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Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion

2005, v. 44, n. 2

  • Página 123-142
    Autor/es: Olson, Daniel V. A.; Perl, Paul.
    Título: Free and cheap riding in strict, conservative churches.

  • Página 143-158
    Autor/es: Wink, Paul; Dillon, Michele; Fay, Kristen.
    Título: Spiritual seeking, narcissism, and psychotheraphy; How are they related?

  • Página 159-171
    Autor/es: Schawadel, Philip.
    Título: Individual, congregational, and denominational effects on Church members covoc participation.

  • Página 173-185
    Autor/es: Yunfeng, Lu.
    Título: Entrepreneurial logics and the evolution of Falun Gong.

  • Página 187-199
    Autor/es: Eliassen, A. Henry; Taylor, John; Lloyd, Donald A.
    Título: Subjective religiosity and depression in the transition to adulthood.

  • Página 201-209
    Autor/es: Salsman, Jonh M.; Carlson, Charles R.
    Título: Religious orientation, mature faith, and psychological distress; Elements of positive and negative associations.

  • Página 211-223
    Autor/es: Smoth, Tom W.; Seokho, Kim.
    Título: The vanishing protestant majority.

  • Página 225-237
    Autor/es: Chang, Perry.
    Título: Abortion, religious conflict, and political culture.