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Dental Traumatology

2016, v. 32, n. 5

  • Página 341-346
    Autor/es: Kramer, PF; Onetto, J; Flores, MT
    Título: Traumatic Dental Injuries in the primary dentition: a 15-year bibliometric analysis of Dental Traumatology.

  • Página 347-352
    Autor/es: Rahimi-Nedjat, RK; Sagheb, K; Jacobs, C,
    Título: Association between eruption state of the third molar and the occurrence of mandibular angle fractures.

  • Página 353-360
    Autor/es: Tsilingaridis, G; Malmgren, B; Andreasen, JO
    Título: Scandinavian multicenter study on the treatment of 168 patients with 230 intruded permanent teeth - a retrospective cohort study.

  • Página 361-366
    Autor/es: Baig Enver, M: Marcenes, W; Stansfeld, SA
    Título: Alcohol consumption at age 11-12 years and traumatic dental injuries at age 15-16 years in school children from East London.

  • Página 367-378
    Autor/es: Corrêa-Faria, P; Martins, CC; Bönecker, M
    Título: Clinical factors and socio-demographic characteristics associated with dental trauma in children: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

  • Página 379-384
    Autor/es: Takahashi, M; Koide, K; Satoh, Y
    Título: Shape change in mouthguard sheets during thermoforming.

  • Página 385-389
    Autor/es: Caldeira, CL; Barletta, FB; Ilha, MC
    Título: Pulse oximetry: a useful test for evaluating pulp vitality in traumatized teeth.

  • Página 390-396
    Autor/es: Sholehvar, F; Mehrabani, D; Yaghmaei, P
    Título: The effect of Aloe vera gel on viability of dental pulp stem cells.

  • Página 397-401
    Autor/es: Sugaya, T; Tomita, M; Motoki, Y
    Título: Influence of enamel matrix derivative on healing of root surfaces after bonding treatment and intentional replantation of vertically fractured roots.

  • Página 402-408
    Autor/es: Matos Fde, S; Godolphim Fde, J; Correia, AM
    Título: Effect of laser photobiomodulation on the periodontal repair process of replanted teeth.

  • Página 409-415
    Autor/es: Gialain, IO; Coto, NP, Driemeier, L
    Título: A three-dimensional finite element analysis of the sports mouthguard.

  • Página 416-420
    Autor/es: Gawlak, D; Mańka-Malara, K; Kamiński, T
    Título: Comparative evaluation of custom and standard boil and bite (self-adapted) mouthguards and their effect on the functioning of the oral cavity.

  • Página 421-424
    Autor/es: Kwon, IJ; Lee, BH; Eo, MY
    Título: Pathologic mandibular fracture after biting crab shells following ramal bone graft.

  • Página 425-427
    Autor/es: Hartwig S1, Doll C2, Voss JO2
    Título: Severe tooth loss after root damage caused by predrilled intermaxillary fixation screw: a case report.