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International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Implants

2008, v. 23, n. 6

  • Página 1003-1012
    Autor/es: Fontana, F - Santoro, F - Maiorana, C - Iezzi, G - Piattelli, A - Simion, M
    Título: Clinical and Histologic Evaluation of Allogeneic Bone Matrix Versus Autogenous Bone Chips Associated with Titanium-Reinforced e-PTFE Membrane for Vertical Ridge Augmentation: A Prospective Pilot Stud

  • Página 1013-1019
    Autor/es: Kodama, T - Goto, T - Miyazaki, T - Takahashi, T
    Título: Bone Formation on Apatite-Coated Titanium Incorporated with Bone Morphogenetic Protein and Hepari

  • Página 1020-1028
    Autor/es: Yang, G - He, F - Zhao, S - Wang, X - Zhao, S
    Título: Effect of H2O2/HCl Heat Treatment of Implants on In Vivo Peri-implant Bone Formatio

  • Página 1029-1036
    Autor/es: Kerstein, RB - Radke, J
    Título: A Comparison of Fabrication Precision and Mechanical Reliability of 2 Zirconia Implant Abutment

  • Página 1037-1046
    Autor/es: Ferguson, SJ - Langhoff, JD - Voelter, K - vonRechenberg, B - Scharnweber, D
    Título: Biomechanical Comparison of Different Surface Modifications for Dental Implant

  • Página 1047-1052
    Autor/es: Ella, B - Sedarat, C - DaCostaNoble, R - Normand, E - Lauverjat, Y - Siberc
    Título: Vascular Connections of the Lateral Wall of the Sinus: Surgical Effect in Sinus Augmentatio

  • Página 1053-1062
    Autor/es: Arisan, V - Ozdemir, T - Anil, A - Jansen, JA - Ozer, K
    Título: Injectable Calcium Phosphate Cement as a Bone-Graft Material Around Peri-implant Dehiscence Defects: A Dog Stud

  • Página 1063-1070
    Autor/es: Artzi, Z - Kozlovsky, A - Nemcovsky, CE - Moses, O - Tal, H - Rohrer, MD -
    Título: Histomorphometric Evaluation of Natural Mineral Combined with a Synthetic Cell-binding Peptide (P-15) in Critical-size Defects in the Rat Calvari

  • Página 1071-1081
    Autor/es: Arpornmaeklong, P - Akarawatcharangura, B - Pripatnanont, P
    Título: Factors Influencing Effects of Specific COX-2 Inhibitor NSAIDs on Growth and Differentiation of Mouse Osteoblasts on Titanium Surface

  • Página 1082-1088
    Autor/es: Deng, B - Tan, KB - Liu, GR - Lu, Y
    Título: Influence of Osseointegration Degree and Pattern on Resonance Frequency in the Assessment of Dental Implant Stability Using Finite Element Analysi

  • Página 1089-1094
    Autor/es: Lee, SH - Yoon, HJ - Park, MK - Kim, YS
    Título: Guided Bone Regeneration with the Combined Use of Resorbable Membranes and Autogenous Drilling Dust or Xenografts for the Treatment of Dehiscence-type Defects Around Implants: An Experimental Study in Dog

  • Página 1095-1101
    Autor/es: Ohkubo, C - Kobayashi, M - Suzuki, Y - Hosoi, T
    Título: Effect of Implant Support on Distal-Extension Removable Partial Dentures: In Vivo Assessmen

  • Página 1102-1108
    Autor/es: Blake, F - Bubenheim, M - Heiland, M - Pohlenz, P - Schmelzle, R - Gbara, A
    Título: Retrospective Assessment of the Peri-implant Mucosa of Implants Inserted in Reanastomosed or Free Bone Grafts from the Fibula or Iliac Cres

  • Página 1109-1116
    Autor/es: Bornstein, MM - Halbritter, S - Harnisch, H - Weber, HP - Buser, D
    Título: A Retrospective Analysis of Patients Referred for Implant Placement to a Specialty Clinic: Indications, Surgical Procedures, and Early Failure

  • Página 1117-1122
    Autor/es: Balshe, AA - Eckert, SE - Koka, S - Assad, DA - Weaver, AL
    Título: The Effects of Smoking on the Survival of Smooth- and Rough-Surface Dental Implant

  • Página 1123-1127
    Autor/es: Elian, N - Jalbout, ZN - Classi, AJ - Wexler, A - Sarment, D - Tarnow, DP
    Título: Precision of Flapless Implant Placement Using Real-Time Surgical Navigation: A Case Serie

  • Página 1128-1132
    Autor/es: Aimetti, M - Massei, G - Morra, M - Cardesi, E - Romano, F
    Título: Correlation Between Gingival Phenotype and Schneiderian Membrane Thicknes

  • Página 1133-1138
    Autor/es: Ahn, JJ - Shin, HI
    Título: Bone Tissue Formation in Extraction Sockets from Sites with Advanced Periodontal Disease: A Histomorphometric study in Human

  • Página 1139-1142
    Autor/es: Kim, YK - Hwang, JW - Yun, PY
    Título: Closure of Large Perforation of Sinus Membrane Using Pedicled Buccal Fat Pad Graft: A Case Repor

  • Página 1143-1150
    Autor/es: Yamashita, Y - Yamaguchi, Y - Tsuji, M - Shigematsu, M - Goto, M
    Título: Mandibular Reconstruction Using Autologous Iliac Bone and Titanium Mesh Reinforced by Laser Welding for Implant Placemen