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Journal of Taxation

2015, v. 123, n. 3

  • Página 100-110
    Autor/es: Lipton, Richard M.
    Título: The STARS continue to revolve-the first appellate decision.

  • Página 111-119
    Autor/es: Solomon, Michael F.; Jones, Zach; Love, Ariell
    Título: Application of 2015 proposed internal use software regulations years prior to their publication.

  • Página 120-127
    Autor/es: Stein, Ronald A.
    Título: Is reliance on tax advice a valid defense to late-filing and late-payment penalties.

  • Página 128-133
    Autor/es: Gray, Thomas
    Título: Hedge fund capital account and revaluations: Are they Section 704(b) compliant?