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Journal of Wildlife Management

2009, v. 73, n. 2

  • Página 175-183
    Autor/es: Carstensen, M - DelGiudice, GD - Sampson, BA - Kuehn, DW
    Título: Survival, Birth Characteristics, and Cause-Specific Mortality of White-Tailed Deer Neonate

  • Página 184-190
    Autor/es: Tioli, S - Cagnacci, F - Stradiotto, A - Rizzoli, A
    Título: Edge Effect on Density Estimates of a Radiotracked Population of Yellow-Necked Mic

  • Página 191-200
    Autor/es: Cruz, F - Carrion, V - Campbell, KJ - Lavoie, C - Donlan, CJ
    Título: Bio-Economics of Large-Scale Eradication of Feral Goats From Santiago Island, Galapago

  • Página 201-209
    Autor/es: Hiller, TL - Campa, H - Winterstein, SR
    Título: Estimation and Implications of Space Use for White-Tailed Deer Management in Southern Michiga

  • Página 210-213
    Autor/es: Ryan, CW - Vaughan, MR - Meldrum, JB - Duncan, RB - Edwards, JW
    Título: Retention Time of Telazol in Black Bear

  • Página 214-225
    Autor/es: Arnett, EB - Hayes, JP
    Título: Use of Conifer Snags as Roosts by Female Bats in Western Orego

  • Página 226-231
    Autor/es: Schlossberg, S - King, DI
    Título: Postlogging Succession and Habitat Usage of Shrubland Bird

  • Página 232-241
    Autor/es: Lantz, SJ - Conway, CJ
    Título: Factors Affecting Daily Nest Survival of Burrowing Owls Within Black-Tailed Prairie Dog Colonie

  • Página 242-247
    Autor/es: Conover, MR - Borgo, JS
    Título: Do Sharp-Tailed Grouse Select Loafing Sites to Avoid Visual or Olfactory Predators

  • Página 248-252
    Autor/es: Eldridge, JL - Krapu, GL - Johnson, DH
    Título: Feeding Ecology of Arctic-Nesting Sandpipers During Spring Migration Through the Prairie Pothole Regio

  • Página 253-259
    Autor/es: Dunkin, SW - Guthery, FS - DeMaso, SJ - Peoples, AD - Parry, ES
    Título: Influence of Anthropogenic Structures on Northern Bobwhite Space Use in Western Oklahom

  • Página 260-268
    Autor/es: Roznik, EA - Johnson, SA
    Título: Canopy Closure and Emigration by Juvenile Gopher Frog

  • Página 269-277
    Autor/es: Burton, EC - Gray, MJ - Schmutzer, AC - Miller, DL
    Título: Differential Responses of Postmetamorphic Amphibians to Cattle Grazing in Wetland

  • Página 278-286
    Autor/es: Hurley, MV - Rapaport, EK - Johnson, CJ
    Título: Utility of Expert-Based Knowledge for Predicting Wildlife-Vehicle Collision

  • Página 287-293
    Autor/es: Richardson, TW - Gardali, T - Jenkins, SH
    Título: Review and Meta-Analysis of Camera Effects on Avian Nest Succes

  • Página 294-302
    Autor/es: Long, RA - Muir, JD - Rachlow, JL - Kie, JG
    Título: A Comparison of Two Modeling Approaches for Evaluating Wildlife-Habitat Relationship

  • Página 303-305
    Autor/es: Newbolt, CH - Ditchkoff, SS
    Título: Effects of Environmental Conditions on Performance of Vaginal Implant Transmitter

  • Página 306-306
    Autor/es: Heffelfinger, JR
    Título: Arizona's Pronghorn Antelope: A Conservation Legacy, by David E. Brown and Richard Ockenfel