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Livestock Production Science
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2004, v. 85, n. 1

  • Página iii-iii(1)
    Título: Editorial Board

  • Página 3-13(11)
    Autor/es: Valros A. - Rundgren M. - Spinka M. - Saloniemi H. - Hulten F. - Uvnas-Mobe
    Título: Oxytocin, prolactin and somatostatin in lactating sows: associations with mobilisation of body resources and maternal behaviour

  • Página 15-26(12)
    Autor/es: Kuoppala K. - Yrjanen S. - Jaakkola S. - Kangasniemi R. - Sariola J. - Khal
    Título: Effects of increasing concentrate energy supply on the performance of loose-housed dairy cows fed grass silage-based diets

  • Página 27-34(8)
    Autor/es: Ruottinen O. - Ikonen T. - Ojala M.
    Título: Associations between milk protein genotypes and fertility traits in Finnish Ayrshire heifers and first lactation cows

  • Página 35-44(10)
    Autor/es: Carroll J.A. - Fangman T.J. - Hambach A.K. - Wiedmeyer C.E.
    Título: The acute phase response in pigs experimentally infected with Escherichia coli and treated with systemic bactericidal antibiotics

  • Página 45-57(13)
    Autor/es: Bellmann O. - Wegner J. - Teuscher F. - Schneider F. - Ender K.
    Título: Muscle characteristics and corresponding hormone concentrations in different types of cattle

  • Página 59-64(6)
    Autor/es: Brandsma J.H. - Janss L.L.G. - Visscher A.H.
    Título: Association between PrP genotypes and littersize and 135 days weight in Texel sheep

  • Página 65-79(15)
    Autor/es: Manninen M. - Taponen J.
    Título: Influence of feeding accuracy on the performance of Aberdeen AngusxAyrshire and CharolaisxAyrshire crossbred suckler cows and their progeny

  • Página 81-97(17)
    Autor/es: Eugene M. - Archimede H. - Sauvant D.
    Título: Quantitative meta-analysis on the effects of defaunation of the rumen on growth, intake and digestion in ruminants