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Canadian Journal of Anaesthesia

2009, v. 56, n. 3

  • Página 183-189
    Autor/es: Hare, GM - Baker, JE - Mazer, CD
    Título: Perioperative management of acute and chronic anemia: has the pendulum swung too far

  • Página 190-193
    Autor/es: Brasher, PM - Beattie, WS
    Título: Adjusting clinical prediction rules: an academic exercise or the potential for real world clinical applications in perioperative medicine

  • Página 194-201
    Autor/es: Janssen, KJ - Vergouwe, Y - Kalkman, CJ - Grobbee, DE - Moons, KG
    Título: A simple method to adjust clinical prediction models to local circumstance

  • Página 202-212
    Autor/es: Abrishami, A - Chung, F - Wong, J
    Título: Topical application of antifibrinolytic drugs for on-pump cardiac surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysi

  • Página 213-221
    Autor/es: Ginosar, Y - Weiniger, CF - Kurz, V - Babchenko, A - Nitzan, M - Davidson,
    Título: Sympathectomy-mediated vasodilatation: a randomized concentration ranging study of epidural bupivacain

  • Página 222-229
    Autor/es: Inada, T - Kubo, K - Kambara, T - Shingu, K
    Título: Propofol inhibits cyclo-oxygenase activity in human monocytic THP-1 cell

  • Página 230-242
    Autor/es: Carrier, F - Turgeon, AF - Nicole, PC - Tr??panier, CA - Fergusson, DA - Th
    Título: Effect of epidural analgesia in patients with traumatic rib fractures: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trial

  • Página 243-246
    Autor/es: Tobias, JD
    Título: Helium insufflation with sevoflurane general anesthesia and spontaneous ventilation during airway surger

  • Página 247-256
    Autor/es: Fidkowski, C - Helstrom, J
    Título: Diagnosing metabolic acidosis in the critically ill: bridging the anion gap, Stewart, and base excess method

  • Página 257-258
    Autor/es: Dobson, G - Johnston, CR - Walker, A
    Título: Strut-induced flow separation in an endosten

  • Página 259-260
    Autor/es: Garg, R - Gupta, A - Gupta, N
    Título: Flexi-Slip aided ProSeal??? laryngeal mask airway insertion by conventional techniqu

  • Página 261
    Autor/es: Shetty, N - Sharma, M - Goneppanavar, U - Kaur, J
    Título: Laryngeal injuries and tracheal intubating conditions with or without muscle relaxation

  • Página 262-263
    Autor/es: ElOrbany, M
    Título: Laryngeal injuries and tracheal intubating conditions with or without muscular relaxation I

  • Página 264
    Autor/es: Garg, R
    Título: Negative pressure pulmonary edema: endobronchial intubation or acute lung injury in a predisposed patient

  • Página 265-266
    Autor/es: Zieleskiewicz, L - Bellefleur, JP - Leone, M
    Título: Prise en charge des voies a??riennes sup??rieures en obst??trique: enqu??te fran??aise de pratiqu

  • Página 267
    Autor/es: Gupta, S
    Título: Physics, Pharmacology and Physiology for Anaesthetists Key Concepts for the FRC

  • Página 268-269
    Autor/es: Neilipovitz, D
    Título: Trauma Anesthesi

  • Página 270
    Autor/es: Scozzafava, J - Jickling, G - Jhamandas, JH - Jacka, MJ
    Título: Guillain-Barr?? syndrome following thoracic spinal cord traum

  • Página 271
    Autor/es: Tange, K - Kinoshita, H - Hatano, Y
    Título: Brachial artery occlusion with transient finger paralysis related to blood pressure measurement