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American Journal of International Law

2015, v. 109, n. 2

  • Página 257-295
    Autor/es: Hongju Koh, Harold; Buchwald, Todd F.
    Título: The Crime of Aggression: The United States Perspective.

  • Página 296-323
    Autor/es: Sykes, Alan O.
    Título: Economic Necessity in International Law.

  • Página 324-339
    Autor/es: Cogan, Jacob Katz
    Título: Stabilization and the Expanding Scope of the Security Council’s Work.

  • Página 339-368
    Autor/es: Yee, Sienho
    Título: The 2013 Judicial Activity of the International Court of Justice.

  • Página 369-378
    Autor/es: Schwebel, Stephen M.; Teitelbaum, Ruth
    Título: The Latest Award from the Iran–United States Claims Tribunal: The Line Between Approximation of Damages and Ruling ex Aequo et Bono.

  • Página 379-386
    Autor/es: Jain, Abhimanyu George
    Título: Maritime Dispute (Peru v. Chile).International Court of Justice judgment resolving dispute over delimitation of the maritime boundary between Peru and Chile in the Pacific Ocean

  • Página 387-393
    Autor/es: Giorgetti, Chiara
    Título: Hulley Enterprises Ltd. (Cyprus) v. Russian Federation. Yukos Universal Ltd. (Isle of Man)v. Russian Federation. Veteran Petroleum Ltd. (Cyprus) v. Russian Federation.

  • Página 393-399
    Autor/es: Solomou, Alexia
    Título: Cyprus v. Turkey. European Court of Human Rights judgment on just satisfaction for damage suffered by Greek Cypriots as a result of the 1974 invasion of the Karpas Peninsula.

  • Página 400-406
    Autor/es: Pavoni, Riccardo
    Título: Simoncioni v. Germany. Italian Constitutional Court decision on law implementing immunity of foreign states from war crimes compensation claims in accordance with 2012 ICJ judgment.

  • Página 408-414
    Título: Iran Nuclear Framework Agreement Reached; Congress Seeks to Influence Negotiation.

  • Página 415-422
    Título: United States Responds to Alleged North Korean Cyber Attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment.

  • Página 422-429
    Título: Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Releases Executive Summary of Its Study of CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program.

  • Página 429-432
    Título: President Obama Seeks Statutory Authorization for the Use of Military Force Against ISIL.