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Wines and Vines

2009, v. 90, n. 7

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    Autor/es: Paul Franson, with Jim Gordon
    Título: GROWERS' REALITY CHECK Experts say vineyards can't escape fallout from wine sales decline, but growers can be proactive

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    Autor/es: Glenn T. McGourty
    Título: Foundation for a Quality Vineyard How to match rootstock choices to your vineyard, variety and vermin

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    Autor/es: Paul Franson
    Título: Win-Win Grape Contracts How growers can negotiate long-term relationships

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    Autor/es: Laurie Daniel
    Título: Grapegrower Interview AMIGO BOB CANTISANO

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    Autor/es: Jon Tourney
    Título: Robot Pruner Shows Its Stuff 'Intelligent' machine 'sees' vines in 3D and makes cuts to order

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    Autor/es: Thomas Ulrich
    Título: When the Smoke Cleared California winemakers face tough pre-bottling decisions for 2008 wines

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    Autor/es: Hudson Cattell
    Título: Standing Up to the Cold Iowa State University Extension details which hardy varieties are suitable for the Eastern region

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    Autor/es: Andrew Reynolds
    Título: From Pests to Polyphenols New research in viticulture and enology worth closer examination

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    Autor/es: Susie Selby
    Título: New Way to Plan Sales Sonoma vintner's SIMPL formula stresses wine quality and market demand