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Animal Science
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2006, v. 82, n. 6

  • Página 767-774
    Autor/es: Ward, AI - Tolhurst, BA - Delahay, RJ
    Título: Farm husbandry and the risks of disease transmission between wild and domestic mammals: a brief review focusing on bovine tuberculosis in badgers and cattle

  • Página 775-782
    Autor/es: Irvine, RJ
    Título: Parasites and the dynamics of wild mammal populations

  • Página 783-790
    Autor/es: EdwardsJones, G
    Título: Modelling farmer decision-making: concepts, progress and challenges

  • Página 791-798
    Autor/es: Hanna, D - Sneddon, IA - Beattie, VE - Breuer, K
    Título: Effects of the stockperson on dairy cow behaviour and milk yield

  • Página 799-804
    Autor/es: Morris, CA - Amyes, NC - Hickey, SM
    Título: Genetic variation in serum copper concentration in Angus cattle

  • Página 805-812
    Autor/es: Phocas, F - Boivin, X - Sapa, J - Trillat, G - Boissy, A - LeNeindre, P
    Título: Genetic correlations between temperament and breeding traits in Limousin heifers

  • Página 813-822
    Autor/es: Fernandez, J - Roughsedge, T - Woolliams, JA - Villanueva, B
    Título: Optimization of the sampling strategy for establishing a gene bank: storing PrP alleles following a scrapie eradication plan as a case study

  • Página 823-828
    Autor/es: Du, GM - Liu, MJ - Shi, ZM - Zhang, L - Wei, XH - Zhao, RQ
    Título: In vitro effects of ghrelin on gastric H+-K+-ATPase and pepsin activity and mRNA expression of gastrin, somatostatin, receptors for GH and IGF-1 in cultured gastric mucosal cells of weanling piglets

  • Página 829-836
    Autor/es: Brossard, L - ChaucheyrasDurand, F - MichaletDoreau, B - Martin, C
    Título: Dose effect of live yeasts on rumen microbial communities and fermentations during butyric latent acidosis in sheep: new type of interaction

  • Página 837-844
    Autor/es: Awati, A - Williams, BA - Bosch, MW - Verstegen, MWA
    Título: Dietary carbohydrates with different rates of fermentation affect fermentation end-product profiles in different sites of gastro-intestinal tract of weaning piglet

  • Página 845-852
    Autor/es: EstradaFlores, JG - GonzalezRonquillo, M - Mould, FL - ArriagaJordan, CM - C
    Título: Chemical composition and fermentation characteristics of grain and different parts of the stover from maize land races harvested at different growing periods in two zones of central Mexico

  • Página 853-858
    Autor/es: Lyberg, K - Lundh, T - Pedersen, C - Lindberg, JE
    Título: Influence of soaking, fermentation and phytase supplementation on nutrient digestibility in pigs offered a grower diet based on wheat and barley

  • Página 859-866
    Autor/es: Jordan, E - Lovett, DK - Hawkins, M - Callan, JJ - OMara, FP
    Título: The effect of varying levels of coconut oil on intake, digestibility and methane output from continental cross beef heifers

  • Página 867-876
    Autor/es: Clapperton, M - Bishop, SC - Glass, EJ
    Título: Selection for lean growth and food intake leads to correlated changes in innate immune traits in Large White pigs

  • Página 877-888
    Autor/es: Sehm, J - Lindermayer, H - Meyer, HHD - Pfaffl, MW
    Título: The influence of apple- and red-wine pomace rich diet on mRNA expression of inflammatory and apoptotic markers in different piglet organs

  • Página 889-900
    Autor/es: Landgraf, S - Susenbeth, A - Knap, PW - Looft, H - Plastow, GS - Kalm, E -
    Título: Developments of carcass cuts, organs, body tissues and chemical body composition during growth of pigs

  • Página 901-908
    Autor/es: Rey, AI - Daza, A - LopezCarrasco, C - LopezBote, CJ
    Título: Quantitative study of the alpha- and gamma-tocopherols accumulation in muscle and backfat from lberian pigs kept free-range as affected by time of free-range feeding or weight gain

  • Página 909-918
    Autor/es: Serrano, E - Prache, S - ChauveauDuriot, B - Agabriel, J - Micol, D
    Título: Traceability of grass-feeding in young beef using carotenoid pigments in plasma and adipose tissue

  • Página 919-928
    Autor/es: Engel, B - Lambooij, E - Buist, WG - Reimert, H - Mateman, G
    Título: Prediction of the percentage lean of pig carcasses with a small or a large number of instrumental carcass measurements - an illustration with HGP and Vision

  • Página 929-936
    Autor/es: Nishioka, T - Irie, M
    Título: Fluctuation and criteria of porcine fat firmness

  • Página 937-946
    Autor/es: Renaudeau, D - Bocage, B - Noblet, J
    Título: Influence of energy intake on protein and lipid deposition in Creole and Large White growing pigs in a humid tropical climate

  • Página 947-954
    Autor/es: Annett, RW - Carson, AF
    Título: Effects of plane of nutrition during the first month of pregnancy on conception rate, foetal development and lamb output of mature and adolescent ewes