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Journal of Animal Physiology and Animal Nutrition

2014, v. 98, n. 2

  • Página 201-208(8)
    Autor/es: Moretti, D. B. - Nordi, W. M. - Lima, A. L. - Pauletti, P. - Machado-Neto, R
    Título: Enteric, hepatic and muscle tissue development of goat kids fed with lyophilized bovine colostru

  • Página 209-214(6)
    Autor/es: Balan, P. - Han, K.S. - Dukkipati, V.S.R. - Moughan, P.J.
    Título: Recovery of intact IgG in the gastrointestinal tract of the growing rat following ingestion of an ovine serum immunoglobuli

  • Página 215-222(8)
    Autor/es: Qun, Z. - Xinkai, Y. - Jing, W.
    Título: Effects of eccentric exercise on branched-chain amino acid profiles in rat serum and skeletal muscl

  • Página 223-227(5)
    Autor/es: Burton, E. J. - Newnham, R. - Bailey, S. J. - Alexander, L. G.
    Título: Evaluation of a fast, objective tool for assessing body condition of budgerigars (Melopsittacus undulatus

  • Página 228-234(7)
    Autor/es: Naso, T. - Shousha, S. - El-Kirdasy, A.
    Título: Central neuropeptide W has anorexigenic effect in rat

  • Página 235-238(4)
    Autor/es: Gregory, M. K. - Geier, M. S. - Gibson, R. A. - James, M. J.
    Título: Effect of dietary canola oil on long-chain omega-3 fatty acid content in broiler heart

  • Página 239-245(7)
    Autor/es: Goren, G. - Fritz, J. - Dillitzer, N. - Hipp, B. - Kienzle, E.
    Título: Fresh and preserved green fodder modify effects of urinary acidifiers on urine pH of horse

  • Página 246-250(5)
    Autor/es: Zeyner, A. - Romanowski, K. - Vernunft, A. - Harris, P. - Kienzle, E.
    Título: Scoring of sweat losses in exercised horses a pilot stud

  • Página 251-261(11)
    Autor/es: Veloso, R. R. - Sakomura, N. K. - Kawauchi, I. M. - Malheiros, E. B. - Carci
    Título: Effects of food processing and fibre content on the digestibility, energy intake and biochemical parameters of Blue-and-gold macaws (Ara ararauna L. Aves, Psittacidae

  • Página 262-270(9)
    Autor/es: Petzinger, C. - Larner, C. - Heatley, J. J. - Bailey, C. A. - MacFarlane, R.
    Título: Conversion of -linolenic acid to long-chain omega-3 fatty acid derivatives and alterations of HDL density subfractions and plasma lipids with dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids in Monk parrots (Myiopsitta monachus

  • Página 271-278(8)
    Autor/es: AbuGhazaleh, A. A. - Ishlak, A.
    Título: Effects of incremental amounts of fish oil on trans fatty acids and Butyrivibrio bacteria in continuous culture fermenter

  • Página 279-289(11)
    Autor/es: Kuhlwein, H. - Merrifield, D. L. - Rawling, M. D. - Foey, A. D. - Davies, S.
    Título: Effects of dietary -(1,3)(1,6)-D-glucan supplementation on growth performance, intestinal morphology and haemato-immunological profile of mirror carp (Cyprinus carpio L.

  • Página 290-299(10)
    Autor/es: Hashemzadeh-Cigari, F. - Khorvash, M. - Ghorbani, G. R. - Ghasemi, E. - Tagh
    Título: Interactive effects of molasses by homofermentative and heterofermentative inoculants on fermentation quality, nitrogen fractionation, nutritive value and aerobic stability of wilted alfalfa (Medicago sativa L) silag

  • Página 300-309(10)
    Autor/es: Gorniak, T. - Meyer, U. - Hackelsperger, F. - Danicke, S.
    Título: Effects of a Brown-midrib corn hybrid on nutrient digestibility in wethers and on dry matter intake, performance, rumen and blood variables in dairy cow

  • Página 310-317(8)
    Autor/es: Liu, L. Y. - Wang, J. - Huang, Y. - Pan, H. B. - Zhang, X. - Huang, Z. X. -
    Título: The effect of dietary protein levels on the expression of genes coding for four selected protein translation initiation factors in muscle tissue of Wujin pi

  • Página 318-327(10)
    Autor/es: Fernandez-Figares, I. - Nieto, R. - Aguilera, J. F. - Lachica, M.
    Título: Changes in tissue free amino acid pools in growing chickens fed thermally treated vetch diet

  • Página 328-337(10)
    Autor/es: Bernardino, V. M. P. - Rodrigues, P. B. - Paula Naves, L. - Rosa, P. V. - Za
    Título: Content of plasmatic glycerol and activity of hepatic glycerol kinase in broiler chickens fed diets containing different sources and concentrations of glycerin

  • Página 338-346(9)
    Autor/es: Ping, H.-C. - Feng, K. - Zhang, G.-R. - Wei, K.-J. - Zou, G.-W. - Wang, W.-
    Título: Ontogeny expression of ghrelin, neuropeptide Y and cholecystokinin in blunt snout bream, Megalobrama amblycephal

  • Página 347-356(10)
    Autor/es: Westreicher-Kristen, E. - Kaiser, R. - Steingass, H. - Rodehutscord, M.
    Título: Effect of feeding dried distillers' grains with solubles on milk yield and milk composition of cows in mid-lactation and digestibility in shee

  • Página 357-372(16)
    Autor/es: Vesterdorf, K. - Blache, D. - Harrison, A. - Matthiesen, C. F. - Tauson, A.-
    Título: Low protein provision during the first year of life, but not during foetal life, affects metabolic traits, organ mass development and growth in male mink (Neovison vison

  • Página 373-383(11)
    Autor/es: Boka, J. - Mahdavi, A. H. - Samie, A. H. - Jahanian, R.
    Título: Effect of different levels of black cumin (Nigella sativa L.) on performance, intestinal Escherichia coli colonization and jejunal morphology in laying hen

  • Página 384-392(9)
    Autor/es: Masek, T. - Starcevic, K. - Filipovic, N. - Stojevic, Z. - Brozic, D. - Got
    Título: Tissue fatty acid composition and estimated desaturase activity after castration in chicken broilers fed with linseed or sunflower oi

  • Página 393-401(9)
    Autor/es: Eyng, C. - Murakami, A. E. - Duarte, C. R. A. - Santos, T. C.
    Título: Effect of dietary supplementation with an ethanolic extract of propolis on broiler intestinal morphology and digestive enzyme activit