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2017, v. 34, n. 1

  • Página 3-12
    Autor/es: Silva,LO; Souza-Silva, BN; de Alcântara Rodrigues, JL
    Título: Identification and management of elder physical abuse in the routine of dentistry - a systematic review.

  • Página 13-23
    Autor/es: Tiisanoja, A; Syrjälä, AM; Komulainen, K
    Título: Sedative load, carious teeth and infection in the periodontium among community-dwelling older people.

  • Página 33-41
    Autor/es: Adebayo, B; Durey, A; Slack-Smith, LM
    Título: Culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) carers' perceptions of oral care in residential aged care settings in Perth, Western Australia.

  • Página 42-48
    Autor/es: Morales-Bozo, I; Ortega-Pinto, A; Rojas, Alcayaga G
    Título: Evaluation of the effectiveness of a chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) and linseed (Linum usitatissimum) saliva substitute in the relief of xerostomia in elders.

  • Página 49-56
    Autor/es: Türk, AG; Cal, E; Unal, S
    Título: Glass-ceramics bonding in geriatric patients: comparison with young teeth.

  • Página 57-67
    Autor/es: Chiu, CT; Malhotra, R; Tan, SM
    Título: Dental health status of community-dwelling older Singaporeans: findings from a nationally representative survey.

  • Página 68-78
    Autor/es: Shibata, S; Stegaroiu, R; Nakazawa, A
    Título: Comprehension of Japanese oral care-related terms among caregivers and nurses, as assessed using a newly developed instrument.

  • Página 86-89
    Autor/es: Prapinjumrune, C; Prucktrakul, C; Sooktonglarng, T
    Título: Serum antinuclear antibody in adult Thais.

  • Página 101-109
    Autor/es: Shakiba, B; Hamedy, R; Pak, JG
    Título: Influence of increased patient age on longitudinal outcomes of root canal treatment: a systematic review.

  • Página 110-120
    Autor/es: Smith, CJ; Horne, M; McCracken, G
    Título: Development and feasibility testing of an oral hygiene intervention for stroke unit care.

  • Página 121-128
    Autor/es: Park, JS; Oh, DH; Chang, MY
    Título: Effect of expiratory muscle strength training on swallowing-related muscle strength in community-dwelling elderly individuals: a randomized controlled trial.

  • Página 129-134
    Autor/es: Kobayashi, N; Soga, Y; Maekawa, K
    Título: Prevalence of oral health-related conditions that could trigger accidents for patients with moderate-to-severe dementia.