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Food Microbiology

2009, v. 26, n. 3

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    Título: IFC: Editorial Board etc

  • Página 235-239
    Autor/es: Waite, JG - Jones, JM - Yousef, AE
    Título: Isolation and identification of spoilage microorganisms using food-based media combined with rDNA sequencing: Ranch dressing as a model foo

  • Página 240-245
    Autor/es: Neviani, E - Juliano, DD - Bernini, V - Gatti, M
    Título: Recovery and differentiation of long ripened cheese microflora through a new cheese-based cultural mediu

  • Página 246-252
    Autor/es: Mauriello, G - Capece, A - DAuria, M - GardeCerdan, T - Romano, P
    Título: SPME-GC method as a tool to differentiate VOC profiles in Saccharomyces cerevisiae wine yeast

  • Página 253-258
    Autor/es: Hwang, CA
    Título: The probability of growth of Listeria monocytogenes in cooked salmon and tryptic soy broth as affected by salt, smoke compound, and storage temperatur

  • Página 259-264
    Autor/es: Manzano, M - Giusto, C - Iacumin, L - Cantoni, C - Comi, G
    Título: Molecular methods to evaluate biodiversity in Bacillus cereus and Bacillus thuringiensis strains from different origin

  • Página 265-271
    Autor/es: Delhalle, L - Saegerman, C - Farnir, F - Korsak, N - Maes, D - Messens, W -
    Título: Salmonella surveillance and control at post-harvest in the Belgian pork meat chai

  • Página 272-277
    Autor/es: Akhtar, S - ParedesSabja, D - Torres, JA - Sarker, MR
    Título: Strategy to inactivate Clostridium perfringens spores in meat product

  • Página 278-282
    Autor/es: Pereira, V - Lopes, C - Castro, A - Silva, J - Gibbs, P - Teixeira, P
    Título: Characterization for enterotoxin production, virulence factors, and antibiotic susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus isolates from various foods in Portuga

  • Página 283-288
    Autor/es: Brightwell, G - Clemens, R - Adam, K - Urlich, S - Boerema, J
    Título: Comparison of culture-dependent and independent techniques for characterisation of the microflora of peroxyacetic acid treated, vacuum-packaged bee

  • Página 289-293
    Autor/es: Viedma, PM - Abriouel, H - BenOmar, N - Lopez, RL - Valdivia, E - Galvez, A
    Título: Inactivation of Geobacillus stearothermophilus in canned food and coconut milk samples by addition of enterocin AS-4

  • Página 294-304
    Autor/es: MartinPlatero, AM - Maqueda, M - Valdivia, E - Purswani, J - MartinezBueno,
    Título: Polyphasic study of microbial communities of two Spanish farmhouse goats' milk cheeses from Sierra de Aracen

  • Página 305-310
    Autor/es: VerdierMetz, I - Michel, V - Delbes, C - Montel, MC
    Título: Do milking practices influence the bacterial diversity of raw milk

  • Página 311-316
    Autor/es: DUrso, OF - Poltronieri, P - Marsigliante, S - Storelli, C - Hernandez, M -
    Título: A filtration-based real-time PCR method for the quantitative detection of viable Salmonella enterica and Listeria monocytogenes in food sample

  • Página 317-319
    Autor/es: Pal, A - Marshall, DL
    Título: Comparison of culture media for enrichment and isolation of Salmonella spp. from frozen Channel catfish and Vietnamese basa fillet

  • Página 320-327
    Autor/es: Dang, TD - Vermeulen, A - Ragaert, P - Devlieghere, F
    Título: A peculiar stimulatory effect of acetic and lactic acid on growth and fermentative metabolism of Zygosaccharomyces baili

  • Página 328-332
    Autor/es: Salinas, F - Garrido, D - Ganga, A - Veliz, G - Martinez, C
    Título: Taqman real-time PCR for the detection and enumeration of Saccharomyces cerevisiae in win

  • Página 333-339
    Autor/es: Marazza, JA - Garro, MS - SavoydeGiori, G
    Título: Aglycone production by Lactobacillus rhamnosus CRL981 during soymilk fermentatio

  • Página 340-346
    Autor/es: Enrique, M - Manzanares, P - Yuste, M - Martinez, M - Valles, S - Marcos, J
    Título: Selectivity and antimicrobial action of bovine lactoferrin derived peptides against wine lactic acid bacteri

  • Página 347-353
    Autor/es: AlvarezOrdonez, A - Fernandez, A - Lopez, M - Bernardo, A
    Título: Relationship between membrane fatty acid composition and heat resistance of acid and cold stressed Salmonella senftenberg CECT 438

  • Página 354-355
    Título: Calenda