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American Journal of Dentistry

2015, v. 28, n. 3

  • Página 123-127
    Autor/es: Oshima, M.; Hamba, H.; Sadr, A.
    Título: Effect of polymer-based desensitizer with sodium fluoride on prevention of root dentin demineralization

  • Página 128-132
    Autor/es: Wang, Z.; Ma, X.; Jiang, T.
    Título: The dentin tubule occlusion effects of desensitizing agents and the stability against acids and brushing challenges

  • Página 133-136
    Autor/es: Gülcan, E.
    Título: Serum lipid levels in patients with minor recurrent aphthous ulcers

  • Página 137-142
    Autor/es: Martande, S.S.; Pradeep, A.R.; Kumari, M.
    Título: Clinical and microbiological efficacy of systemic roxithromycin as an adjunct to non-surgical periodontal therapy in treatment of chronic periodontitis. A randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trial

  • Página 143-149
    Autor/es: Favero, F.J.; Fontoura de Melo, T.A.; Stona, D.
    Título: Strengthening effect of horizontally placed fiberglass posts in endodontically-treated teeth restored with direct resin composite

  • Página 150-156
    Autor/es: Panariello, B.H. Dias; Izumida, F. Emiko; Moffa, E. Buozi
    Título: Effects of short-term immersion and brushing with different denture cleansers on the roughness, hardness, and color of two types of acrylic resin

  • Página 157-160
    Autor/es: Femiano, F.; Femiano, L.; Femiano, R.
    Título: Class I restoration margin quality in direct resin composites: A double-blind randomized controlled clinical trial

  • Página 161-166
    Autor/es: García Barbero, Á.E.; Vera González, V.; García Barbero, E.
    Título: Mechanical properties and ultrastructural characteristics of a glass fiber-reinforced composite

  • Página 167-173
    Autor/es: Pinto, C. Franco; Berger, S. Bittencourt; Cavalli, V.
    Título: In situ antimicrobial activity and inhibition of secondary caries of self-etching adhesives containing an antibacterial agent and/or fluoride

  • Página 174-180
    Autor/es: Vechiato-Filho, A.J.; dos Santos, D.M.; Coelho Goiato, M.
    Título: Surface degradation of lithium disilicate ceramic after immersion in acid and fluoride solutions