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European Human Rights Law Review

2015, n. 3

  • Página 223-242
    Autor/es: Kirby, Michael
    Título: The commonwealth of nations and its values - bound to dissappoint?

  • Página 266-276
    Autor/es: Klug, Francesca
    Título: A Magna Carta for all humanity: Homing in on human rights.

  • Página 277-285
    Autor/es: Barrow, Charles
    Título: RMT v United Kingdom 2014: The European Court of Human Rights intimidated into timidity or merely consistent in its inconsistency?

  • Página 286-297
    Autor/es: Draghici, Carmen
    Título: The blanket ban on assisted suicide: between moral paternalism and utilitarian justice.

  • Página 298-303
    Autor/es: Cousins, Mel
    Título: The European Covention on Human Rights, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the "benefit cap": R. (on the application of SG (previously JS) of State for work and pensions.