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Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry

2017, v. 117, n. 6

  • Página 701-701
    Autor/es: Tarlow,Jeffrey L.
    Título: Comments regarding: Radia S, Sherriff M, McDonald F, Naini FB. Relationship between maxillary central incisor proportions and facial proportions. J Prosthet Dent 2016;115:741-748 Descargar PDF

  • Página 702-705
    Autor/es: Kane,Lisa ;Van Tubergen,Elizabeth A. ;Allareddy, Sindhura A.
    Título: Complications after use of elastomeric pressure-indicating media at 24-hour follow-up visit for immediate maxillary complete removable dental prosthesis: A clinical report Descargar PDF

  • Página 706-708
    Autor/es: Piskin,Bulent ;Uyar,Alper ;Senel,Bugra.
    Título: Can nocturnal use of implant-retained overdenture improve cardiorespiratory stability of a patient with obstructive sleep apnea? A clinical report Descargar PDF

  • Página 709-713
    Autor/es: Stumpel,Lambert J. ;Wadhwani,Chandur.
    Título: Development and capture of soft tissue contours at time of implant placement Descargar PDF

  • Página 714-720
    Autor/es: Revilla-León,Marta ;Sánchez-Rubio,José Luis ;Oteo-Calatayud,Jesús.
    Título: Impression technique for a complete-arch prosthesis with multiple implants using additive manufacturing technologies Descargar PDF

  • Página 721-728
    Autor/es: Kattadiyil,Mathew T. ;AlHelal,Abdulaziz ;Goodacre, Brian J.
    Título: Clinical complications and quality assessments with computer-engineered complete dentures: A systematic review Descargar PDF

  • Página 729-734
    Autor/es: Arruda,Carolina Noronha Ferraz de ;Salles,Marcela Moreira ;Badaró,Maurício Malheiros.
    Título: Effect of sodium hypochlorite and Ricinus communis solutions on control of denture biofilm: A randomized crossover clinical trial Descargar PDF

  • Página 735-742
    Autor/es: Eom,Ju-Won ;Lim,Young-Jun ;Kim,Myung-Joo.
    Título: Three-dimensional finite element analysis of implant-assisted removable partial dentures Descargar PDF

  • Página 743-748
    Autor/es: Harel,Noga ;Ormianer,Zeev ;Zecharia,Efrat.
    Título: Consequences of experience and specialist training on the fabrication of implant-supported prostheses: A survey Descargar PDF

  • Página 749-754
    Autor/es: Mascarenhas,Faye ;Yilmaz,Burak ;McGlumphy,Edwin.
    Título: Load to failure of different zirconia implant abutments with titanium components Descargar PDF

  • Página 755-761
    Autor/es: Kim,Jong-Eun ;Amelya,Ami ;Shin,Yooseok.
    Título: Accuracy of intraoral digital impressions using an artificial landmark Descargar PDF

  • Página 762-766
    Autor/es: Hamza,Tamer A. ;Sherif,Rana M.
    Título: In vitro evaluation of marginal discrepancy of monolithic zirconia restorations fabricated with different CAD-CAM systems Descargar PDF

  • Página 767-774
    Autor/es: Flury,Simon ;Diebold,Elisabeth ;Peutzfeldt,Anne.
    Título: Effect of artificial toothbrushing and water storage on the surface roughness and micromechanical properties of tooth-colored CAD-CAM materials Descargar PDF

  • Página 775-783
    Autor/es: Kim,Joon-Soo ;Bae,Ji-Hyeon ;Yun,Mi-Jung.
    Título: In vitro assessment of cutting efficiency and durability of zirconia removal diamond rotary instruments Descargar PDF

  • Página 784-791
    Autor/es: Sampaio,Camila S. ;Barbosa,João Malta ;Cáceres, Eduardo.
    Título: Volumetric shrinkage and film thickness of cementation materials for veneers: An in vitro 3D microcomputed tomography analysis Descargar PDF

  • Página 792-798
    Autor/es: Brigagão,Vinícius C. ;Barreto, Luis F.D. ;Gonçalves, Kellem A.S.
    Título: Effect of interim cement application on bond strength between resin cements and dentin: Immediate and delayed dentin sealing Descargar PDF

  • Página 799-805
    Autor/es: Bonatto,Liliane da Rocha ;Goiato,Marcelo Coelho ;da Silva,Emily Vivianne Freitas.
    Título: Biocompatibility of primers and an adhesive used for implant-retained maxillofacial prostheses: An in vitro analysis Descargar PDF

  • Página 806-810
    Autor/es: King,Elizabeth ;Abbott,Carl ;Dovgalski,Lawrence.
    Título: Orofacial rehabilitation with zygomatic implants: CAD-CAM bar and magnets for patients with nasal cancer after rhinectomy and partial maxillectomy Descargar PDF

  • Página 811-813
    Autor/es: Ohno,Tomohisa ;Fujishima, Ichiro.
    Título: Palatal and lingual augmentation prosthesis for patients with dysphagia and functional problems: A clinical report Descargar PDF

  • Página 814-816
    Autor/es: Cho,Seok-Hwan ;Thompson,Geoffrey A.
    Título: A method of facilitating the fabrication of access openings for implant-supported complete fixed dental prostheses Descargar PDF