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Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry

2017, v. 29, n. 3

  • Página (161–171)
    Autor/es: Priest,George.
    Título: A Current Perspective on Screw-Retained Single-Implant Restorations: A Review of Pertinent Literature

  • Página (172–177)
    Autor/es: Tonini,Riccardo.
    Título: You have full text access to this OnlineOpen articleAn Innovative Method for Fragment Reattachment after Complicated Crown Fracture

  • Página (178–188)
    Autor/es: Papaspyridakos,Panos ;Rajput,Neha ;Kudara,Yukio.
    Título: Digital Workflow for Fixed Implant Rehabilitation of an Extremely Atrophic Edentulous Mandible in Three Appointments

  • Página (189–192)
    Autor/es: Walter,Robert D. ;Goodacre,Charles J.
    Título: The Esthetic and Psychologic Benefits of an Intraoperative Provisional Restoration

  • Página (193–200)
    Autor/es: Tambara Fröhlich,Tatiana ;Ferreira Nicoloso,Gabriel ;Lenzi,Tathiane Larissa.
    Título: You have full text access to this contentThe Thickness of the Adhesive Layer Increases the Misdiagnosing of the Radiolucent Zones and Restoration Replacement Indication

  • Página (201–208)
    Autor/es: Beril Gurdogan,Elif ;Ozdemir-Ozenen,Didem ;Sandalli,Nuket.
    Título: You have full text access to this contentEvaluation of Surface Roughness Characteristics Using Atomic Force Microscopy and Inspection of Microhardness Following Resin Infiltration with Icon®

  • Página (209–214)
    Autor/es: Suk Shim,Ji ;Kyung Kang,Jeong ;Jha,Nayansi.
    Título: You have full text access to this contentPolymerization Mode of Self-Adhesive, Dual-Cured Dental Resin Cements Light Cured Through Various Restorative Materials

  • Página (215–221)
    Autor/es: Hosney,Sherif ;Abouelseoud,Hanan K ;El-Mowafy,Omar.
    Título: Radiopacity of Resin Cements Using Digital Radiography

  • Página (222–228)
    Autor/es: Marchiori Carvalho,Marcos Paulo ;Carvalho Morari,Victor Hugo ;Susin,Alexandre Henrique.
    Título: Endodontic Irrigation Protocols: Effects on Bonding of Adhesive Systems to Coronal Enamel and Dentin