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Canadian Journal of Animal Science

2015, v. 95, n. 4

  • Página 499-507
    Autor/es: D. J. Thompson, B. J. Wheatley, J. S. Church, R. Newman, J. Walker
    Título: Comparing grazing and resting electivity of beef cattle for BC bunchgrass communities using GPS collars

  • Página 509-522
    Autor/es: R. Cyril Roy, Michael S. Cockram, Ian R. Dohoo
    Título: Welfare of horses transported to slaughter in Canada: Assessment of welfare and journey risk factors affecting welfare

  • Página 523-531
    Autor/es: R. Cyril Roy, Michael S. Cockram, Ian R. Dohoo, Christopher B. Riley
    Título: Injuries in horses transported to slaughter in Canada

  • Página 533-537
    Autor/es: E. Shepley, E. Vasseur, R. Bergeron, A. Villeneuve, S. Lachance
    Título: Short Communication: Birdsfoot trefoil as a preventative treatment for gastrointestinal nematodes in pastured dairy heifers

  • Página 539-542
    Autor/es: J. Kaufman, M. Linington, V. R. Osborne, C. Wagner-Riddle, T. C. Wright
    Título: Short communication: Field study of air ammonia concentrations in Ontario dairy calf housing microenvironments

  • Página 543-550
    Autor/es: Marta Kuchta-Gładysz, Ewa Wójcik, Olga Szeleszczuk, Piotr Niedbała, Kaja Tyblewska
    Título: Spontaneous sister chromatid exchange in mitotic chromosomes of the chinchilla (Chinchilla lanigera)

  • Página 551-556
    Autor/es: Jiao Zhang, Si-yu Shao, Li-zu Li, Di Liu, Xiu-qin Yang
    Título: Molecular cloning and characterization of porcine interferon-induced protein with tetratricopeptide repeats (IFIT) 5

  • Página 557-560
    Autor/es: B. Grumpelt, W. Hoffer, O. Curie, O. Jones, K. Jones, D. Kimmel, B. McDonald, R. Paterson, A. Schaefer
    Título: Short Communication: The Pre-transport management of antemortem stress in cattle: Impact on carcass yield

  • Página 561-568
    Autor/es: M. M. Hossain, M. Begum, C. M. Nyachoti, J. D. Hancock, I. H. Kim
    Título: Dietary fenugreek seed extract improves performance and reduces fecal E. coli counts and fecal gas emission in lactating sows and suckling piglets

  • Página 569-575
    Autor/es: Bich Van Le Thanh, Martin Lessard, Younès Chorfi, Frédéric Guay
    Título: Short Communication: Antioxidant capacity in the intestinal mucosa of weanling piglets fed diets containing Fusarium mycotoxins and the efficacy of commercial supplements sold as detoxifiers

  • Página 577-588
    Autor/es: Á. R. Alfonso-Ávila, E. Charbonneau, C. Lafrenière, R. Berthiaume
    Título: Effect of glycerol in combination with alfalfa on in vitro gas production and microbial protein synthesis

  • Página 589-597
    Autor/es: K. Stanford, D. J. Gibb, K. S. Schwartzkopf-Genswein, F. Van Herk, T. A. McAllister
    Título: Feeding subtherapeutic antimicrobials to low-risk cattle does not confer consistent performance benefits

  • Página 599-607
    Autor/es: Jayakrishnan Nair, Gregory B. Penner, Peiqiang Yu, H. A. (Bart) Lardner, Tim McAllister, Daalkhaijav Damiran, John J. McKinnon
    Título: Evaluation of canola meal derived from Brassica juncea and Brassica napus seed as an energy source for feedlot steers

  • Página 609-615
    Autor/es: Miguel A. Rodríguez-Gaxiola, Ignacio A. Domínguez-Vara, Rubén Barajas-Cruz, María A. Mariezcurrema-Berasain, José L. Bórquez-Gastelum, Billy J. Cervantes-Pacheco
    Título: Effects of zilpaterol hydrochloride and zinc methionine on growth performance and carcass characteristics of beef bulls

  • Página 617-624
    Autor/es: Luciano S. Lima, Ronaldo L. Oliveira, Américo F. Garcez Neto, Adriana R. Bagaldo, Claudilene L. Abreu, Thadeu M. Silva, Silvana T. Carvalho, Leilson R. Bezerra
    Título: Licuri oil supplements for lactating cows on pasture

  • Página 625-631
    Autor/es: C. S. Saunders, S. Y. Yang, J.-S. Eun, D. M. Feuz, D. R. ZoBell
    Título: Feeding a brown midrib corn silage-based diet to growing beef steers improves growth performance and economic returns

  • Página 633-643
    Título: Summaries of Communications: Proceedings of the 2015 Meeting of the Animal Science Modelling Group

  • Página 943-498
    Autor/es: Tiago Neves Pereira Valente, Edenio Detmann, Cláudia Batista Sampaio
    Título: Review: Recent advances in evaluation of bags made from different textiles used in situ ruminal degradation