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Animal Welfare

2017, v. 26, n. 3

  • Página 255-264
    Autor/es: Larsen, H; Cronin, G; Smith, CL; Hemsworth, P; Rault, J-L
    Título: Behaviour of free-range laying hens in distinct outdoor environments

  • Página 265-275
    Autor/es: Troxell-Smith, SM; Whelan, CJ; Magle, SB; Brown, JS
    Título: Zoo foraging ecology: development and assessment of a welfare tool for captive animals

  • Página 277-280
    Autor/es: Sutherland, MA; Watson, TJ; Millman, ST
    Título: Technical contribution: evaluation of the efficacy of a non-penetrating captive bolt to euthanase dairy goat kids up to 30 days of age

  • Página 281-292
    Autor/es: Bacon, H; Vancia, V; Walters, H; Waran, N
    Título: Canine trap-neuter-return: a critical review of potential welfare issues

  • Página 293-299
    Autor/es: Sutherland, MA; Bryer, PJ; Backus, BL
    Título: The effect of age and method of gas delivery on carbon dioxide euthanasia of pigs

  • Página 301-310
    Autor/es: Fuseini, A; Wotton, SB; Hadley, PJ; Knowles, TG
    Título: The compatibility of modern slaughter techniques with halal slaughter: a review of the aspects of 'modern' slaughter methods that divide scholarly opinion within the Muslim community

  • Página 311-321
    Autor/es: Lomellini-Dereclenne, AC; Miele, M; Mounier, L; Veissier, I
    Título: Implementation of the European legislation to protect farm animals: a case study on French inspections to find solutions to improve compliance

  • Página 322-333
    Autor/es: Hambleton, SYN; Gibson, TJ
    Título: veterinarians in the UK on the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for post-disbudding analgesia of calves

  • Página 335-343
    Autor/es: Jacobs, L; Delezie, E; Duchateau, L; Goethals, K; Vermeulen, D; Buyse, J; Tuyttens, FAM
    Título: Fit for transport? Broiler chicken fitness assessment for transportation to slaughter

  • Página 345-354
    Autor/es: Thomas, JB; Adams, NJ; Farnworth, MJ
    Título: Characteristics of ex-racing greyhounds in New Zealand and their impact on re-homing

  • Página 354-354
    Título: Corrigendum

  • Página 355-363
    Autor/es: Bestman, M; Verwer, C; Brenninkmeyer, C; Willett, A; Hinrichsen, LK; Smajlhodzic, F; Heerkens, JLT; Gunnarsson, S; Ferrantez, V
    Título: Feather-pecking and injurious pecking in organic laying hens in 107 flocks from eight European countries

  • Página 365-367
    Título: Reports and Comments

  • Página 369-372
    Título: Book Reviews