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International Journal of Prosthodontics

2017, v. 30, n. 2

  • Página 111-112
    Autor/es: Rodney, J; Chicchon, I.
    Título: Digital Design and Fabrication of Surgical Obturators Based Only on Preoperative Computed Tomography Data.

  • Página 113-115
    Autor/es: Lee, DH; Li, LJ; Mai, HN.
    Título: The Effect of a CAD/CAM-Guided Template on Formation of the Screw-Access Channel for Fixed Prostheses Supported by Lingually Placed Implants.

  • Página 116-122
    Autor/es: Steinmassl, PA; Klaunzer, F; Steinmassl, O
    Título: Evaluation of Currently Available CAD/CAM Denture Systems.

  • Página 123-132
    Autor/es: Gouw, S; de Wijer, A; Creugers, NH; Kalaykova, SI
    Título: Bruxism: Is There an Indication for Muscle-Stretching Exercises?

  • Página 133-135
    Autor/es: Rues, S; Fugina, M; Rammelsberg, P
    Título: Cemented Single Crown Retention on Dental Implants: An In Vitro Study.

  • Página 136-138
    Autor/es: Alonso-Pérez, R; Bartolomé, JF; Ferreiroa, A
    Título: Evaluation of the Mechanical Behavior and Marginal Accuracy of Stock and Laser-Sintered Implant Abutments.

  • Página 139-141
    Autor/es: Creugers NH, Witter DJ.
    Título: Invited Commentary: Shortened Dental Arch Research Conclusions for Edentulous Patient Management.

  • Página 142-146
    Autor/es: Oguchi, H; Yamauchi, Y; Karube, Y
    Título: Occlusal Dysesthesia: A Clinical Report on the Psychosomatic Management of a Japanese Patient Cohort.

  • Página 147-149
    Autor/es: Elbashti, ME; Hattori, M; Patzelt, SB
    Título: Feasibility and Accuracy of Digitizing Edentulous Maxillectomy Defects: A Comparative Study.

  • Página 150-152
    Autor/es: Grobecker-Karl, T; Karl, M.
    Título: Correlation Between Micromotion and Gap Formation at the Implant-Abutment Interface.

  • Página 153-155
    Autor/es: Ahmed, KE; Whitters, J; Ju, X
    Título: Clinical Monitoring of Tooth Wear Progression in Patients over a Period of One Year Using CAD/CAM.

  • Página 156-159
    Autor/es: Pavicic, DK; Spalj, S; Uhac, I
    Título: A Cross-Sectional Study of the Influence of Tooth Color Elements on Satisfaction with Smile Esthetics.

  • Página 160-162
    Autor/es: Bresciano, ME; De Maria, A; Morello, M
    Título: Efficacy of a Checklist for Office-Laboratory Communication: A Clinical Study on Quality Outcomes for Single Crowns.

  • Página 163-167
    Autor/es: Li, J; Peng, D; Jiang, T
    Título: Satoyoshi Syndrome with Progressive Orofacial Manifestations: A Case History Report.

  • Página 168-181
    Autor/es: Aldegheishem, A; Ioannidis, G; Att, W
    Título: Success and Survival of Various Types of All-Ceramic Single Crowns: A Critical Review and Analysis of Studies with a Mean Follow-Up of 5 Years or Longer.

  • Página 182-188
    Autor/es: Osman, RB; Alharbi, N; Wismeijer, D.
    Título: Build Angle: Does It Influence the Accuracy of 3D-Printed Dental Restorations Using Digital Light-Processing Technology?

  • Página 189-197
    Autor/es: Jemt, T; Nilsson, M; Olsson, M
    Título: Associations Between Early Implant Failure, Patient Age, and Patient Mortality: A 15-Year Follow-Up Study on 2,566 Patients Treated with Implant-Supported Prostheses in the Edentulous Jaw.