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Domestic Animal Endocrinology

2009, v. 36, n. 3

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    Título: Editorial Boar

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    Título: Content

  • Página 111-126
    Autor/es: Rhoads, RP - Fernyhough, ME - Liu, X - McFarland, DC - Velleman, SG - Hausm
    Título: Extrinsic regulation of domestic animal-derived myogenic satellite cells I

  • Página 127-137
    Autor/es: Viguie, C - PicardHagen, N - Gayrard, V - Toutain, PL
    Título: Increased GH secretion in scrapie, a prion-associated neurodegenerative disease, is not due to suppressed IGF-1 negative feedbac

  • Página 138-151
    Autor/es: Anukulkitch, C - Rao, A - Dunshea, FR - Clarke, IJ
    Título: A test of the lipostat theory in a seasonal (ovine) model under natural conditions reveals a close relationship between adiposity and melanin concentrating hormone expressio

  • Página 152-161
    Autor/es: Kumar, P - Chaturvedi, CM
    Título: Reproductive responses and nitric oxide activity in Japanese quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica, are altered by specific phase relationships of neural (serotonergic and dopaminergic) oscillations and pineal functio

  • Página 162-172
    Autor/es: Sirotkin, AV - Rafay, J - Kotwica, J - Darlak, K - Valenzuela, F
    Título: Role of ghrelin in regulating rabbit ovarian function and the response to LH and IGF-