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Animal Genetics

2014, v. 45, n. 1

  • Página 1-11(11)
    Autor/es: Pintus, Elia - Sorbolini, Silvia - Albera, Andrea - Gaspa, Giustino - Dimaur
    Título: Use of locally weighted scatterplot smoothing (LOWESS) regression to study selection signatures in Piedmontese and Italian Brown cattle breed

  • Página 12-19(8)
    Autor/es: Al-Husseini, W. - Gondro, C. - Quinn, K. - Herd, R. M. - Gibson, J. P. - Ch
    Título: Expression of candidate genes for residual feed intake in Angus cattl

  • Página 20-27(8)
    Autor/es: Li, Zhixiong - Wang, Hongliang - Chen, Ling - Wang, Lijun - Liu, Xiaolin -
    Título: Identification and characterization of novel and differentially expressed microRNAs in peripheral blood from healthy and mastitis Holstein cattle by deep sequencin

  • Página 28-37(10)
    Autor/es: Wang, X. G. - Huang, J. M. - Feng, M. Y. - Ju, Z. H. - Wang, C. F. - Yang,
    Título: Regulatory mutations in the A2M gene are involved in the mastitis susceptibility in dairy cow

  • Página 38-47(10)
    Autor/es: Zhang, Y.-F. - Yuan, Z.-Q. - Song, D.-G. - Zhou, X.-H. - Wang, Y.-Z.
    Título: Effects of cannabinoid receptor 1 (brain) on lipid accumulation by transcriptional control of CPT1A and CPT1

  • Página 48-58(11)
    Autor/es: Boddicker, N. J. - Garrick, D. J. - Rowland, R. R. R. - Lunney, J. K. - Reec
    Título: Validation and further characterization of a major quantitative trait locus associated with host response to experimental infection with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome viru

  • Página 59-66(8)
    Autor/es: Cirera, S. - Jensen, M. S. - Elbrond, V. S. - Moesgaard, S. G. - Christoffer
    Título: Expression studies of six human obesity-related genes in seven tissues from divergent pig breed

  • Página 67-73(7)
    Autor/es: Rodgaard, T. - Skovgaard, K. - Moesgaard, S. G. - Cirera, S. - Christofferse
    Título: Extensive changes in innate immune gene expression in obese Gottingen minipigs do not lead to changes in concentrations of circulating cytokines and acute phase protein

  • Página 74-86(13)
    Autor/es: Trott, Josephine F. - Freking, Bradley A. - Hovey, Russell C.
    Título: Variation in the coding and 3 untranslated regions of the porcine prolactin receptor short form modifies protein expression and functio

  • Página 87-95(9)
    Autor/es: Granevitze, Z. - David, L. - Twito, T. - Weigend, S. - Feldman, M. - Hillel
    Título: Phylogenetic resolution power of microsatellites and various single-nucleotide polymorphism types assessed in 10 divergent chicken population

  • Página 96-104(9)
    Autor/es: Pocwierz-Kotus, A. - Bernas, R. - Debowski, P. - Kent, M. P. - Lien, S. - K
    Título: Genetic differentiation of southeast Baltic populations of sea trout inferred from single nucleotide polymorphism

  • Página 105-110(6)
    Autor/es: Thirstrup, J. P. - Anistoroaei, R. - Guldbrandtsen, B. - Christensen, K. - F
    Título: Identifying QTL and genetic correlations between fur quality traits in mink (Neovison vison

  • Página 111-113(3)
    Autor/es: Alim, M. A. - Wang, P. - Wu, X. P. - Li, C. - Cui, X. G. - Zhang, S. L. -
    Título: Effect of FASN gene on milk yield and milk composition in the Chinese Holstein dairy populatio

  • Página 114-116(3)
    Autor/es: Kupper, J. D. - Brandt, H. R. - Erhardt, G.
    Título: Genetic association between NOD2 polymorphism and infection status by Mycobacterium avium ssp. paratuberculosis in German Holstein cattl

  • Página 117-121(5)
    Autor/es: Kim, Eui-Soo - Sonstegard, Tad S. - Silva, Marcos Vinicius G. B. - Gasbarre,
    Título: Identification of quantitative trait loci affecting gastrointestinal parasite resistance in an experimental Angus populatio

  • Página 122-124(3)
    Autor/es: Gu, Ting - Su, Xi - Zhao, Shuhong - Li, Changchun
    Título: Methylation differences of the neuronatin gene promoter region in liver between normal and cloned pig

  • Página 125-129(5)
    Autor/es: Reyer, Henry - Ponsuksili, Siriluck - Wimmers, Klaus - Murani, Eduard
    Título: Association of N-terminal domain polymorphisms of the porcine glucocorticoid receptor with carcass composition and meat quality trait

  • Página 130-132(3)
    Autor/es: Nonneman, D. - Lents, C. - Rohrer, G. - Rempel, L. - Vallet, J.
    Título: Genome-wide association with delayed puberty in swin

  • Página 133-137(5)
    Autor/es: Lopez-Buesa, P. - Burgos, C. - Galve, A. - Varona, L.
    Título: Joint analysis of additive, dominant and first-order epistatic effects of four genes (IGF2, MC4R, PRKAG3 and LEPR) with known effects on fat content and fat distribution in pig

  • Página 138-141(4)
    Autor/es: Liu, W. B. - Liu, J. - Liang, C. N. - Guo, X. - Bao, P. J. - Chu, M. - Din
    Título: Associations of single nucleotide polymorphisms in candidate genes with the polled trait in Datong domestic yak

  • Página 142-143(2)
    Autor/es: Gudex, B. - Walker, M. - Fisher, P. - Spelman, R.
    Título: Validation of a single-nucleotide polymorphism panel for parentage testing of farmed red dee

  • Página 144-147(4)
    Autor/es: Perez-Pardal, L. - Grizelj, J. - Traore, A. - Cubric-Curik, V. - Arsenos, G.
    Título: Lack of mitochondrial DNA structure in Balkan donkey is consistent with a quick spread of the species after domesticatio

  • Página 148-150(3)
    Autor/es: Drogemuller, Michaela - Jagannathan, Vidhya - Howard, Judith - Bruggmann, Rem
    Título: A frameshift mutation in the cubilin gene (CUBN) in Beagles with ImerslundGrasbeck syndrome (selective cobalamin malabsorption

  • Página 151-153(3)
    Autor/es: Kim, Younyoung - Ryu, Jihye - Lee, Chaeyoung
    Título: Replicated association of single-nucleotide marker on chromosome 6 with bovine yearling weight using a mixed model analysi

  • Página 153-153(1)
    Autor/es: McCoy, A. M. - McCue, M. E.
    Título: Validation of imputation between equine genotyping array

  • Página 154-154(1)
    Autor/es: Pfahler, Sophia - Distl, Ottmar
    Título: A massive reduction of the genetic diversity in the Lundehun

  • Página 155-155(1)
    Título: Erratu