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Reproduction, Fertility and Development

2015, v. 27, n. 8

  • Página 1125-1136
    Autor/es: Michael J. Bertoldo , Yann Locatelli , Christopher O’Neill and Pascal Mermillod
    Título: Impacts of and interactions between environmental stress and epigenetic programming during early embryo development

  • Página 1137-1146
    Autor/es: D. Dadarwal , M. Honparkhe , F. C. F. Dias , T. Alce , C. Lessard and J. Singh
    Título: Effect of superstimulation protocols on nuclear maturation and distribution of lipid droplets in bovine oocytes

  • Página 1147-1153
    Autor/es: Aimee J. Silla , Leesa M. Keogh and Phillip G. Byrne
    Título: Antibiotics and oxygen availability affect the short-term storage of spermatozoa from the critically endangered booroolong frog, Litoria booroolongensis

  • Página 1154-1167
    Autor/es: Young-Joo Yi , Miriam Sutovsky , Won-Hee Song and Peter Sutovsky
    Título: Protein deubiquitination during oocyte maturation influences sperm function during fertilisation, antipolyspermy defense and embryo development

  • Página 1168-1174
    Autor/es: K. Pollock , J. Gosálvez , F. Arroyo , C. López-Fernández , M. Guille , A. Noble and S. D. Johnston
    Título: Validation of the sperm chromatin dispersion (SCD) test in the amphibian Xenopus laevis using in situ nick translation and comet assay

  • Página 1175-1180
    Autor/es: M. H. Bhat , V. Sharma , F. A. Khan , N. A. Naykoo , S. H. Yaqoob , G. Vajta , H. M. Khan , M. R. Fazili , N. A. Ganai and R. A. Shah blank image
    Título: Open pulled straw vitrification and slow freezing of sheep IVF embryos using different cryoprotectants

  • Página 1181-1186
    Autor/es: C. C. Stuart , J. L. Vaughan , C. M. Kershaw-Young , J. Wilkinson , R. Bathgate and S. P. de Graaf blank image
    Título: Effects of varying doses of β-nerve growth factor on the timing of ovulation, plasma progesterone concentration and corpus luteum size in female alpacas (Vicugna pacos)

  • Página 1187-1196
    Autor/es: Enrique Del Olmo , Alfonso Bisbal , Olga García-Álvarez , Alejandro Maroto-Morales , Manuel Ramón , Pilar Jiménez-Rabadán , Luis Anel-López , Ana J. Soler , J. Julián Garde and María R. Fernández-Santos
    Título: Free-radical production after post-thaw incubation of ram spermatozoa is related to decreased in vivo fertility

  • Página 1197-1204
    Autor/es: Xin-Lei Feng , Yuan-Chao Sun , Min Zhang , Shun-Feng Cheng , Yan-Ni Feng , Jing-Cai Liu , Hong-Hui Wang , Lan Li , Guo-Qing Qin and Wei Shen
    Título: Insulin regulates primordial-follicle assembly in vitro by affecting germ-cell apoptosis and elevating oestrogen

  • Página 1205-1212
    Autor/es: Shalini Ojha , Michael E. Symonds and Helen Budge
    Título: Suboptimal maternal nutrition during early-to-mid gestation in the sheep enhances pericardial adiposity in the near-term fetus

  • Página 1213-1221
    Autor/es: Xi-Feng Zhang , Teng Zhang , Zhe Han , Jing-Cai Liu , Yu-Ping Liu , Jun-Yu Ma , Lan Li and Wei Shen
    Título: Transgenerational inheritance of ovarian development deficiency induced by maternal diethylhexyl phthalate exposure

  • Página 1222-1232
    Autor/es: Tao Guo , Liang Zhang , Dong Cheng , Tao Liu , Liguo An , Wei-Ping Li and Cong Zhang
    Título: Low-density lipoprotein receptor affects the fertility of female mice

  • Página 1233-1241
    Autor/es: D. F. Melville , E. G. Crichton and S. D. Johnston
    Título: Semen collection, ejaculate characteristics and in vitro manipulation of spermatozoa from six species of captive flying-fox (Pteropus spp.)

  • Página 1242-1248
    Autor/es: Sam Sudhakaran , Shubhashree Uppangala , Sujith Raj Salian , Sachin D. Honguntikar , Ramya Nair , Guruprasad Kalthur and Satish Kumar Adiga
    Título: Oocytes recovered after ovarian tissue slow freezing have impaired H2AX phosphorylation and functional competence

  • Página 1249-1261
    Autor/es: G. Gamarra , C. Ponsart , S. Lacaze , B. Le Guienne , P. Humblot , M.-C. Deloche , D. Monniaux and A. A. Ponter
    Título: Dietary propylene glycol and in vitro embryo production after ovum pick-up in heifers with different anti-Müllerian hormone profiles

  • Página 1262-1271
    Autor/es: Jing Wang , Shuangmei Liu , Yijun Nie , Bing Wu , Qin Wu , Miaomiao Song , Min Tang , Li Xiao , Ping Xu , Ximin Tan , Luyin Zhang , Gang Li , Shangdong Liang and Chunping Zhang blank image
    Título: Activation of P2X7 receptors decreases the proliferation of murine luteal cells