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Journal of Evidence-Based Dental Practice

2017, v. 17, n. 2

  • Página 76-82
    Autor/es: Atria,Pablo J. ;Sampaio,Camila S. ;Hirata,Ronaldo.
    Título: Preliminary Evidence for the Complete Digital Esthetic Rehabilitation Treatment: Case Report and 1-Year Follow-up Descargar PDF

  • Página 83-91
    Autor/es: Rampa,Sankeerth ;Wilson,Fernando A. ;Wani,Rajvi.
    Título: Emergency Department Utilization related to dental conditions and distribution of Dentists, Nebraska 2011-2013 Descargar PDF

  • Página 92-98
    Autor/es: Al Hazzani,Saad A.
    Título: Use of Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Comprehensive Dental Treatment of a Patient with Meth Mouth—A Case Report Descargar PDF

  • Página 99-101
    Autor/es: Peters, Mathilde C. ;Botero,Tatiana M.
    Título: In Patients With Symptomatic Irreversible Pulpitis, Articaine is 3.6 Times More Efficacious Than Lidocaine in Achieving Anesthetic Success When Used for Supplementary Infiltration After Mandibular Block Anesthesia Descargar PDF

  • Página 102-104
    Autor/es: Shin,Kyungsup.
    Título: Self-ligating Brackets May Not Have Clinical Advantages Over Conventional Brackets for the Periodontal Health of Adolescent Orthodontic Patients Descargar PDF

  • Página 105-106
    Autor/es: Abt,Elliot.
    Título: The Risk of Medication-Related Osteonecrosis of the Jaw After Dental Extraction is Higher for Patients on Intravenous as Compared With Oral Antiresorptive Drugs Descargar PDF

  • Página 107-109
    Autor/es: Alqutaibi,Ahmed Yaseen.
    Título: Cement- and Screw-Retained Implant-Supported Restorations Showed Comparable Marginal Bone Loss and Implant Survival Rate Descargar PDF

  • Página 110-112
    Autor/es: Farsai,Paul S.
    Título: Limited Evidence Suggests There Is No Difference Between the Clinical Longevity of direct vs Indirect Composite Resins in Class I and II Cavities Descargar PDF

  • Página 113-115
    Autor/es: Alwafi,Abdulraheem.
    Título: Resin Infiltration May Be Considered as a Color-Masking Treatment Option for Enamel Development Defects and White Spot Lesions Descargar PDF

  • Página 116-118
    Autor/es: Kim,Yongjeong.
    Título: Mini Implant–Retained Complete Overdenture Can be an Alternative Treatment Option for Selected Patients Descargar PDF

  • Página 119-121
    Autor/es: Bhoopathi,Vinodh ;Tellez,Marisol ;Lim,Sungwoo.
    Título: Limited-Quality Evidence Suggests That Early Caries Experience at Age 6 years May Predict Low Oral Health−Related Quality of Life at Age 10 years Descargar PDF

  • Página 122-124
    Autor/es: Eber,Robert M.
    Título: Stopping Anticoagulation Therapy Before Implant and Bone Grafting Surgery May Not Be Necessary to Prevent Bleeding Events Descargar PDF

  • Página 125-128
    Autor/es: Kim,Hee-Eun ;Kim,Baek-Il.
    Título: Analysis of Orange/Red Fluorescence for Bacterial Activity in Initial Carious Lesions May Provide Accurate Lesion Activity Assessment for Caries Progression Descargar PDF

  • Página 129-131
    Autor/es: Finlayson,Tracy L.
    Título: Limited Evidence Shows That a Motivational Interviewing Approach May be the Most Effective Behavioral Intervention for Reducing Dental Caries in Children Descargar PDF

  • Página 132-134
    Autor/es: Borgnakke,Wenche S.
    Título: Systemic Propolis (Adjuvant to Nonsurgical Periodontal Treatment) May aid in Glycemic Control and Periodontal Health in Type 2 Diabetes of Long Duration Descargar PDF

  • Página 135-138
    Autor/es: Elangovan,Satheesh ;Avila-Ortiz,Gustavo.
    Título: Case Selection is Critical for Successful Outcomes Following Immediate Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone Descargar PDF

  • Página 139-141
    Autor/es: Russell,Stefanie L.
    Título: Four or More Amalgam Fillings Correlate With Higher Blood Mercury Levels in Pregnant Women but Not High Enough to be of Health Concern Descargar PDF

  • Página 142-144
    Autor/es: de Almeida Lamarca,Gabriela.
    Título: Limited and Nongeneralizable Evidence Shows Neighborhood Contextual Factors May Be Linked to Dental Treatment but Not Untreated Caries Prevalence Descargar PDF

  • Página 145-147
    Autor/es: Singhal,Astha ;Joshi,Shilpi.
    Título: Taxing Sugary Beverages Reduces Their Purchase, Especially Among Poor Households Descargar PDF