Autor/es: Welles, EG - Hall, AS - Carpenter, DM
    Título: Canine complete blood counts: a comparison of four in-office instruments with the ADVIA 120 and manual differential count

  • Página 30-38
    Autor/es: Pankraz, A - Bauer, N - Moritz, A
    Título: Comparison of flow cytometry with the Sysmex XT2000iV automated analyzer for the detection of reticulated platelets in dog

  • Página 39-41
    Autor/es: Wills, TB - Chen, AV - Haldorson, GJ
    Título: What is your diagnosis? Intracranial mass in a ca

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    Autor/es: Gilbert, RM - Bird, KE - Kutzler, MA
    Título: Platelet aggregation responses in clinically healthy adult llama

  • Página 46-51
    Autor/es: Gerber, K - Harvey, JW - DAgorne, S - Wood, J - Giger, U
    Título: Hemolysis, myopathy, and cardiac disease associated with hereditary phosphofructokinase deficiency in two Whippet

  • Página 52-58
    Autor/es: DiTerlizzi, R - Gallagher, PG - Mohandas, N - Steiner, LA - Dolce, KS - Guo
    Título: Canine elliptocytosis due to a mutant b-spectri

  • Página 59-62
    Autor/es: Chapman, S - Thompson, C - Wilcox, A - Russell, K
    Título: What is your diagnosis? Rectal scraping from a dog with diarrhe

  • Página 63-68
    Autor/es: Caldin, M - Tasca, S - Carli, E - Bianchini, S - Furlanello, T - MartinezSu
    Título: Serum acute phase protein concentrations in dogs with hyperadrenocorticism with and without concurrent inflammatory condition

  • Página 69-72
    Autor/es: Renschler, JS - Dean, GA
    Título: What is your diagnosis? Abdominal mass aspirate in a cat with an increased Na:K rati

  • Página 73-77
    Autor/es: Riond, B - WengerRiggenbach, B - HofmannLehmann, R - Lutz, H
    Título: Serum protein concentrations from clinically healthy horses determined by agarose gel electrophoresi

  • Página 78-82
    Autor/es: Boutet, P - Heath, F - Archer, J - Villiers, E
    Título: Comparison of quantitative immunoturbidimetric and semiquantitative latex-agglutination assays for D-dimer measurement in canine plasm

  • Página 83-86
    Autor/es: Tamamoto, T - Ohno, K - Ohmi, A - Seki, I - Tsujimoto, H
    Título: Time-course monitoring of serum amyloid A in a cat with pancreatiti

  • Página 87-90
    Autor/es: Tripp, CD - Bryan, JN - Wills, TB
    Título: Presumptive increase in protein-bound serum calcium in a dog with multiple myelom

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    Autor/es: Dunbar, MD - Wamsley, HL
    Título: What is your diagnosis? Lymph node cytology from a do

  • Página 94-102
    Autor/es: Marcos, R - Santos, M - Santos, N - Malhao, F - Ferreira, F - Monteiro, RA
    Título: Use of destained cytology slides for the application of routine special stain

  • Página 103-112
    Autor/es: Stokol, T - Divers, TJ - Arrigan, JW - McDonough, SP
    Título: Cerebrospinal fluid findings in cattle with central nervous system disorders: a retrospective study of 102 cases (1990-2008

  • Página 113-120
    Autor/es: Stacy, NI - Nabity, MB - Hackendahl, N - Buote, M - Ward, J - Ginn, PE - V
    Título: B-cell lymphoma with Mott cell differentiation in two young adult dog

  • Página 121-125
    Autor/es: Marchetti, V - Lubas, G - Baneth, G - Modenato, M - Mancianti, F
    Título: Hepatozoonosis in a dog with skeletal involvement and meningoencephalomyeliti

  • Página 126-130
    Autor/es: Rossi, S - Gelain, ME - Comazzi, S
    Título: Disseminated histiocytic sarcoma with peripheral blood involvement in a Bernese Mountain do

  • Página 131-131
    Autor/es: LeBlanc, CJ
    Título: Fundamentals of Veterinary Clinical Pathology, 2nd Editio

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    Título: REVIEWER